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The Wayfinders

Author : Wade Davis
ISBN : 9780887847660
Genre : Social Science
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Many of us are alarmed by the accelerating rates of extinction of plants and animals. But how many of us know that human cultures are going extinct at an even more shocking rate? While biologists estimate that 18 percent of mammals and 11 percent of birds are threatened, and botanists anticipate the loss of 8 percent of flora, anthropologists predict that fully 50 percent of the 7,000 languages spoken around the world today will disappear within our lifetimes. And languages are merely the canaries in the coal mine: what of the knowledge, stories, songs, and ways of seeing encoded in these voices? In The Wayfinders, Wade Davis offers a gripping and enlightening account of this urgent crisis. He leads us on a fascinating tour through a handful of indigenous cultures, describing the worldviews they represent and reminding us of the encroaching danger to humankind's survival should they vanish.
Category: Social Science

The Wayfinders

Author : Wade Davis
ISBN : 9780887849695
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 23.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Every culture is a unique answer to a fundamental question: What does it mean to be human and alive? In The Wayfinders, renowned anthropologist, winner of the prestigious Samuel Johnson Prize, and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis leads us on a thrilling journey to celebrate the wisdom of the world's indigenous cultures. In Polynesia we set sail with navigators whose ancestors settled the Pacific ten centuries before Christ. In the Amazon we meet the descendants of a true lost civilization, the Peoples of the Anaconda. In the Andes we discover that the earth really is alive, while in Australia we experience Dreamtime, the all-embracing philosophy of the first humans to walk out of Africa. We then travel to Nepal, where we encounter a wisdom hero, a Bodhisattva, who emerges from forty-five years of Buddhist retreat and solitude. And finally we settle in Borneo, where the last rainforest nomads struggle to survive. Understanding the lessons of this journey will be our mission for the next century. For at risk is the human legacy -- a vast archive of knowledge and expertise, a catalogue of the imagination. Rediscovering a new appreciation for the diversity of the human spirit, as expressed by culture, is among the central challenges of our time.
Category: Social Science


Author : Paul Hanley
ISBN : 9781460250471
Genre : Nature
File Size : 85.71 MB
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Eleven billion people will crowd this marvelous planet by century’s end. If the global economy were to grow five-fold during this period as predicted, humanity’s ecological footprint would exceed Earth’s biocapacity by 400%. We need to chart a new course to the future. The sweeping changes that make a ‘full world’ work—involving dual processes of destruction and reconstruction—will transform global culture, agriculture, and ultimately the human race. ELEVEN is a call to consciousness. Only an ‘ethical revolution’ will allow us to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization. Paul Hanley proposes a transformational model that will help individuals, institutions, and communities make an eleven-billion world work for everyone—and the planet.
Category: Nature

Into The Silence

Author : Wade Davis
ISBN : 9780307700568
Genre : History
File Size : 56.7 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The definitive story of the British adventurers who survived the trenches of World War I and went on to risk their lives climbing Mount Everest. On June 6, 1924, two men set out from a camp perched at 23,000 feet on an ice ledge just below the lip of Everest’s North Col. George Mallory, thirty-seven, was Britain’s finest climber. Sandy Irvine was a twenty-two-year-old Oxford scholar with little previous mountaineering experience. Neither of them returned. Drawing on more than a decade of prodigious research, bestselling author and explorer Wade Davis vividly re-creates the heroic efforts of Mallory and his fellow climbers, setting their significant achievements in sweeping historical context: from Britain’s nineteen-century imperial ambitions to the war that shaped Mallory’s generation. Theirs was a country broken, and the Everest expeditions emerged as a powerful symbol of national redemption and hope. In Davis’s rich exploration, he creates a timeless portrait of these remarkable men and their extraordinary times.
Category: History

One River

Author : Wade Davis
ISBN : 9781439126837
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 86.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The story of two generations of scientific explorers in South America—Richard Evans Schultes and his protégé Wade Davis—an epic tale of adventure and a compelling work of natural history. In 1941, Professor Richard Evan Schultes took a leave from Harvard and disappeared into the Amazon, where he spent the next twelve years mapping uncharted rivers and living among dozens of Indian tribes. In the 1970s, he sent two prize students, Tim Plowman and Wade Davis, to follow in his footsteps and unveil the botanical secrets of coca, the notorious source of cocaine, a sacred plant known to the Inca as the Divine Leaf of Immortality. A stunning account of adventure and discovery, betrayal and destruction, One River is a story of two generations of explorers drawn together by the transcendent knowledge of Indian peoples, the visionary realms of the shaman, and the extraordinary plants that sustain all life in a forest that once stood immense and inviolable.
Category: Social Science

