Translation And The Spanish Empire In The Americas

Author : Roberto A. Valdeón
ISBN : 9789027269409
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Two are the starting points of this book. On the one hand, the use of Doña Marina/La Malinche as a symbol of the violation of the Americas by the Spanish conquerors as well as a metaphor of her treason to the Mexican people. On the other, the role of the translations of Bartolomé de las Casas’s Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias in the creation and expansion of the Spanish Black Legend. The author aims to go beyond them by considering the role of translators and interpreters during the early colonial period in Spanish America and by looking at the translations of the Spanish chronicles as instrumental in the promotion of other European empires. The book discusses literary, religious and administrative documents and engages in a dialogue with other disciplines that can provide a more nuanced view of the role of translation, and of the mediators, during the controversial encounter/clash between Europeans and Amerindians.
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Incomparable Empires

Author : Gayle Rogers
ISBN : 9780231542982
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The Spanish-American War of 1898 seems to mark a turning point in both geopolitical and literary histories. The victorious American empire ascended and dominated the globe culturally in the twentieth century, while the once-mighty Spanish empire declined and became a minor state in the world republic of letters. But what if this narrative relies on several faulty assumptions, and what if key modernist figures in both America and Spain radically rewrote these histories—at the foundational moment of modern literary studies? Rogers follows the networks of American and Spanish writers, translators, and movements to uncover surprising arguments that forged the politics and aesthetics of modernism. He revisits the role of empire—from its institutions to its cognitive effects—in shaping a nation’s literature and culture. He reads the provocative, often counterintuitive arguments of John Dos Passos, who held that “American literature” could only flourish if the expanding U.S. empire collapsed like Spain’s. He follows Ezra Pound’s use of Spanish poetry to structure the Cantos and the poet Juan Ramón Jiménez’s interpretations of modernismo across several languages. And he tracks the controversial theorization of a Harlem-Havana-Madrid nexus for black writing, and Ernest Hemingway’s development of a version of cubist Spanglish in For Whom the Bell Tolls.
Category: Literary Criticism

Conflict In The Early Americas An Encyclopedia Of The Spanish Empire S Aztec Incan And Mayan Conquests

Author : Rebecca M. Seaman
ISBN : 9781598847772
Genre : History
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This detailed study is the only reference work of its kind to address Spain's conquest of Central and South America, providing in-depth coverage of native and European ideologies, political motivations, and cultural practices of the region.
Category: History

Virtues Of The Indian Virtudes Del Indio

Author : Bishop Juan de Palafox y Mendoza
ISBN : 0742557073
Genre : History
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This important book is the first complete seventeenth-century treatise on Native Americans to be introduced, annotated, and translated into English. Presented in a parallel text translation, it brings the work of the controversial and powerful Bishop Juan de Palafox to non-Spanish speakers for the first time. A seminal document in the history of colonial Mexico and imperial Spain, Virtues of the Indian tells us as much about the Mexican natives as about the ideas, images, and representations upon which the Spanish Empire in America was built. Taken as a whole, this book will raise questions about the Spanish empire and the governance of New Spain's Indians. Even more significantly, it will complicate the prevailing view of Spanish imperialism and colonial society as one dominated by a unified and coherent ruling elite with common goals. The deeply-informed introduction, biographical essay, and annotations that accompany this vivid translation further explore the thoughts and actions of the dynamic and complex Palafox, contributing to a better knowledge of a key figure in the history of Spanish colonialism in the New World.
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Mercurino Di Gattinara And The Creation Of The Spanish Empire

Author : Rebecca Ard Boone
ISBN : 9781317318521
Genre : History
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As Grand Chancellor to the Holy Roman Emperor, Mercurino di Gattinara (1465–1530) shaped the administration and aims of the Spanish Empire. Ard Boone situates Gattinara at the heart of Renaissance politics and propaganda and provides the first English translation of his autobiography in full.
Category: History

Popularizing Anti Semitism In Early Modern Spain And Its Empire

Author : Francois Soyer
ISBN : 9789004268876
Genre : History
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This book charts the history of the most vitriolic and successful anti-Semitic polemic printed in the early modern Hispanic world, offering the first analysis, edition and translation of the text: the Centinela contra judíos of the Franciscan Francisco de Torrejoncillo.
Category: History

Spanish And Empire

Author : Nelsy Echávez-Solano
ISBN : 0826515673
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Essays in this volume deal with the historical, linguistic, and ideological legacy of the Spanish Empire and its language in the New World.
Category: Literary Criticism

Present State Of The Spanish Colonies

Author : William Walton
ISBN : 9781108024600
Genre : History
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This study of Spanish colonies in the Caribbean and South America was first published in 1810.
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