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The Mythology In Our Language

Author : Ludwig Wittgenstein
ISBN : 0990505065
Genre : Religion
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Once upon a time, anthropology had something to offer philosophy. It was a time when Continential thinkers drew on anthropology's theoretical terms--mana, taboo, potlatch--in order to reflect on the limits of human belief and imagination. Among these philosophic dialogues with anthropology, we find Ludwig Wittgenstein's Remarks on Sir James Frazer's magnum opus, "The Golden Bough." Now, Hau Books brings you the first translation by an anthropology--Stephan Palmie--of this masterpiece. Wittgenstein's remarks on ritual, magic, religion, belief, ceremony, and Frazer's own logical presuppositions are as lucid and thought-provoking now as they were over half-a-century ago. Anthropologists find themselves repeating many of Wittgenstein's same questions and confronting similar doubts today: Is metaphysics a kind of magic? What do we call "ritual"? Are humans simply "ceremonial animals"? This book is not only a fresh translation, but a fresh set of engagements with Wittgenstein's ideas from some of the world's most brilliant anthropologists. Contributors include: David Graeber, Veena Das, Michael Lambek, Heonik Kwon, Carlo Severi, Michael Taussig, Wendy James, Giovanni da Col, and Michael Puett. Here is a unique and well-overdue discussion of the mythologies in our language. Taking interdisciplinarity seriously, this volume returns to the ethnographic imagination that made great thinkers like Sigmund Freud, Jean-Paul Sartre, and indeed Ludwig Wittgenstein take heed--and returns the favor to the philosophical tradition that found wonder and pause for thought in the anthropological canon.
Category: Religion

The Cooking Of History

Author : Stephan Palmié
ISBN : 9780226019734
Genre : Social Science
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Over a lifetime of studying Cuban Santería and other religions related to Orisha worship—a practice also found among the Yoruba in West Africa—Stephan Palmié has grown progressively uneasy with the assumptions inherent in the very term Afro-Cuban religion. In The Cooking of History he provides a comprehensive analysis of these assumptions, in the process offering an incisive critique both of the anthropology of religion and of scholarship on the cultural history of the Afro-Atlantic World. Understood largely through its rituals and ceremonies, Santería and related religions have been a challenge for anthropologists to link to a hypothetical African past. But, Palmié argues, precisely by relying on the notion of an aboriginal African past, and by claiming to authenticate these religions via their findings, anthropologists—some of whom have converted to these religions—have exerted considerable influence upon contemporary practices. Critiquing widespread and damaging simplifications that posit religious practices as stable and self-contained, Palmié calls for a drastic new approach that properly situates cultural origins within the complex social environments and scholarly fields in which they are investigated.
Category: Social Science

Wittgenstein Grammar And God

Author : Alan Keightley
ISBN : 9781498207508
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50.7 MB
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Wittgenstein, Grammar, and God attempts to clarify the nature of what has come to be called the Wittgenstenian approach to religious belief, and to demonstrate the radicality of its challenge to contemporary ways of studying and assessing religion. Apart from Wittgenstein's own work, it pays close attention to his present day followers, D. Z. Phillips, R. Rhees, etc. It examines the central questions of the meaning of God and reductionism, but the book also tries to show how the debate about Wittgenstein impinges upon the problems of the contemporary theologian. In short, this study attempts to cast a fresh perspective on the quest for clarity on our understanding of religion.
Category: Religion

