The Global Cold War

Author : Odd Arne Westad
ISBN : 9781139643825
Genre : History
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The Cold War shaped the world we live in today - its politics, economics, and military affairs. This book shows how the globalization of the Cold War during the last century created the foundations for most of the key conflicts we see today, including the War on Terror. It focuses on how the Third World policies of the two twentieth-century superpowers - the United States and the Soviet Union - gave rise to resentments and resistance that in the end helped topple one superpower and still seriously challenge the other. Ranging from China to Indonesia, Iran, Ethiopia, Angola, Cuba, and Nicaragua, it provides a truly global perspective on the Cold War. And by exploring both the development of interventionist ideologies and the revolutionary movements that confronted interventions, the book links the past with the present in ways that no other major work on the Cold War era has succeeded in doing.
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The Global Cold War

Author : Patrick Glenn
ISBN : 9781351353137
Genre : History
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For those who lived through the Cold War period, and for many of the historians who study it, it seemed self-evident that the critical incidents that determined its course took place in the northern hemisphere, specifically in the face-off between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in Europe. In this view, the Berlin Wall mattered more than the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and the Soviet intervention in Hungary was vastly more significant than Soviet intervention in Korea. It was only the fine balance of power in the northern theatre that redirected the attentions of the USA and the USSR elsewhere, and resulted in outbreaks of proxy warfare elsewhere in the globe - in Korea, in Vietnam and in Africa. Odd Arne Westad's triumph is to look at the history of these times through the other end of the telescope – to reconceptualize the Cold War as something that fundamentally happened in the Third World, not the First. The thesis he presents in The Global Cold War is highly creative. It upends much conventional wisdom and points out that the determining factor in the struggle was not geopolitics, but ideology – an ideology, moreover, that was heavily flavoured by elements of colonialist thinking that ought to have been alien to the mindsets of two avowedly anti-colonial superpowers. Westad's work is a fine example of the creative thinking skill of coming up with new connections and fresh solutions; it also never shies away from generating new hypotheses or redefining issues in order to see them in new ways.
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Berlin 1961

Author : Frederick Kempe
ISBN : 9783641068950
Genre : History
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Das Jahr, in dem die Mauer gebaut wurde 1961, der Höhepunkt der sogenannten Berlin-Krise, die Welt befindet sich am Rande eines Atomkriegs. Frederick Kempe erzählt auf der Basis neu zugänglicher Dokumente die atemberaubende Geschichte dieses Jahres, in dem Berlin der »gefährlichste Ort der Welt« war, wie Chruschtschow meinte. Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen der treibenden Mächte, eine faszinierende Darstellung der wichtigsten Protagonisten jener Zeit. Im Juni 1961 erneuerte der sowjetische Regierungschef Nikita Chruschtschow sein Berlin-Ultimatum und forderte unter anderem den Abzug der westalliierten Truppen aus der Stadt. Die USA unter ihrem Präsidenten Kennedy hielten diesen Forderungen eigene Bedingungen entgegen. Mit Walter Ulbricht auf der einen und Konrad Adenauer auf der anderen Seite standen sich auch die deutschen Staatschefs feindselig gegenüber und trugen zur Verschärfung der politischen Lage bei. In den folgenden Wochen und Monaten spitzte sich die Situation extrem zu, die Massenflucht aus der DDR nahm immer dramatischere Ausmaße an. Am 13. August schließlich wurde die Mauer durch Berlin gebaut, Ende Oktober richteten sowjetische und amerikanische Soldaten am Checkpoint Charlie ihre Panzer aufeinander. In diesem Moment war Berlin zur weltpolitischen Arena geworden, aus dem Kalten Krieg drohte ein heißer zu werden.
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2006 2007

Author :
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Die seit 1971 wieder erscheinende, interdisziplinäre, internationale Rezensionsbibliographie IBR ist eine einmalige Informationsquelle. Die Datenbank weist über 1,1 Millionen vornehmlich die Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften berücksichtigende Buchrezensionen in 6.000 vorwiegend europäischen wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften nach. 60.000 Eintragungen kommen jedes Jahr hinzu, bieten dem Benutzer Daten zum rezensierten Werk und zur Rezension.
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Decolonization And The Cold War

Author : Leslie James
ISBN : 9781472571212
Genre : History
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The Cold War and decolonization transformed the twentieth century world. This volume brings together an international line-up of experts to explore how these transformations took place and expand on some of the latest threads of analysis to help inform our understanding of the links between the two phenomena. The book begins by exploring ideas of modernity, development, and economics as Cold War and postcolonial projects and goes on to look at the era's intellectual history and investigate how emerging forms of identity fought for supremacy. Finally, the contributors question ideas of sovereignty and state control that move beyond traditional Cold War narratives. Decolonization and the Cold War emphasizes new approaches by drawing on various methodologies, regions, themes, and interdisciplinary work, to shed new light on two topics that are increasingly important to historians of the twentieth century.
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Neutrality And Neutralism In The Global Cold War

