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The Complete Poems Of Sappho

Author : Willis Barnstone
ISBN : 0834822008
Genre : Poetry
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Sappho’s thrilling lyric verse has been unremittingly popular for more than 2,600 years—certainly a record for poetry of any kind—and love for her art only increases as time goes on. Though her extant work consists only of a collection of fragments and a handful of complete poems, her mystique endures to be discovered anew by each generation, and to inspire new efforts at bringing the spirit of her Greek words faithfully into English. In the past, translators have taken two basic approaches to Sappho: either very literally translating only the words in the fragments, or taking the liberty of reconstructing the missing parts. Willis Barnstone has taken a middle course, in which he remains faithful to the words of the fragments, only very judiciously filling in a word or phrase in cases where the meaning is obvious. This edition includes extensive notes and a special section of "Testimonia": appreciations of Sappho in the words of ancient writers from Plato to Plutarch. Also included are a glossary of all the figures mentioned in the poems, and suggestions for further reading.
Category: Poetry

The Poetry Of Sappho

Author : Jim Powell
ISBN : 0198043783
Genre : Poetry
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Today, thousands of years after her birth, in lands remote from her native island of Lesbos and in languages that did not exist when she wrote her poetry in Aeolic Greek, Sappho remains an important name among lovers of poetry and poets alike,. Celebrated throughout antiquity as the supreme Greek poet of love and of the personal lyric, noted especially for her limpid fusion of formal poise, lucid insight, and incandescent passion, today her poetry is also prized for its uniquely vivid participation in a living paganism. Collected in an edition of nine scrolls by scholars in the second century BC, Sappho's poetry largely disappeared when the Fourth Crusade sacked Constantinople in 1204. All that remained was one poem and a handful of quoted passages . A century ago papyrus fragments recovered in Egypt added a half dozen important texts to Sappho's surviving works. In 2004 a new complete poem was deciphered and published. By far the most significant discovery in a hundred years, it offers a new and tellingly different example of Sappho's poetic art and reveals another side of the poet, thinking about aging and about the transmission of culture from one generation to the next. Jim Powell's translations represent a unique combination of poetic mastery in English verse and a deep schlolarly engagement with Sappho's ancient Greek. They are incomparably faithful to the literal sense of the Greek poems and, simultaneously, to their forms, preserving the original meters and stanzas while exactly replicating the dramatic action of their sequences of disclosure and the passionate momentum of their sentences. Powell's translations have often been anthologized and selected for use in textbooks, winning recognition among discerning readers as by far the best versions in English.
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Poems Of Sappho

Author : Sappho
ISBN : 9780486817279
Genre : History
File Size : 71.2 MB
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"The Tenth Muse" sings to both sexes of desire, rapture, and sorrow. This concise collection of the ancient Greek poet's surviving works was assembled and translated by a distinguished classicist.
Category: History

Searching For Sappho The Lost Songs And World Of The First Woman Poet

Author : Philip Freeman
ISBN : 9780393242249
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 42.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An exploration of the fascinating poetry, life, and world of Sappho, including a complete translation of all her poems. For more than twenty-five centuries, all that the world knew of the poems of Sappho—the first woman writer in literary history—were a few brief quotations preserved by ancient male authors. Yet those meager remains showed such power and genius that they captured the imagination of readers through the ages. But within the last century, dozens of new pieces of her poetry have been found written on crumbling papyrus or carved on broken pottery buried in the sands of Egypt. As recently as 2014, yet another discovery of a missing poem created a media stir around the world. The poems of Sappho reveal a remarkable woman who lived on the Greek island of Lesbos during the vibrant age of the birth of western science, art, and philosophy. Sappho was the daughter of an aristocratic family, a wife, a devoted mother, a lover of women, and one of the greatest writers of her own or any age. Nonetheless, although most people have heard of Sappho, the story of her lost poems and the lives of the ancient women they celebrate has never been told for a general audience. Searching for Sappho is the exciting tale of the rediscovery of Sappho’s poetry and of the woman and world they reveal.
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The Complete Poems Of Sappho

Author : Sappho
ISBN : 1590306139
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 61.80 MB
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A prize-winning poet offers a contemporary translation of poems written by the greatest Greek love poet, whose thrilling lyric verse and mystique endures to be rediscovered by each generation. Original.
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If Not Winter

Author : Sappho
ISBN : 9780307556981
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 24.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Of the nine books of lyrics the ancient Greek poet Sappho is said to have composed, only one poem has survived complete. The rest are fragments. In this miraculous new translation, acclaimed poet and classicist Anne Carson presents all of Sappho’s fragments, in Greek and in English, as if on the ragged scraps of papyrus that preserve them, inviting a thrill of discovery and conjecture that can be described only as electric—or, to use Sappho’s words, as “thin fire . . . racing under skin.” By combining the ancient mysteries of Sappho with the contemporary wizardry of one of our most fearless and original poets, If Not, Winter provides a tantalizing window onto the genius of a woman whose lyric power spans millennia. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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The Poems Of Sappho

Author : Sappho
ISBN : 9781776671632
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 58.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Credited by many as one of first and foremost pioneers of love poetry, Sappho was a female poet who is believed to have been born on the Greek island of Lesbos in the 6th century BCE. Though her work that survives today exists mostly in fragments, this skillful translation conveys the heartrending rawness that has won her verse so much acclaim from ancient times to the present.
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The Poems Of Sappho And The Other Greek Lyricists

Author : Sappho
ISBN : 1420949209
Genre : Poetry
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The nine lyric poets were a canon of archaic Greek composers esteemed by the scholars of Hellenistic Alexandria as worthy of critical study. The most famous of which is probably Sappho, who was born sometime between 630 and 612 BCE on the Greek island of Lesbos. The famous Library of Alexandria collected Sappho's poems into nine books; however these editions have been lost. Today only fragments of the poetess' work remains. These fragments are collected together here in this volume of " The Poems of Sappho and the Other Greek Lyricists" along with fragments of other Greek lyric poets contemporary to Sappho. Altogether we find the poetry of Alcaeus, Pythermus, Anacreon, Anacreontea, Corrina, Telesilla, Praxilla, Erinna as well as Sappho in this volume of poetry translated by Walter Petersen.
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Stung With Love Poems And Fragments Of Sappho

Author : Sappho
ISBN : 9780141931258
Genre : Poetry
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More or less 150 years after Homer's Iliad, Sappho lived on the island of Lesbos, west off the coast of what is present Turkey. Little remains today of her writings, which are said to have filled nine papyrus rolls in the great library at Alexandria some 500 years after her death. The surviving texts consist of a lamentably small and fragmented body of lyric poetry - among them poems of invocation, desire, spite, celebration, resignation and remembrance - that nevertheless enables us to hear the living voice of the poet Plato called the tenth Muse. This is a new translation of her surviving poetry.
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Love As War

Author : Leah Rissman
ISBN : STANFORD:36105039579870
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 76.53 MB
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