Women In The Viking Age

Author : Judith Jesch
ISBN : 9780851153605
Genre : History
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Through runic inscriptions and behind the veil of myth, Jesch discovers the true story of viking women.
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Women As Bridge Builders

Author : Birgit Sawyer
ISBN : OCLC:959556276
Genre : Inscriptions, Runic
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The Viking Age

Author : Angus A. Somerville
ISBN : 9781442608702
Genre : History
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In assembling, translating, and arranging over a hundred primary source readings, Somerville and McDonald successfully illuminate the Vikings and their world for twenty-first-century students and instructors. The diversity of the Viking Age is brought to life through the range of sources presented, and the geographical and chronological coverage of these readings. The Norse translations, many of them new to this collection, are straightforward and easily accessible, and the chapter introductions contextualize the readings while allowing the sources to speak for themselves. The second edition of this popular reader has been revised and reorganized into fourteen chapters. Nearly twenty sources have been added, including material on children, games and entertainment, and runic inscriptions, as well as new readings on the martyrdom of Alfeah, the life of Saint Findan, and the martyrdom of Saint Edmund. The reader can be paired for classroom use with its companion volume, The Vikings and Their Age, authored by Somerville and McDonald. Together, these books provide comprehensive coverage for a course on the Vikings. Additional resources, such as a detailed bibliography and instructions on reading skaldic poetry, can be found on the History Matters website (www.utphistorymatters.com).
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Viking Women

Author : Lena Elisabeth Norrman
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131614807
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At first glance, several literary portrayals of Viking Age women represent them as kings, as warriors, and as inciters of violence, which seems to contradict the image of the passive, housebound female figure. However, those images need to be read and re-interpreted with a measured critical suspicion. For example, several scholars have argued that those images tell little about the real history of Scandinavian and European women but instead represent fantasies expressed by later male authors. In contrast to the literary portrayals, Viking Age women and European women in the Middle Ages stayed at home and were not allowed to let their voices be heard publicly. In this groundbreaking study by Scandinavian scholar, Lena Norrman, this book posits that women had ways to communicate their lore through visual representations such as weavings and embroideries. The Overhogdal tapestries were found in the northern part of Sweden and dated to circa 1000 AD. Woven with locally-dyed wool and linen, these tapestries and weavings have received relatively little scholarly attention. According to the author, the Overhogdal tapestries tell the story of Siguror the Dragon Slayer, a depiction that comes more than 200 years earlier than the oldest manuscript of this well-known legend, which was disseminated through different parts of Northern Europe as well in Iceland and Greenland. Equally important, these textile representations are told from a female perspective where the focus is on love, passion, honor and revenge instead of finding the gold, magical weapons and depictions of the killing of the dragon. Using a refreshing perspective, the author's reading of these textiles is based on theories of oral tradition. She contextualizes these tapestries as narratives in circulation, and more specifically, argues that they allow us to "see" or read women's stories despite the fact that women's voices were silent. Such untraditional outlets as weavings and miracle writings contradict the view of women as silent, passive participants in the events that shaped history. With respect to the Viking Age, this book shows that women had ways to communicate their lore through visual representations such as weavings and embroideries, which are a crucial object of this study. This is a critical reference for scholars in Scandinavian studies and Women's studies.
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Viking Age Women