Author : Sandra Bott
ISBN : 9781317502692
Genre : History
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This book sheds new light on the foreign policies, roles, and positions of neutral states and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in the global Cold War. The volume places the neutral states and the NAM in the context of the Cold War and demonstrates the links between the East, the West, and the so-called Third World. In doing so, this collection provides readers an alternative way of exploring the evolution and impact of the Cold War on North-South connections that challenges traditional notions of the post-1945 history of international relations. The various contributions are framed against the backdrop of the evolution of the Cold War international system and the decolonization process in the Southern hemisphere. By juxtaposing the policies of European neutrals and countries of the NAM, this book offers new perspectives on the evolution of the Cold War. With the links between these two groups of countries receiving very little attention in Cold War scholarship, the volume thus offers a window into a hitherto neglected perspective on the Cold War. Via a series of case studies, the chapters here present new viewpoints on the evolution of the global Cold War through the exploration of the ensuing internal and (mainly) external policy choices of these nations. This book will be of much interest to students of Cold War Studies, international history, foreign policy, security studies and IR in general.
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Science And Technology In The Global Cold War

Author : Naomi Oreskes
ISBN : 9780262526531
Genre : Science
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The Cold War period saw a dramatic expansion of state-funded science and technology research. Government and military patronage shaped Cold War technoscientific practices, imposing methods that were project oriented, team based, and subject to national-security restrictions. These changes affected not just the arms race and the space race but also research in agriculture, biomedicine, computer science, ecology, meteorology, and other fields. This volume examines science and technology in the context of the Cold War, considering whether the new institutions and institutional arrangements that emerged globally constrained technoscientific inquiry or offered greater opportunities for it. The contributors find that whatever the particular science, and whatever the political system in which that science was operating, the knowledge that was produced bore some relation to the goals of the nation-state. These goals varied from nation to nation; weapons research was emphasized in the United States and the Soviet Union, for example, but in France and China scientific independence and self-reliance dominated. The contributors also consider to what extent the changes to science and technology practices in this era were produced by the specific politics, anxieties, and aspirations of the Cold War.ContributorsElena Aronova, Erik M. Conway, Angela N. H. Creager, David Kaiser, John Krige, Naomi Oreskes, George Reisch, Sigrid Schmalzer, Sonja D. Schmid, Matthew Shindell, Asif A. Siddiqi, Zuoyue Wang, Benjamin Wilson
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West Germany The Global South And The Cold War

Author : Agnes Bresselau von Bressensdorf
ISBN : 9783110522990
Genre : History
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With its accession to membership of the United Nations in the early 1970s, the Federal Republic of Germany found new scope for its foreign policy, and it was at a time when the global North-South divide became a focus point of international politics. This is the background to the articles in the second volume of the German Yearbook of Contemporary History, edited by two historians from the Institut fur Zeitgeschichte (Institute for Contemporary History Munich - Berlin) - Agnes Bresselau von Bressensdorf and Elke Seefried - together with Christian Ostermann from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington. The current yearbook deals with West Germany during a time of Cold War confrontation, issues of human rights and threat from radical Islam. Selected contributions from the quarterly Vierteljahrshefte fur Zeitgeschichte offer detailed analyses of West German policies toward Cambodia, Chile, Iran and Afghanistan, and international experts provide a vivid commentary. The German Yearbook of Contemporary History is published by the Institute for Contemporary History Munich - Berlin.
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The Cambridge History Of The Cold War Volume 1 Origins

Author : Melvyn P. Leffler
ISBN : 9781316025611
Genre : History
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This volume examines the origins and early years of the Cold War. In the first comprehensive reexamination of the period, a team of leading scholars shows how the conflict evolved from the geopolitical, ideological, economic and sociopolitical environments of the two world wars and interwar period, and discusses how markets, ideas and cultural interactions affected political discourse, diplomacy and strategy after World War II. The chapters focus not only on the United States and the Soviet Union, but also on critical regions such as Europe, the Balkans and East Asia. The authors consider the most influential statesmen of the era and address issues that mattered to people around the globe: food, nutrition and resource allocation; ethnicity, race and religion; science and technology; national autonomy, self-determination and sovereignty. In so doing, they illuminate how people worldwide shaped the evolution of the increasingly bipolar conflict and, in turn, were ensnared by it.
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Fr Hst Ck Mit K Ngurus

Author : Bill Bryson
ISBN : 9783641090562
Genre : Fiction
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Was ist das für ein Land, in dem sich fliegende Füchse tummeln und Schweinefußnasenbeutler einst ihr Unwesen trieben? In seinem ebenso amüsanten wie informativen Streifzug durch ein unbekanntes Australien erzählt Bill Bryson von den historischen Hintergründen der Entdeckung dieses faszinierenden Kontinents - und hält den Leser mit seinem scharfen Blick für alles Skurrile und Ungewöhnliche in Atem.
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