The Great American Novel

Author : Philip Roth
ISBN : 9781446401040
Genre : Fiction
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The Ruppert Mundys, once the greatest baseball team in America, are now in a terminal decline, their line-up filled with a disreputable assortment of old men, drunks and even amputees. Around them baseball itself seems to be collapsing, brought down by a bizarre mixture of criminality, stupidity, and The Great Communist Conspiracy, aimed at the very heart of the American way of life. In this hilarious and wonderfully eccentric novel Philip Roth turns his attention to one of the most beloved of all American rituals: baseball. Players, tycoons and the paying public are all targets as Roth satirises the dense tapestry of myths and legends that have grown up around The Great American Pastime.
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In Search Of The Great American Opera

Author : Frédéric Döhl
ISBN : 9783830981244
Genre : Music
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Die 'große amerikanische Oper' war und ist Gegenstand diverser Diskurse analog zur Diskussion um 'The Great American Novel'. Die Verlockung, den 'großen amerikanischen Roman' aufzuspüren, der gleichsam das Wesen seines Herkunftslandes zum Ausdruck bringe, scheint derart mächtig, dass bis heute mit Werken von Herman Melville bis Philip Roth stets neue Kandidaten angeführt werden. Bereits 1925 übertrug Benjamin Morris Steigman das Konzept auf die Musik und nannte Werke wie Horatio Parkers Mona (1912) oder Reginald de Kovens Rip van Winkle (1919) erste Versuche, eine 'Great American Opera' zu kreieren. Der vorliegende Band folgt in zwölf Fallstudien dieser Idee einer 'großen amerikanischen Oper' von der Zeit des Ersten Weltkriegs bis heute, beleuchtet ihre Ideologeme, ihre produktiven Potenziale und die Vielfalt ihrer Erscheinungsformen vom Musiktheater des Broadway bis in die Avantgarde.
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The Dream Of The Great American Novel

Author : Lawrence Buell
ISBN : 9780674726321
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The first book in many years to take in the full sweep of national fiction, The Dream of the Great American Novel explains why this supposedly antiquated idea continues to thrive. It shows that four G.A.N. "scripts" are keys to the dynamics of American literature and identity--and to the myth of a nation perpetually under construction.
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Author : Bob Batchelor
ISBN : 9780810891968
Genre : Literary Criticism
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One of the bestselling novels of all time, The Great Gatsby is also considered one of the most significant achievements in twentieth-century fiction. In Gatsby: The Cultural History of the Great American Novel, Bob Batchelor explores the birth, life, and enduring influence of The Great Gatsby
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The Great American Novel

Author : Eliot Stafford
ISBN : 0595334466
Genre : Fiction
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Hickston used to be just another sleepy village in the heart of the Great American Plains. That was before dozens of miraculous images of Jesus Christ were discovered in the most unlikely of places a young teen's soiled maxi pads. Now a throng of revival-seeking zealots has overrun the town, seeking to apotheosize Miriam Baxter, the reluctant prophetess whose unwilling vagina brought forth the phenomenal feminine napkins of God. Unfortunately for poor Miriam, the only woman who may be able to restore order to the universe is a sexually repressed neurotic who worships a cosmic, apocalyptic gopher named Tsemsar. In Eliot Stafford's new book, readers are invited to take an irreverent look at the confusing world of radical American Christianity through the eyes of eccentric heroine Martha James-a thirty-something millionaire with high anxiety and an unhealthy fixation on Muppets. Her quixotic adventures, as chronicled by retired OBGYN/amateur psychiatrist/fledgling novelist Daniel Morrison, will surely entertain, enlighten, inspire, and/or offend and enrage. Audacious and absurd; hilarious, yet heart-warming; inspiring, but mostly idiotic-The Great American Novel is a must read for all believers, wishers, and fairy-tale readers and people who think that certain Christians should be studied in a lab.
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The Great American Novel Megapack

Author : Stephen Vincent
ISBN : 9781479420025
Genre : Fiction
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As America's economic and cultural influence grew in the 20th Century, the history of the literary arts in Europe cast a long shadow onto this burgeoning nation. And thus, the myth of the Great American Novel was born of a loaded question—would the United States ever produce a work to rival the accepted great works of Western Culture? Many tried. And, in the trying, many looked to model themselves after already extant writers and works which had gained positive notice (as standing on the shoulders of giants has always been one accepted route to success and acceptance). So herein this Megapack, Wildside press offers for you four also-rans of the early to mid 20th Century, four widely varied attempts to grab at that brass ring called The Great American Novel. YOUNG PEOPLE'S PRIDE, by Stephen Vincent Benet THE FUTURE MISTER DOLAN, by Charles Gorham PAPPY AND THE PROMISED LAND, by Jack Gotshall NIGHT OF FIRE AND SNOW, by Alfred Coppel If you enjoy this ebook, don't forget to search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press Megapack" to see more of the 280+ volumes in this series, covering adventure, historical fiction, mysteries, westerns, ghost stories, science fiction -- and much, much more!
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The Great American Novel

Author : Porkchop Pan
ISBN : 9780595490028
Genre : Fiction
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This is the story of one man's journey through a land he could never understand, and the people he met there. Sometimes the only thing that makes sense, is that nothing makes sense at all.
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