Author : Source Wikipedia
ISBN : 1230628266
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 44. Chapters: Emma of Normandy, Olga of Kiev, Estrid of the Obotrites, AElfgifu of Northampton, Gunnhild, Mother of Kings, Volva, Yrsa, Ragnhild Sigurdsdotter, Thorgerd Egilsdottir, Sigrid the Haughty, Skuld, Gerlog and Inga, Gunnhildr Sveinsdottir, Edith of Wessex, Elisiv of Kiev, Ealdgyth, Aud the Deep-Minded, Estrid Svendsdatter, Tryggevaelde Runestone, Melkorka, Astrid Olofsdotter, Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden, Gunhild of Wenden, Freydis Eiriksdottir, Guorior orbjarnardottir, Gytha Thorkelsdottir, Guorun Osvifrsdottir, Astrid Njalsdotter, Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy, Thyra, Ingerid of Denmark, Shieldmaiden, Tora Mosterstong, Gyda of Sweden, Gyla, Gormflaith ingen Murchada, Asta Gudbrandsdatter, Tora Torbergsdatter, Signy, Veborg, Steinunn Refsdottir, Tyra of Denmark, Blotstulka, Asa Haraldsdottir of Agder, Tove of the Obotrites, Gyrid of Sweden, Cacht ingen Ragnaill, Aud Haakonsdottir of Lade, Mael Muire ingen Amlaib, Gyda Eiriksdottir, Margareta Hasbjornsdatter, Ann Naddodsdottir, Edla, Ragnhild Eriksdotter, Frogard i Osby, Hildr Hrolfsdottir, Ethelreda, daughter of Gospatric, Eyfura, Gauthildr Algautsdottir, Ingeborg Tryggvasdotter, Hallbera Ulfsdottir. Excerpt: Gunnhild konungamooir (mother of kings) or Gunnhild Gormsdottir (c. 910 - c. 980) is a character who appears in the Icelandic Sagas, according to which she was the wife of Eric Bloodaxe (king of Norway 930-34, 'King' of Orkney c. 937-54, and king of Jorvik 948-49 and 952-54). Many of the details of her life are disputed, including her parentage. Although she is treated in the sagas as a historical person, even her historicity is a matter of some debate. Gunnhild appears prominently in many Norse sagas, including Fagrskinna, Egil's Saga, Njal's Saga, and Heimskringla. What details of her life are known come largely.

The Viking Diaspora

Author : Judith Jesch
ISBN : 9781317482536
Genre : History
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The Viking Diaspora presents the early medieval migrations of people, language and culture from mainland Scandinavia to new homes in the British Isles, the North Atlantic, the Baltic and the East as a form of ‘diaspora’. It discusses the ways in which migrants from Russia in the east to Greenland in the west were conscious of being connected not only to the people and traditions of their homelands, but also to other migrants of Scandinavian origin in many other locations. Rather than the movements of armies, this book concentrates on the movements of people and the shared heritage and culture that connected them. This on-going contact throughout half a millennium can be traced in the laws, literatures, material culture and even environment of the various regions of the Viking diaspora. Judith Jesch considers all of these connections, and highlights in detail significant forms of cultural contact including gender, beliefs and identities. Beginning with an overview of Vikings and the Viking Age, the nature of the evidence available, and a full exploration of the concept of ‘diaspora’, the book then provides a detailed demonstration of the appropriateness of the term to the world peopled by Scandinavians. This book is the first to explain Scandinavian expansion using this model, and presents the Viking Age in a new and exciting way for students of Vikings and medieval history.
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In Search Of Vikings

Author : Stephen E. Harding
ISBN : 9781482207590
Genre : Science
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The Viking Age lasted a little over three centuries, but has left a lasting legacy across Europe. These dynamic warrior-traders from Scandinavia, who fought and interacted with peoples as far apart as North America, Russia, and Central Asia, are some of the most recognizable historical figures in the western world. In the modern imagination they represent ruthlessness, heroism, adventurousness, and a unique prestige embellished by the wondrous tales and poetry of the sagas. Yet the sum of evidence for the Viking presence is far less clear than their reputation implies. In Search of Vikings presents a collection of papers from experts in a broad range of disciplines, including history, archaeology, genetics, and linguistics, to provide a detailed understanding of the Vikings in peace and in war. This book focuses on one particularly exciting area of the Viking world, namely the north-west region of England, where they are known to have settled in large numbers. North-west England was the crossroads between Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, and the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. It was a battleground for distant powers and dynasties, and its Irish Sea coastline created opportunities for trading and settlement. Silver hoards, burials, and Old Norse place-names attest to the Viking presence, and Scandinavian DNA is detectable amongst the modern population. The 12 integrated studies in this book are designed to reinvigorate the search for Vikings in this crucial region and to provide must-reading for anyone interested in Viking history.
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Die Abenteuer Des R De Orm

Author : Frans G. Bengtsson
ISBN : 9783423431972
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Wild ist die Welt der Wikinger Die Lebensgeschichte des jungen Bauernsohns Röde Orm bietet alles, was einen großen Wikinger-Roman auszeichnet: gefährliche Raubzüge, ferne Länder, zarte Poesie, heftige Familienstreitigkeiten und natürlich schöne Frauen. Spannend und mit viel Humor erzählt Frans G. Bengtsson von seinen trink- und liebesfreudigen Helden, die im Europa des 10. Jahrhunderts auf große Fahrt gehen – die letzte echte Wikinger-Saga.
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