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The Hungry Soul

Author : Leon Kass
ISBN : 0226425681
Genre : Cooking
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Originally published: New York: Free Press; Toronto: Maxwell Macmillan Canada; New York: Maxwell Macmillan International, c1994. With new foreword.
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The Hungry Soul

Author : Leon Kass
ISBN : UOM:39015031782579
Genre : Philosophy
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Originally published: New York: Free Press; Toronto: Maxwell Macmillan Canada; New York: Maxwell Macmillan International, c1994. With new foreword.
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Leading A Worthy Life

Author : Leon R. Kass
ISBN : 9781594039423
Genre : Philosophy
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Most American young people, like their ancestors, harbor desires for a worthy life: a life of meaning, a life that makes sense. But they are increasingly confused about what such a life might look like, and how they might, in the present age, be able to live one. With a once confident culture no longer offering authoritative guidance, the young are now at sea—regarding work, family, religion, and civic identity. The true, the good, and the beautiful have few defenders, and the higher cynicism mocks any innocent love of wisdom or love of country. We are super-competent regarding efficiency and convenience; we are at a loss regarding what it’s all for. Yet because the old orthodoxies have crumbled, our “interesting time” paradoxically offers genuine opportunities for renewal and growth. The old Socratic question, “How to live?”, suddenly commands serious attention. Young Americans, if liberated from the prevailing cynicism, will readily embrace weighty questions and undertake serious quests for a flourishing life. All they (and we) need is encouragement. This book provides that necessary encouragement by illuminating crucial (and still available) aspects of a worthy life, and by defending them against their enemies. With chapters on love, family, and friendship; human excellence and human dignity; teaching, learning, and truth; and the great human aspirations of Western civilization, it offers people who are looking on their own for meaning, and as well as to people who are looking to deepen what they have been taught or to square it with the spirit of our time.
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The Ethics Of Human Cloning

Author : Leon Kass
ISBN : 0844740500
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Today biological science is rising on a wall of worry. No other science has advanced more dramatically during the past several decades or yielded so many palpable improvements in human welfare. Yet, none except nuclear physics has aroused greater apprehensions among the general public and leaders in such diverse fields as religion, the humanities, and government. In this engaging book, Leon R. Kass, the noted teacher, scientist, humanist, and chairman of the President's Council on Bioethics, and James Q. Wilson, the preeminent political scientist to whom four United States presidents have turned for advice on crime, drug abuse, education, and other crises in American life, explore the ethics of human cloning, reproductive technology, and the teleology of human sexuality. Although in their lively dialgoue both authors share a fundamental distrust of the notion of human cloning, they base their resistance on different views of the role of sexual reproduction and the role of the family. Professor Kass contends that in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproudction technologies that place the origin of human life in human hands have eroded the respect for the mystery of sexuality and human renewal. Professor Wilson, in contrast, asserts that whether a human life is created naturally or artificially is immaterial as long as the child is raised by loving parents in a two-parent family and is not harmed by the means of its conception. This accessible volume promises to inform the public policy debate over the permissible conduct of genetic research and the permissible uses of its discoveries.
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The Beginning Of Wisdom

Author : Leon Kass
ISBN : 0743242998
Genre : Philosophy
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Looks at the wisdom of nature and of man as seen through an interpreation of the book of Genesis.
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Wing To Wing Oar To Oar

Author : Amy A. Kass
ISBN : STANFORD:36105028566375
Genre : Religion
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Despite current concerns for "family values" and the dissolution of marriages, Amy A. and Leon R. Kass see very little attention being paid to what makes for marital success. They argue there are no longer socially prescribed forms of conduct that help guide young men and women in the direction of matrimony; the very concepts of "wooing" and "courting" seem archaic. Yet they see major discontent with the present situation and detect among their students certain longings-for friendship, for wholeness, for a life that is serious and deep, and for associations that are trustworthy and lasting-longings they do not realize could be largely satisfied by marrying well. Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar: Courting and Marrying is an anthology of source readings offered as a response to the contemporary cultural silence surrounding love that leads to marriage. It addresses important questions that emerge not from theory, but from practice: Why marry? Is this love? How can I find and win the right one to marry?What about sex? Why a wedding and the promises of marriage? What can married life be like? Using readings taken mainly from classic texts of Homer, Herodotus, Plato, Aquinas, Erasmus, Shakespeare, Rousseau, Austen, Tolstoy, C.S. Lewis, Miss Manners, and many others, this collection challenges our unexamined opinions, expands our sympathies, elevates our gaze, and introduces us to possibilities open to human beings in everyday life that may be undreamt of in our current ph
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Empires Of Food

