GE XRay Machines Will Let You Know What’s Inside

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Industrial X-ray Inspection, Radiography, or Radiographic Testing (RT) is a non-destructive testing process with the ability to show subsurface and internal characteristics about products being inspected. This basic information is used to determine the soundness and quality of the test material or product.

The Process

GE XRay Machine uses highly penetrating X-rays to create a permanently visible film or digital record of the internal condition of a product or material without damaging the test item. The film or images reveal defects, damage, or required structural characteristics when evaluated by a trained eye.

Most often, GE XRay Machines are used for the following purposes:

  • Locate internal discontinuities such as shrinkage, cracking and porosity in products and parts
  • Verify the integrity of internal components
  • Determine the quality of welds

Advantages and Limitations

One advantage of GE XRay Machine over some other test methods is no harm to the test piece. Also, the materials and products that undergo GE XRay Machine can be in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including castings, weldments, electronic components, and machined parts. Another advantage is that all GE AMX 4 Plus or radiography produces a permanent film record or digital image that can be reviewed again at a future time. The only limitations are the size and layout of the X-ray vault or cabinet that houses the camera, and the capacity of the camera and material handling equipment.

The need for GE AMX 4 X-ray Inspection services can occur at any stage of a company’s business cycle:

  • During product research and development
  • As part of the manufacturing, fabrication or installation process
  • When a product is purchased from the manufacturer for future use.