Miss Mary Reporting

Author : Sue Macy
ISBN : 9781481401210
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 33.19 MB
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“Macy introduces Garber as a person who followed her passion for sports despite her mother’s disapproval and did her job with purpose, integrity, and dignity. The narrative is swiftly paced, smoothly written, and filled with interesting details and quotes…A lively, memorable biography for younger readers.” —Booklist (starred review) “It’s an entertaining and accessible portrait of a generous-minded writer and a reminder of the value of telling people’s stories, whether pro player or soapbox racer.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) “A heartfelt, informative, and thoroughly engaging picture book biography about groundbreaking sports reporter Mary Garber.” —School Library Journal (starred review) From beloved author Sue Macy comes an illustrated biography of Mary Garber, one of the first female sports journalists in American history! While sitting in the bleachers of a Soap Box Derby in the 1950s, Mary Garber overheard two African-American boys in the following exchange: “See that lady down there?” asked one boy. “That’s Mary Garber. She doesn’t care who you are, but if you do something good, she’ll write about you.” Mary Garber was a pioneering sports journalist in a time where women were rarely a part of the newspaper business. Women weren’t even allowed to sit in the press boxes at sporting events, so Mary was forced to sit with the coaches’ wives. But that didn’t stop her. In a time when African-American sports were not routinely covered, Mary went to the games and wrote about them. Garber was a sportswriter for fifty-six years and was the first woman to receive the Associated Press Sports Editors’ Red Smith Award, presented for major contributions in sports journalism. And now, every year the Association of Women in Sports Media presents the Mary Garber Pioneer Award in her honor to a role model for women in sports media. Sure to inspire future journalists, athletes, and any child who has a dream, this illustrated biography of Mary Garber captures her feisty and determined spirit and brings her story to life.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Classic Concepts In Anthropology

Author : Valerio Valeri
ISBN : 0990505081
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 22.78 MB
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The late anthropologist Valerio Valeri is best known for the high quality of his writings on specific societies of Polynesia and eastern Indonesia, but "Classic concepts in anthropology" makes available a different side of Valeri's inimitable genius, a series of dazzlingly erudite, comparative essays on core topics in the history of anthropological theory, originally published in Italian or French. This new volume brings together Valeri's masterful discussions of anthropological thought about ritual, fetishism, cosmogonic myth, belief, caste, kingship, mourning, play, feasting, ceremony, and cultural relativism. "Classic concepts in anthropology" is an essential resource for students and researchers throughout the social sciences and humanities.
Category: Social Science

The Illustrated Golden Bough

Author : Sir James George Frazer
ISBN : UVA:X004071441
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 63.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Presents an illustrated and abridged version of Frazer's classic study of the origins of magic and religion
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Human Origins

Author : Camilla Power
ISBN : 9781785333798
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Human Origins brings together new thinking by social anthropologists and other scholars on the evolution of human culture and society. No other discipline has more relevant expertise to consider the emergence of humans as the symbolic species. Yet, social anthropologists have been conspicuously absent from debates about the origins of modern humans. These contributions explore why that is, and how social anthropology can shed light on early kinship and economic relations, gender politics, ritual, cosmology, ethnobiology, medicine, and the evolution of language.
Category: Social Science

On Kings

Author : David Graeber
ISBN : 0986132500
Genre :
File Size : 34.23 MB
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In anthropology as much as in popular imagination, kings are figures of fascination and intrigue, heroes or tyrants in ways presidents and prime ministers can never be. This collection of essays by two of the world's most distinguished anthropologists--David Graeber and Marshall Sahlins--explores what kingship actually is, historically and anthropologically. As they show, kings are symbols for more than just sovereignty: indeed, the study of kingship offers a unique window into fundamental dilemmas concerning the very nature of power, meaning, and the human condition. Reflecting on issues such as temporality, alterity, piracy, and utopia--not to mention the divine, the strange, the numinous, and the bestial--Graeber and Sahlins explore the role of kings as they have existed around the world, from the BaKongo to the Aztec to the Shilluk to the eighteenth-century pirate kings of Madagascar and beyond. Richly delivered with the wit and sharp analysis characteristic of Graeber and Sahlins, this book opens up new avenues for the anthropological study of this fascinating and ubiquitous political figure.

Readings Of Wittgenstein S On Certainty

Author : D. Moyal-Sharrock
ISBN : 9780230505346
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 66.90 MB
Format : PDF
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This is the first collection of papers devoted to Ludwig Wittgenstein's cryptic but brilliant, On Certainty . This work, Wittgenstein's last, extends the thinking of his earlier, better known writings, and in so doing, makes the most important contribution to epistemology since Kant's Critique of Pure Reason - a claim the essays in this volume help to demonstrate. The essays have been grouped under four headings, reflecting current approaches to the work: the Framework, Transcendental, Epistemic, and Therapeutic readings.
Category: Philosophy