The Quest For Epic In Contemporary American Fiction

Author : Catherine Morley
ISBN : 9781135899585
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This volume explores the confluences between two types of literature in contemporary America: the novel and the epic. It analyses the tradition of the epic as it has evolved from antiquity, through Joyce to its American manifestations and describes how this tradition has impacted upon contemporary American writing.
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Modern American Literature

Author : Catherine Morley
ISBN : 9780748668298
Genre : Literary Criticism
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An incisive study of modern American literature, casting new light on its origins and themes. Exploring canonical American writers such as Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner alongside less familiar writers like Djuna Barnes and Susan Glaspell, the guide takes readers though a diverse literary landscape. It considers how the rise of the American metropolis contributed to the growth of American modernism; and also examines the ways in which regional writers responded to an accelerated American modernity. Taking in African American modernism, cultural and geographical exile, as well as developments in modern American drama, the guide introduces readers to current critical trends in modernist studies.
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Epic Voices

Author : Robert Arlett
ISBN : 0945636814
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Epic Voices is an assessment of the major achievement of contemporary American and British fiction: what author Robert Arlett terms the contemporary epic novel. The path of the modern novel has been marked by a dialectic of seemingly rival impulses: while certain novelists have sought to deal with wide-scale social and political dimensions of modern existence, others have concerned themselves primarily with interior sensibility. This book examines a group of novels - written on both sides of the North Atlantic within a period covering approximately the early 1960s through the mid-1970s - that confront the simultaneous inner and outer impulses of contemporary experience with textures reflecting the interactive relationships of those impulses and that exhibit experimentation in form as they cut back and forth in perspectives, perhaps reaching for fusion of normally distinct narrative voices.
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09 Nov

Author : Catherine Morley
ISBN : 9781472569691
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The terrorist attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 have had a profound impact on contemporary American literature and culture. With chapters written by leading scholars, 9/11: Topics in Contemporary North American Literature is a wide-ranging guide to literary responses to the attacks and its aftermath. The book covers the most widely studied texts, from Don DeLillo's Falling Man, Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Jonathan Franzen's Freedom to responses in contemporary American poetry and graphic narratives such as Art Spiegelman's In the Shadow of No Towers. Including annotated guides to further reading, this is an essential guide for students and readers of contemporary American literature.
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Novel Arguments

Author : Richard Walsh
ISBN : 0521471451
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Novel arguments argues that innovative fiction - by which is meant writing that has been variously labeled postmodern, metafictional, experimental - extends our ways of thinking about the world, and rejects the critical consensus that, under the rubrics of postmodernism and metafiction, homogenizes this fiction as autonomous and self-absorbed. Play, self-consciousness, and immanence - supposed symptoms of innovative fiction's autonomy - are here reconsidered as integral to its means of engagement. The book advances a concept of the "argument" of fiction as a construct wedding structure and content into a highly evolved and expressive experimental form. Close readings of five important innovative novels by Donald Barthelme, Ishmael Reed, Robert Coover, Walter Abish, and Kathy Acker show how they articulate matters of substance, social engagement, and ideological currency by virtue of the act of innovation. Walsh deftly argues for a new understanding of fictional cognition at the theoretical level, and, in an act of great critical creativity, discards altogether the flattening totalities of received postmodern formulations.
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A History Of American Literature

Author : Richard Gray
ISBN : 0631221344
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This major new history of American literature from pre-Columbian times to the present is written in an informed but accessible style by one of the leading authorities in the field. A major new one-volume history of American literature from pre-Columbian times to the present. Extremely broad-ranging, taking in Native American, Anglo American, African American, Asian American and Hispanic American literature. Covers oral literature, folktales, spirituals, the blues, the western, the detective story, the thriller and science fiction, as well as canonical literature. Relates the history of American literature to American social and cultural history. Takes account of changes in critical and theoretical debates about literature in the last 30 years. Written by a leading international authority on American literature.
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New Strangers In Paradise

Author : Gilbert H. Muller
ISBN : 9780813150130
Genre : Literary Criticism
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New Strangers in Paradise offers the first in-depth account of the ways in which contemporary American fiction has been shaped by the successive generations of immigrants to reach U.S. shores. Gilbert Muller reveals how the intersections of peoples, regions, and competing cultural histories have remade the American cultural landscape in the aftermath of World War II. Muller focuses on the literature of Holocaust survivors, Chicanos, Latinos, African Caribbeans, and Asian Americans. In the quest for a new identity, each of these groups seeks the American dream and rewrites the story of what it means to be an American. New Strangers in Paradise explores the psychology of uprooted peoples and the relations of culture and power, addressing issues of race and ethnicity, multiculturalism and pluralism, and national and international conflicts. Examining the groups of immigrants in the cultural and historical context both of America and of the lands from which they originated, Muller argues that this "fourth wave" of immigration has led to a creative flowering in modern fiction. The book offers a fresh perspective on the writings of Vladimir Nabokov, Sual Bellow, William Styron, Maxine Hong Kingston, Amy Tan, Oscar Hijuelos, Jamaica Kincaid, Bharati Mukherjee, Rudolfo Anaya, and many others.
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The American Quest For A Supreme Fiction

Author : James Edwin Miller
ISBN : 0226526119
Genre : American poetry
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"The American Quest for a Supreme Fiction analyzes the essential characteristics and central forces in the development of this mode. James E. Miller, one of America's foremost Whitman scholars, divides his study into three parts corresponding to the growth of the American epic. He first explores its philosophical "Roots and Trunk" in the poetry and critical works of Whitman (with reference to how this philosophy appears in the work of Berryman, Lowell, and Stevens); in the second part he traces the "Branches" of Pound, Eliot, Williams, and Crane; and, in his first section, "Leaves," Miller examines the contemporary work of Olson, Berryman, and Ginsberg"--Back cover.
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New Essays On Rabbit Run

Author : Stanley Trachtenberg
ISBN : 0521438845
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The hero of John Updike's most popular and critically acclaimed novel is a middle-class American who isn't "especially beautiful or bright or urban." The essays in this collection examine the technical mastery and thematic range that makes this work an enduring achievement in modern American fiction.
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