Author : Andrew Rimas
ISBN : 1439110131
Genre : History
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We are what we eat: this aphorism contains a profound truth about civilization, one that has played out on the world historical stage over many millennia of human endeavor. Using the colorful diaries of a sixteenth-century merchant as a narrative guide, Empires of Food vividly chronicles the fate of people and societies for the past twelve thousand years through the foods they grew, hunted, traded, and ate—and gives us fascinating, and devastating, insights into what to expect in years to come. In energetic prose, agricultural expert Evan D. G. Fraser and journalist Andrew Rimas tell gripping stories that capture the flavor of places as disparate as ancient Mesopotamia and imperial Britain, taking us from the first city in the once-thriving Fertile Crescent to today’s overworked breadbaskets and rice bowls in the United States and China, showing just what food has meant to humanity. Cities, culture, art, government, and religion are founded on the creation and exchange of food surpluses, complex societies built by shipping corn and wheat and rice up rivers and into the stewpots of history’s generations. But eventually, inevitably, the crops fail, the fields erode, or the temperature drops, and the center of power shifts. Cultures descend into dark ages of poverty, famine, and war. It happened at the end of the Roman Empire, when slave plantations overworked Europe’s and Egypt’s soil and drained its vigor. It happened to the Mayans, who abandoned their great cities during centuries of drought. It happened in the fourteenth century, when medieval societies crashed in famine and plague, and again in the nineteenth century, when catastrophic colonial schemes plunged half the world into a poverty from which it has never recovered. And today, even though we live in an age of astounding agricultural productivity and genetically modified crops, our food supplies are once again in peril. Empires of Food brilliantly recounts the history of cyclic consumption, but it is also the story of the future; of, for example, how a shrimp boat hauling up an empty net in the Mekong Delta could spark a riot in the Caribbean. It tells what happens when a culture or nation runs out of food—and shows us the face of the world turned hungry. The authors argue that neither local food movements nor free market economists will stave off the next crash, and they propose their own solutions. A fascinating, fresh history told through the prism of the dining table, Empires of Food offers a grand scope and a provocative analysis of the world today, indispensable in this time of global warming and food crises.
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Toward A More Natural Science

Author : Leon R. Kass
ISBN : 9781439105689
Genre : Philosophy
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Kass shows how the promise and the peril of our time are inextricably linked with the promise and the peril of modern science. The relation between the pursuit of knowledge and the conduct of life—between science and ethics, each broadly conceived—has in recent years been greatly complicated by developments in the science of life. This book examines the ethical questions involved in prenatal screening, in vitro fertilization, artificial life forms, and medical care, and discusses the role of human beings in nature.
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Beyond Therapy

