Violence And The Sacred

Author : René Girard
ISBN : 9781472529251
Genre : Philosophy
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René Girard is one of the mostly widely-cited thinkers in contemporary European thought. First published in 1972, Violence and the Sacred marked the starting point of a substantial new phase of his thought. In this vivid study of human evil, Girard explores violence as it is represented and occurs throughout history, literature and myth. Girard's forceful and thought-provoking analyses of Biblical narrative, Greek tragedy and the lynchings and pogroms propagated by contemporary states illustrate his central argument that violence belongs to everyone and is at the heart of the sacred.
Category: Philosophy

The Bible Violence And The Sacred

Author : James G. Williams
ISBN : 9781556356360
Genre : Religion
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This book represents the first comprehensive application to the whole Bible of RenŽ Girard's theories on violence, civilization, and religion.
Category: Religion

Violence Desire And The Sacred Volume 2

Author : Scott Cowdell
ISBN : 9781623563066
Genre : Philosophy
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This collection of state of the art interpretations of the thought of René Girard follows on from the volume Violence, Desire, and the Sacred: Girard's Mimetic Theory Across the Disciplines (2012). The previous collection has been acclaimed for demonstrating and showcasing Girard's mimetic theory at its inter-disciplinary best by bringing together scholars who apply Girard's insights in different fields. This new volume builds on and extends the work of that earlier collection by moving into new areas such as psychology, politics, classical literature, national literature, and practical applications of Girard's theory in pastoral/spiritual care, peace-making and religious thought and practice.
Category: Philosophy

Violence Desire And The Sacred Volume 1

Author : Scott Cowdell
ISBN : 9781441165053
Genre : Religion
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Violence, Desire and the Sacred presents the most up-to-date inter-disciplinary work being developed with the ground-breaking insights of René Girard's mimetic theory. The collection showcases the work of outstanding scholars in mimetic theory and how they are applying and developing Girard's insights in a variety of fields. Girard's mimetic insight has provided a fruitful way for different disciplines, such as literature, anthropology, theology, religion studies, cultural studies, and philosophy, to engage on common anthropological ground, with a shared understanding of the human person. The aim of this edited collection is to present this interdisciplinary work and to illustrate how Girard's insights provide fertile ground for bringing together disparate disciplines in a shared purpose. As academic work on Girard's insights is growing, this collection would meet the need to show the critical, interdisciplinary applications of these insights.
Category: Religion

Violence And The Sacred In The Modern World

Author : Mark Juergensmeyer
ISBN : 0714634565
Genre : History
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This book explores the relationship between symbolic violence and real acts of religious violence with reference to some of the most volatile religious and political conflicts in today's world. These involve the Hizbollah movement in Lebanon, the Sikhs in India, militant Jewish groups in Israel and Muslim movements from the Middle East to Indonesia. The contributors also respond to theoretical issues articulated by René Girard in his well-known book, Violence and the Sacred.
Category: History

The Sacred And The Political

Author : Elisabetta Brighi
ISBN : 9781628925982
Genre : Political Science
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What is the relationship between the sacred and the political, transcendence and immanence, religion and violence? And how has this complex relation affected the history of Western political reason? In this volume an international group of scholars explore these questions in light of mimetic theory as formulated by René Girard (1923-2015), one of the most original thinkers of our time. From Aristotle and his idea of tragedy, passing through Machiavelli and political modernity, up to contemporary biopolitics, this work provides an indispensable guide to those who want to assess the thorny interconnections of sacrality and politics in Western political thought and follow an unexplored yet critical path from ancient Greece to our post-secular condition. While looking at the past, this volume also seeks to illuminate the future relevance of the sacred/secular divide in the so-called 'age of globalization'.
Category: Political Science

Polluting The Sacred

Author : D. E. Thiery
ISBN : 9789004173873
Genre : Religion
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The influence of Christianity on 'the history of violence' is often exemplified by famous instances of interfaith conflict, like 'The Crusades'. However, as religions develop, they usually marginalize violence against fellow believers long before they ever, if at all, question violence against 'others'. Through an investigation of spiritual and legal sources, this book details how Christian teachings about charity, sin and purity problematized late medieval parishioners' use of violence, and how parishioners actually tried to reconcile these teachings with cultural norms that often honored violent conduct. By illuminating the impact of lessons concerning the sinfulness of violence and piety of self-restraint, this book provides a fresh perspective on the important role of religion in the 'civilizing process' of European history.
Category: Religion

The Ambivalence Of The Sacred

Author : R. Scott Appleby
ISBN : 0847685551
Genre : Political Science
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Terrorists and peacemakers may grow up in the same community and adhere to the same religious tradition. The killing carried out by one and the reconciliation fostered by the other indicate the range of dramatic and contradictory responses to human suffering by religious actors. This book explains what religious terrorists and religious peacemakers share in common, what causes them to take different paths in fighting injustice, and how a deeper understanding of religious extremism can and must be integrated more effectively into our thinking about tribal, regional, and international conflict.
Category: Political Science

Violence And The Sacred

Author : Agamemnon Maverick
ISBN : 6137857433
Genre : Social Science
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Violence and the Sacred (La violence et le sacr ) is a 1972 book by French anthropologist Ren Girard. Turning his interest towards the anthropological domain, Girard began to study anthropological literature and proposed his second great hypothesis: the victimization process, which is at the origin of archaic religion. Since the mimetic rivalry that develops from the struggle for the possession of the objects is contagious, it leads to the threat of violence. Girard himself says, "If there is a normal order in societies, it must be the fruit of an anterior crisis."
Category: Social Science

Sacrifice Imagined

Author : Douglas Hedley
ISBN : 9781441104335
Genre : Religion
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Sacrifice Imagined is an original exploration of the idea of sacrifice by one of the world's preeminent philosophers of religion. Despisers of religion have poured scorn upon the idea of sacrifice as an index of the irrational and wicked in religious practice. Nor does its secularised form seem much more appealing. One need only think of the appalling cult of sacrifice in numerous totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century. Yet sacrifice remains a part of our cultural and intellectual 'imaginary'. Hedley proposes good reasons to think that issues of global conflict and the ecological crisis highlight the continuing relevance of the topic of sacrifice for contemporary culture. The subject of sacrifice has been decisively influenced by two books: Girard's The Violence and the Sacred and Burkert's Homo Necans. Both of these are theories of sacrifice as violence. Hedley's book challenges both of these highly influential theories and presents a theory of sacrifice as renunciation of the will. His guiding influences in this are the much misunderstood Joseph de Maistre and the Cambridge Platonists.
Category: Religion