The Judith Butler Reader

Author : Sara Salih
ISBN : 0631225943
Genre : Social Science
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The Judith Butler Reader is a collection of writings that span her impressive career and trace her intellectual history. Judith Butler, author of influential books such as Gender Trouble, has built her international reputation as a theorist of power, gender, sexuality and identity Organized in active collaboration between Judith Butler and Sara Salih Collects together writings that span Butler’s impressive career as a critical philosopher, including selections from both well-known and lesser-known works Includes an introduction and editorial material to assist students in their readings of theories that stand at the forefront of contemporary theoretical and political debates
Category: Social Science

K Rper Von Gewicht

Author : Judith Butler
ISBN : 3518117378
Genre : Femininity
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Judith Butler

Author : Moya Lloyd
ISBN : 9780745654805
Genre : Literary Criticism
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With the publication of her highly acclaimed and much-cited book Gender Trouble, Judith Butler became one of the most influential feminist theorists of her generation. Her theory of gender performativity and her writings on corporeality, on the injurious capacity of language, on the vulnerability of human life to violence and on the impact of mourning on politics have, taken together, comprised a substantial and highly original body of work that has a wide and truly cross-disciplinary appeal. In this lively book, Moya Lloyd provides both a clear exposition and an original critique of Butler's work. She examines Butlers core ideas, traces the development of her thought from her first book to her most recent work, and assesses Butlers engagements with the philosophies of Hegel, Foucault, Derrida, Irigaray and de Beauvoir, as well as addressing the nature and impact of Butler's writing on feminist theory. Throughout Lloyd is particularly concerned to examine Butler's political theory, including her critical interventions in such contemporary political controversies as those surrounding gay marriage, hate-speech, human rights, and September 11 and its aftermath. Judith Butler offers an accessible and original contribution to existing debates that will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars alike.
Category: Literary Criticism

Zur Aktualit T Von Judith Butler

Author : Eva von Redecker
ISBN : 9783531933504
Genre : Social Science
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Judith Butler hat die feministische Theorie revolutioniert und entscheidende Beiträge zur Philosophie des Subjekts geleistet. In ihren jüngsten Schriften, die sich gegen Krieg und staatliche Gewalt wenden, überführt sie ihre Subjekttheorie schließlich in eine Ethik der Gewaltlosigkeit. Ihre Analysen eint der Blick darauf, wie Gewalt nicht erst in offenkundigen Übergriffen beginnt, sondern auf der Ebene sozialer Normen und Kategorien vorstrukturiert, welche Leben überhaupt als wahrnehmbar und anerkennungswürdig gelten können.
Category: Social Science

Power And Legitimacy

Author : Anne Quéma
ISBN : 9781442649033
Genre : Law
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Examining modern jurisprudence theory, statutory law, and the family within the modern Gothic novel, Anne Quéma shows how the forms and effects of political power transform as one shifts from discourse to discourse.
Category: Law

R Ume Und Identit Ten In Grenzregionen

Author : Christian Wille
ISBN : 9783839426494
Genre : Social Science
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Die Raum- und Identitätsforschung arbeitet mit Unterscheidungen und Relationen. Diese sind als heuristische Instrumente besonders in Grenzregionen gewinnbringend, wenn soziale und geopolitische Markierungen auseinanderfallen. Die Beiträge des Bandes setzen hier an. Anhand empirischer Erhebungen in Deutschland, Frankreich, Belgien und Luxemburg untersuchen sie Raum- und Identitätskonstruktionen in grenzüberschreitenden Bezügen, wie sie sich in alltäglichen, institutionellen und medialen Praktiken manifestieren. Die Ergebnisse werden mit sensiblem Blick für quer liegende Räume und Identitäten diskutiert und an gouvernementale Fragen der Normierung und Subjektivierung rückgebunden.
Category: Social Science

Recapturing The Personal

Author : Irving Epstein
ISBN : 9781607527084
Genre : Education
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In this volume, contributors discuss both the theoretical and practical applications of an embodied knowledge perspective, using the field of education as an exemplar. It should be noted that while the theorists whose writings are discussed in these pages, have made seminal contributions to the sociology of the body literature, it is not possible nor is it our goal to comprehensively review the theoretical discourse of everyone who has written in the area. Our more modest aim is to give our audience a sampling of what some of the important theoretical positions entail. To that end, we turn to the writings of the three social and cultural theorists whose work is given the greatest degree of attention in the volume, Foucault, Bourdieu, and Butler, and will briefly summarize their views.
Category: Education

Making It Like A Man

Author : Christine Ramsay
ISBN : 9781554583751
Genre : Social Science
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Making It Like a Man: Canadian Masculinities in Practice is a collection of essays on the practice of masculinities in Canadian arts and cultures, where to “make it like a man” is to participate in the cultural, sociological, and historical fluidity of ways of being a man in Canada, from the country’s origins in nineteenth-century Victorian values to its immersion in the contemporary post-modern landscape. The book focuses on the ways Canadian masculinities have been performed and represented through five broad themes: colonialism, nationalism, and transnationalism; emotion and affect; ethnic and minority identities; capitalist and domestic politics; and the question of men’s relationships with themselves and others. Chapters include studies of well-known and more obscure figures in the Canadian arts and culture scenes, such as visual artist Attila Richard Lukacs; writers Douglas Coupland, Barbara Gowdy, Simon Chaput, Thomas King, and James De Mille; filmmakers Clement Virgo, Norma Bailey, John N. Smith, and Frank Cole; as well as familiar and not-so-familiar tokens of Canadian masculinity such as the hockey hero, the gangsta rapper, the immigrant farmer, and the drag king. Making It Like a Man is the first book of its kind to explore and critique historical and contemporary masculinities in Canada with a special focus on artistic and cultural production and representation. It is concerned with mapping some of the uniquely Canadian places and spaces in the international field of masculinity studies, and will be of interest to academic and culturally informed audiences.
Category: Social Science

Jenseits Des Autonomen Subjekts

Author : Hanna Meißner
ISBN : 9783839413814
Genre : Social Science
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Das autonome Subjekt ist in der Krise. Wie lässt sich aber Handlungsfähigkeit ohne Rückgriff auf eine unabhängige Instanz im Individuum denken? Anhand der Arbeiten von Butler, Foucault und Marx rekonstruiert Hanna Meißner am Beispiel der Geschlechterdifferenz unterschiedliche strukturelle Dimensionen einer historischen Konstellation, in der Autonomie als Verleugnung der Abhängigkeit eine Bedingung subjektiver Handlungsfähigkeit darstellt. Zugleich wird damit eine Kritikstrategie formuliert, die an den Dynamiken dieser spezifischen Form ansetzt und Handlungsfähigkeit als historisch bedingte Möglichkeit der Subjekte begreift, sich zu den Verhältnissen verhalten zu können.
Category: Social Science