Woodland Period Systematics In The Middle Ohio Valley

Author : Darlene Applegate
ISBN : 9780817352370
Genre : History
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This collection provides a comprehensive vocabulary for defining the cultural manifestation of the term “Woodland.” The Middle Ohio Valley is an archaeologically rich region that stretches from southeastern Indiana, across southern Ohio and northeastern Kentucky, and into northwestern West Virginia. In this area are some of the most spectacular and diverse Woodland Period archaeological sites in North America, but these sites and their rich cultural remains do not fit easily into the traditional Southeastern classification system. This volume, with contributions by most of the senior researchers in the field, represents an important step toward establishing terminology and taxa that are more appropriate to interpreting cultural diversity in the region. The important questions are diverse. What criteria are useful in defining periods and cultural types, and over what spatial and temporal boundaries do those criteria hold? How can we accommodate regional variation in the development and expression of traits used to delineate periods and cultural types? How does the concept of tradition relate to periods and cultural types? Is it prudent to equate culture types with periods? Is it prudent to equate archaeological cultures with ethnographic cultures? How does the available taxonomy hinder research? Contributing authors address these issues and others in the context of their Middle Ohio Valley Woodland Period research. Darlene Applegate is Associate Professor of Folk Studies and Anthropology at Western Kentucky University. Robert C. Mainfort Jr. is an archaeologist with the Arkansas Archeological Survey in Fayetteville, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arkansas, and co-editor of The Woodland Southeast. With Contributions By: Darlene Applegate, David S. Brose, James A. Brown, Jarrod Burks, R. Berle Clay, William S. Dancey, N’omi B. Greber, R. Eric Hollinger, Jonathan P. Kerr, Robert C. Mainfort Jr , David Pollack, Sean M. Rafferty, Michael D. Richmond, Eric J. Schlarb, Mark F. Seeman, William E. Sharp, Lauren E. Sieg, Patrick D. Trade, Teresa
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Author : Kevin F. Kern
ISBN : 9781118548325
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Ohio: A History of the Buckeye State explores the breadth of Ohio’s past, tracing the course of history from its earliest geological periods to the present day in an accessible, single-volume format. Features the most up-to-date research on Ohio, drawing on material in the disciplines of history, archaeology, and political science Includes thematic chapters focusing on major social, economic, and political trends Amply illustrated with maps, drawings, and photographs Receipient of the Ohio Geneological Society's Henry Howe Award in 2014
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Societies In Eclipse

Author : David S. Brose
ISBN : 9780817353520
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Archaeologists combine recent research with insights from anthropology, historiography, and oral tradition to examine the cultural landscape preceding and immediately following the arrival of Europeans.
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Ohio Hopewell Community Organization

Author : William S. Dancey
ISBN : 0873387694
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Contains papers from an April 1992 symposium, plus other papers, evaluating Olaf Prufer's thesis of the 1960s stating that the Native builders of the earthen mounds of southern Ohio lived in small, scattered hamlets. Topics include problems and solutions in the study of dispersed communities, determining sedentism in the archaeological record, habitation at earthworks, and evidence and case studies from various sites. Includes bandw maps. Of interest to professional and amateur archaeologists. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Late Woodland Societies

Author : Thomas E. Emerson
ISBN : 0803218214
Genre : Social Science
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Archaeologists across the Midwest have pooled their data and perspectives to produce this indispensable volume on the Native cultures of the Late Woodland period (approximately A.D. 300?1000). Sandwiched between the well-known Hopewellian and Mississippian eras of monumental mound construction, theøLate Woodland period has received insufficient attention from archaeologists, who have frequently characterized it as consisting of relatively drab artifact assemblages. The close connections between this period and subsequent Mississippian and Fort Ancient societies, however, make it especially valuable for cross-cultural researchers. Understanding the cultural processes at work during the Late Woodland period will yield important clues about the long-term forces that stimulate and enhance social inequality. Late Woodland Societies is notable for its comprehensive geographic coverage; exhaustive presentation and discussion of sites, artifacts, and prehistoric cultural practices; and critical summaries of interpretive perspectives and trends in scholarship. The vast amount of information and theory brought together, examined, and synthesized by the contributors produces a detailed, coherent, and systematic picture of Late Woodland lifestyles across the Midwest. The Late Woodland can now be seen as a dynamic time in its own right and instrumental to the emergence of complex late prehistoric cultures across the Midwest and Southeast.
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Prehistoric Exchange Systems In North America

Author : Timothy G. Baugh
ISBN : 9781475762310
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In this unique volume, archaeologists examine the changing economic structure of trade in North America over a period of 6,000 years. Organined by geographical and chronological divisions, each chapter focuses on trade in one of nine regions from the Arachiac through the late prehistoric period. Each contribution explores neighboring areas to llustrate the complexity of North American exchange. By charting the econmic structure of these regions, archaeologists, economic anthropologists, and economic geographers gain greater insight into the dynamics of North American trade and exchange on a continental wide basis.
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Tod Der Maulw Rfe

Author : Tony Hillerman
ISBN : 9783688101283
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Wenn man hinter einem Verbrechen das Volk der Maulwürfe vermutet, ist Sergeant Jim Chee der richtige Mann für dessen Aufklärung. Das sagt sich die Frau eines erkrankten Multimillionärs. Sie bittet den Polizisten der Navajo Tribal Police, ein gestohlenes Kästchen mit persönlichen Andenken ihres Mannes wiederzubeschaffen. Jim Chee ahnt nicht, daß er damit an eine alte Geschichte mit einer langen Reihe von Toten rührt. Und daß sich in dem Kästchen alles andere als persönliche Andenken befinden, wird ihm klar, als er ins Fadenkreuz eines Killers gerät.
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Encyclopedia Of Prehistory

Author : Peter N. Peregrine
ISBN : 0306462605
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The "Encyclopedia of Prehistory," with regionally organizedentries on each major archaeological tradition, is a comprehensiveoverview of human history from two million years ago to the historicperiod. Prepared under the auspices and with the support of the HumanRelations Area Files, and an internationally distinguished advisoryboard, the encyclopedia is written by noted experts in the field andedited by Peter N. Peregrine and Melvin Ember. These volumes employcomparable units of description and analysis, making them easy to useand compare."Volume 6" focuses on "North America."
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Author : William S. Pollack
ISBN : 3407228376
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Die Gefangene

Author : Malika Oufkir
ISBN : 3548362494
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Als Kind wird Malika vom marokkanischen König als Spielgefährtin für seine Tochter adoptiert. Ein Leben im goldenen Käfig folgt. Erst mit 16 darf sie zu ihren leiblichen Eltern zurück - und das Glück währt nur kurz: Nach einem Putschversuch wirk Malikas Vater erschossen, seine Frau und die sechs Kinder verhaftet. 20 Jahre lang kämpft die Familie ums Überleben: in dunklen Kellern, geplagt von Hunger und Einsamkeit. Nur Malikas unglaublicher Lebenswille bewahrt die Familie davor, aufzugeben.