Human Nature

Author : Stephen Gislason
ISBN : 9781894787789
Genre :
File Size : 85.5 MB
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Preface Being a human is challenging. Human life is a journey thorough time and space with many obstacles: injury, disease, constant uncertainty, and relentlessly difficult interactions with other humans, Each human is the reincarnation of a long-lineage of ancestors. Species memory, perceptual skills, needs, drives, feelings, desires and behaviors are built in and begin operating in utero. Humans evolved from primate ancestors and retained features of mind and behavior that have been present in animals for hundreds of millions of years. Urges, desires, designs, feelings cry out from within and often surprise us, as if we were the hosts to wild animals and spirits within that refuse to be identified or tamed. Human behavior can be understood in relation to the whole spectrum of primate behaviors and social organizations. Humans appear to have an eclectic combination of primate tendencies with elaboration of features such as tool making, symbolic reasoning and spoken language. Linda Stone suggested that: “Primates are a natural grouping of mammals that includes prosimians, tree-dwelling animals such as lemurs and tarsiers, monkeys, apes, and humans. Some of the physical characteristics that distinguish primates from other mammals are binocular vision and the grasping hand with mobile digits and flat nails. Evolutionary trends characteristic of the Primate Order are most pronounced in humans and include prolongation of gestation of the fetus, prolongation of the period of infant care, and expansion and elaboration of the brain. An important feature in the social life of many nonhuman primates is dominance and the formation of "dominance hierarchies."… a dominant animal wins aggressive encounters with others and usually has greater access to resources such as food, water, or sexual partners.“ Rather than viewing society and culture as real things, an observer can recognize that humans live in groups that repeat and modify innate behaviors to produce prolific variations on a few underlying themes that are common to all societies. A smart observer will consider the grouping characteristics of humans and discern basic patterns and problems underlying the apparent complexity of modern civilization. The organization of society begins with small local clusters that link family groups into clans that are more or less cooperative units. Clans associate, forming bands that tend to affiliate with other bands forming tribes, looser affiliations that occupy larger geographic areas. The band-tribal structure emerges from ancient animal groupings. Patterns of organization, rules, and institutions that regulate human behavior are in flux and will continue to be unstable. As human populations expand and interactions become increasingly complex, innate abilities are stretched and distorted. The ability of individuals to relate to other humans remains limited and limits the effective management of enlarging groups. Managers and leaders do not become smarter as the organizations they lead become larger. It is axiomatic that organizations that exceed a threshold number become dysfunctional. It is matter of empirical study to recognize group size thresholds, and too little is known about the cognitive limitations of leaders.

Architectural Conservation In Europe And The Americas

Author : John H. Stubbs
ISBN : 047090111X
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 35.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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“From such well-known and long-vexed sites as the Athenian Acropolis to more contemporary locales like the Space Age Modernist capital city of Brasília, the conflicting and not always neatly resolvable forces that bear upon preservation are addressed as clearly and thoughtfully as the general reader could hope for.”—New York Review of Books “…an astonishing feat of research, compilation and synthesis.”—Context The book delivers the first major survey concerning the conservation of cultural heritage in both Europe and the Americas. Architectural Conservation in Europe and the Americas serves as a convenient resource for professionals, students, and anyone interested in the field. Following the acclaimed Time Honored, this book presents contemporary practice on a country-by-country and region-by-region basis, facilitating comparative analysis of similarities and differences. The book stresses solutions in architectural heritage protection and the contexts in which they were developed.
Category: Architecture

Old Testament Wisdom Literature

Author : Craig G. Bartholomew
ISBN : 9780830898176
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The books of Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are rooted in the order created by the one true God. Their steady gaze penetrates to the very nature of created reality and leads us toward peace and human flourishing. Craig Bartholomew and Ryan O'Dowd tune our ears to hear once again Lady Wisdom calling in the streets. Old Testament Wisdom Literature provides an informed introduction to the Old Testament wisdom books Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job. Establishing the books in the context of ancient Near Eastern wisdom traditions and literature, the authors move beyond the scope of typical introductions to discuss the theological and hermeneutical implications of this literature.
Category: Religion

Exploring The Old Testament

Author : Ernest C. Lucas
ISBN : 9780830853113
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Ernest C. Lucas provides an informed, illuminating and interactive introduction to the ancient background, the literary artistry, and the varied and timeless messages of the Psalms and Wisdom literature.
Category: Religion

Downstream From Eden

Author : David L. Knight
ISBN : 9781449745653
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70.19 MB
Format : PDF
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Downstream from Eden is a celebration of water in a less-than-perfect world. It will inspire you and bring you hope, Probably the most comprehensive study of water and the Bible you will find anywhere. Well-researched and highly readable, with stories from Icelandic waterfalls to the Aral Sea, from the origins of the universe to the Apocalypse, the author weaves a conversation that turns water into wine. You will sip and savor page after page. Water is an urgent global concern with 800 million people living today in parched conditions or with unsafe water. The UN Water for Life Decade 2005-2015 highlights the need for sustainable water solutions. Downstream from Eden adds a unique voice to this discussion with insights from the Bible, science, history and literature on issues of social justice, the environment and personal spirituality. Fascinating material! David Knight is a profound, reflective and interesting writer. - Ramez Atallah, The Bible Society of Egypt A beautiful study of water. Read it slowly and enjoy. You will be refreshed – spirit and soul! - Barry Mackay, Habitat for Humanity India (retired), Includes “A Manifesto for Action: Ten Disciplines for Living Downstream from Eden” and Questions for Small Group and Book Club discussion.
Category: Religion