Author : President's Council on Bioethics (U.S.)
ISBN : UOM:49015002930155
Genre : Medical
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A groundbreaking new exploration of the promises and perils of biotechnology -- and the future of American society. Biotechnology offers exciting prospects for healing the sick and relieving suffering. But because our growing powers also enable alterations in the workings of the body and mind, they are becoming attractive to healthy people who would just like to look younger, perform better, feel happier, or become more "perfect." This landmark book -- the product of more than sixteen months of research and reflection by the members of the President's Council on Bioethics -- explores the profound ethical and social consequences of today's biotechnical revolution. Almost every week brings news of novel methods for screening genes and testing embryos, choosing the sex and modifying the behavior of children, enhancing athletic performance, slowing aging, blunting painful memories, brightening mood, and altering basic temperaments. But we must not neglect the fundamental question: Should we be turning to biotechnology to fulfill our deepest human desires? We want better children -- but not by turning procreation into manufacture or by altering their brains to gain them an edge over their peers. We want to perform better in the activities of life -- but not by becoming mere creatures of chemistry. We want longer lives -- but not at the cost of becoming so obsessed with our own longevity that we care little about future generations. We want to be happy -- but not by taking a drug that gives us happy feelings without the genuine loves, attachments, and achievements that are essential to true human flourishing. As we enjoy the benefits of biotechnology, members of the council contend, we need to hold fast to an account of the human being seen not in material or mechanistic or medical terms but in psychic, moral, and spiritual ones. By grasping the limits of our new powers, we can savor the fruits of the age of biotechnology without succumbing to its most dangerous temptations. Beyond Therapy takes these issues out of the narrow circle of bioethics professionals and into the larger public arena, where matters of this importance rightly belong.
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Author : Emmanuel Mounier
ISBN : 9781443726764
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 82.50 MB
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PERSONALJSM PERSONALISM by EMMANUEL MOUNTER ROUTLEDGE KEGAN PAUL LTD Broadway House, 68-74 Carter Lane London CONTENTS INFORMAL INTRODUCTION TO THE PERSONAL UNIVERSE page vii Personalism is not a system, vii. General idea of the personalist universe, viii. Brief history of the person and of the personal condition, xi. PART ONE THE STRUCTURE OF THE PERSONAL UNIVERSE I. EMBODIED EXISTENCE page 3 The person immersed in nature, 3. The person transcends nature, 5. The consequences of this condition, 8. Embodied existence, 10. The per sonalisation of nature, n. Checks upon the personalisation of nature, iS. II. COMMUNICATION page IJ The self-defence of the individual. Personalism opposed to individualism, ly. Communication as primordial fact, 19. Obstacles to communication, 24. Community or collectivity, 25. Concerning the unity of persons, 29. III. THE INTIMATE CONVERSION page J 3 Self-recollection, 33. The secret, the inmost self, j5. Intimacy. Privacy, 36. The vertigo of the abyss, 38. From appropriation to disappropria tion, 38. Vocation, 41. The dialectic of the interior and the objective, 42. IV. CONFRONTATION page 45 The singular. The exceptional, 45. The values of refusal. The person as a protest, 43. Jacobs CONTENTS wrestling. The resort to force, 49. Affirmation. The person in acting and choosing, So. The irreducible, 5i. V. FREEDOM UNDER CONDITIONS page 64 Freedom is not any thing, 54. Freedom is not pure spontaneity, 56. Freedom in the total environment of the person, 58. Freedom of choice and freedom of association, 63. VI. THE HIGHEST DIGNITY page 65 Concrete approaches to the transcendent, 65. The aim of the transcendent, 6 7. The personalisation of values, 68. i Happiness, yz.2 Science, 32. 3 Truth. Sketch of a personalist theory of knowledge, 33. 4 Moral values. Outline of a personalist ethics, j6. 5 Art. Sketch for a personalist aesthetic, 77. 6 The community of destinies. History, 79. 7 The religious values. Personalism and Christianity, So. Frustration of value. Suffering. Evil, Negation, Si. VII. ENGAGEMENT page 83 Factors of frustration, 83. The four dimensions of action, 86. The political and the prophetic poles. The theory of self-commitment, 91. PART TWO PERSONALISM AND THE REVOLUTION OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY page .97 The European Nihilism, 98. The rejection of nihilism, 100. Economic society, 103. Family and society. The relations of the sexes, loff. National and international society, 109. The State. Democracy. Sketch of a personalist doctrine of power, in. The education of the person, 116. Culture, 118. The position of Christianity, 121. INDEX page 125 vi INFORMAL INTRODUCTION TO THE PERSONAL UNIVERSE THE word personalism is of recent usage. Employed in 1903 by Renouvier to describe his philosophy, it then fell into disuse. Several Americans have made use of it, following Walt Whitman in his Democratic Vistas 1867. It reappeared towards 1930 in France, a very different climate of thought, to designate the first researches of the review Esprit and of some neighbouring groups Ordre Nouveau and others concerning the political and spiritual crisis then arising in Europe. 1 Lalands Vocabulaire philosophe gives the word currency in the 5th Edition of 1947. Contrary to all custom, the Larousse makes it a synonym for egocen tricity. It follows, apparently, an undecided and branching course, that of an inspiration seeking and testing its directions.However, what is called personalism today is by no means a novelty. The universe of the person is the universe of man. It would indeed be surprising if we had had to wait till the XXth century for its exploration, albeit under other names. The most recent personalism is grafted, as we shall see, upon a long . tradition. Personalism is not a system Personalism is a philosophy, it is not merely an attitude. It is a philosophy but not a system. 1 Esprit was founded in 1932 see its files and E...
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