Author : Scientific American Editors
ISBN : 9781250121509
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The complex story of human evolution is a tale seven million years in the making. Each new discovery adds to or revises our story and our understanding of how we came to be the way we are. In this eBook, The Human Odyssey, we explore the evolution of those characteristics that make us human. The first section, “Where We Came From,” looks at our family tree and why some branches survived and not others. Swings in climate are emerging as a factor in what traits succeeded and failed, as we see in “Climate Shocks;” meanwhile in “Human Hybrids,” DNA analyses show that Homo sapiens interbred with other human species, which played a key role in our survival. Section Two, “What Makes Us Special,” examines those traits that separate us from other primates. Recent data indicate that our hairless skin was important to the rise of other human features, and other research is getting closer to illuminating how humans became monogamous, as shown in “The Naked Truth” and “Powers of Two,” respectively. In the final section, “Where We Are Going,” we speculate on the future of human evolution in a world where advances in technology, medicine and other areas protect us from harmful factors like disease, causing some scientists to claim that humans are no longer subject to natural selection and our evolution has ceased. Far from that, in “Still Evolving,” author John Hawks discusses how humans have evolved rapidly over the past 30,000 years, as seen in relatively recent traits like blue eyes or lactose tolerance, why such rapid evolution has been possible and what future generations might look like. Like us, our story will continue to evolve.
Category: Science

The Human Odyssey

Author : Thomas Armstrong
ISBN : 1402753438
Genre : Psychology
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The core of this enlightening guide consists of 12 chapters, each describing a different period of life, with its own unique changes, struggles, and growth. A final chapter poses the possibility that the voyage may even continue after physical death.
Category: Psychology

The Human Odyssey

Author : Paul S. Kaplan
ISBN : 0534363504
Genre : Psychology
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With a unique balance and depth of coverage across all age groups, this book examines the physical and intellectual changes humans undergo from conception through death. Kaplan builds on basic themes of life-span development, allowing readers to examine the entire human life experience, whereas many life-span books are weighted in childhood and adolescence. And by putting the experiences into context--such as the family, school and community, and culture--the author is able to include a level of applied information that consistently captures student interest
Category: Psychology

The Human Odyssey

Author : John T. E. Cribb
ISBN : 1931728569
Genre : World history
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Category: World history

The Human Odyssey A Hidden History

Author : Krsanna Duran
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Departure from the Garden represents the maiden flight of humanity from its earliest beginning with ancestors from the stars. The ancestor races evolved from the same universal code from which the oldest human species grew, many of whom have now left human evolution behind them to climb to even greater states within the universal code. The most ancient emblem on Earth observed in modern UFO contact guides the search for Native America's ancestors, those who returned to Mexico in 1991 in the most extensive UFO activity in modern history. Traces of Native America's ancestors, the ancient astronauts, have often been dismissed as too impossibly ancient to believe. And it is the factor of what can be perceived as reality or truth that is followed in this search for humanity through the manifestation of mind and the shamanic perspective in North America's oldest pyramids. Recent scientific discovery of super continents and new excavations at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey are examined in light of traditional lore from the remote corners of the Earth. The search for The People Of Life, those who opened the tree of life to repopulate Native America, leads through Earth's oldest cultures -- Egypt, Greece, India, Tibet and Mu, the motherland.
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The Human Odyssey

Author : Ian Tattersall
ISBN : UOM:39076001345342
Genre : Social Science
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Traces the path of human evolution from the simplest forms, through the development of primates, to the rise of modern humankind and highlights such topics as dating methods, fossil discoveries, and primitive toolmaking.
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Author : Martin Rowson
ISBN : 9780224084413
Genre : Graphic novels
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The award-winning cartoonist tells the story of Earth from the Big Bang, the death of the dinosaurs, the invention of the wheel, the Trojan War, Nazism, 9/11 and beyond, to the End of the World, in sixty-seven splendidly satirical images, all with only a one-word caption.
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World History

Author : Jackson J. Spielvogel
ISBN : 0538423293
Genre : History
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Category: History

The Human Odyssey

Author : Xavier Rizos
ISBN : 0980831504
Genre : History, Ancient
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Human odyssey is a ready-made teaching guide to the Overviews in the Australian Curriculum (History) at Years 7-10. This blackline master book gives teachers detailed background on the world from early humans to the present day and offers step-by-step instructions on teaching the Overviews.
Category: History, Ancient

Fuck The Human Odyssey

Author : Martin Rowson
ISBN : 1409058395
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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Award-winning cartoonist Martin Rowson tells the story of Earth, from the Big Bang, the emergence of life, the death of the dinosaurs, the dawn of civilization, the invention of the wheel, the Trojan War, the Crucifixion, the Fall of Rome, the Black Death, the Reformation, the Industrial Revolution, World War One, Nazism, consumerism, the Cold War, 9/11 and beyond to the End of the World, in sixty-seven beautiful, savage, splendidly satirical images, all with only one word in the speech bubbles.
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