The Human Species An Introduction To Biological Anthropology

Author : John Relethford
ISBN : 0078034981
Genre : Social Science
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In its ninth edition, The Human Species continues to provide a comprehensive approach to biological anthropology, especially the relationship between biology and culture, behavior in an evolutionary context, and humans as a species within the primate order. With its lively narrative and emphasis on the most current topics and findings in the field, The Human Species explores the major questions that concern biological anthropologists about our species.
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The Human Species An Introduction To Biological Anthropology

Author : CTI Reviews
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Facts101 is your complete guide to The Human Species, An Introduction to Biological Anthropology. In this book, you will learn topics such as The Forces of Evolution, The Evolution and Classification of Species, The Primates, and Primate Behavior and Ecology plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.
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50 Great Myths Of Human Evolution

Author : John H. Relethford
ISBN : 9780470673911
Genre : Science
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50 Great Myths of Human Evolution uses common misconceptions to explore basic theory and research in human evolution and strengthen critical thinking skills for lay readers and students. Examines intriguing—yet widely misunderstood—topics, from general ideas about evolution and human origins to the evolution of modern humans and recent trends in the field Describes what fossils, archaeology, and genetics can tell us about human origins Demonstrates the ways in which science adapts and changes over time to incorporate new evidence and better explanations Includes myths such as “Humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs;” “Lucy was so small because she was a child;” “Our ancestors have always made fire;” and “There is a strong relationship between brain size and intelligence” Comprised of stand-alone essays that are perfect for casual reading, as well as footnotes and references that allow readers to delve more deeply into topics
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Essentials Of Physical Anthropology

Author : Robert Jurmain
ISBN : 9781133710936
Genre : Social Science
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Best-selling ESSENTIALS OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Ninth Edition, presents a concise and authoritative introduction to physical anthropology with the goal of helping students understand why it is important to know about human evolution by showing how humans are biologically connected to all other life. These biological connections link our species with our ancient ancestors, our contemporary primate cousins, and show how closely modern human populations are related to each other. The text has been reframed to emphasize this theme of biological connections as well as the connections between chapters in the material presented. This new framework will better help students grasp the big picture of human evolution and better navigate the material. Supported by new chapter opening Learning Objectives, new visual diagrams (see Chapter One)and other summation pedagogy such as What's Important boxes that put key chapter concepts into perspective for students, this text continues to help students master basic biological principles of physical anthropology and so be able to better understand human origins and our place in the biological world. Altogether, ESSENTIALS OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Ninth Edition integrates coverage of the latest finds with relevant technologies to be the most up-to-date text available. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Der Wahrheitsfinder

Author : Donald Antrim
ISBN : 9783644049215
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«Dieser Roman ist so überaus köstlich wie die sirupschweren Pfannkuchen, die seinen Helden schwindeln machen. Ein sehr surreales und sehr witziges Buch.» (The Times) Eine Gruppe von Psychoanalytikern aus Neuengland trifft sich in einem Pfannkuchenrestaurant, um über alte Fragen und neue Theorien, Patienten und Kollegen zu reden. Natürlich werden in so einem Kreis jedes Wort, jede Geste, jede Fehlleistung daraufhin abgeklopft, ob sie Rückschlüsse auf seelische Untiefen zulassen. Die Diskussionen eskalieren schnell derart, dass Antrims Erzähler Tom von einem Kollegen hinterrücks in eine heftige Umarmung genommen wird, die ihn – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes – aus der Haut fahren lässt und ihn mit seinen größten Wünschen und Ängsten konfrontiert ... «Donald Antrim zeigt sich auf diesem hochgeistigen Wahnsinnstrip in Topform.» (Thomas Pynchon)
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Humanity An Introduction To Cultural Anthropology

Author : James Peoples
ISBN : 9781111301521
Genre : Social Science
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The most affordable, full-color, comprehensive anthropology text on the market, CENGAGE ADVANTAGE BOOKS: HUMANITY: AN INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Ninth Edition, offers a solid framework centered on globalization and culture change. The text’s engaging narrative provides new ways of looking at many of the challenges facing the world in this century, as students examine ethnic conflicts, globalization of culture and language, recent debates about gay marriage, increasing inequalities, population growth, hunger, and the survival of indigenous cultures. Throughout this highly acclaimed work, Peoples and Bailey explore the diversity of humanity and clearly demonstrate why an appreciation and tolerance of cultural differences is critical today. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Author : Angelika Hofer
ISBN : 3952063290
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