The Geography Of Thought

Author : Richard Nisbett
ISBN : 9781857884197
Genre : Psychology
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When Richard Nisbett showed an animated underwater scene to his American students, they zeroed in on a big fish swimming among smaller fish. Japanese subjects, on the other hand, made observations about the background environment...and the different "seeings" are a clue to profound underlying cognitive differences between Westerners and East Asians. As Professor Nisbett shows in The Geography of Thought people actually think - and even see - the world differently, because of differing ecologies, social structures, philosophies, and educational systems that date back to ancient Greece and China, and that have survived into the modern world. As a result, East Asian thought is "holistic" - drawn to the perceptual field as a whole, and to relations among objects and events within that field. By comparison to Western modes of reasoning, East Asian thought relies far less on categories, or on formal logic; it is fundamentally dialectic, seeking a "middle way" between opposing thoughts. By contrast, Westerners focus on salient objects or people, use attributes to assign them to categories, and apply rules of formal logic to understand their behaviour.
Category: Psychology

Die Kunst Des Klaren Denkens

Author : Rolf Dobelli
ISBN : 9783446430402
Genre : Political Science
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Unser Gehirn ist für ein Leben als Jäger und Sammler optimiert. Heute leben wir in einer radikal anderen Welt. Das führt zu systematischen Denkfehlern - die verheerend sein können für Ihr Geld, Ihre Karriere, Ihr Glück. Wer weiß, wie leicht man sich irren kann, ist besser gewappnet: Rolf Dobelli nimmt die tückischsten "Denkfallen" unter die Lupe, in die wir immer wieder tappen. Und so erfahren wir, - warum wir unser eigenes Wissen systematisch überschätzen (und andere für dümmer halten, als sie sind), - warum etwas nicht deshalb richtiger wird, weil Millionen von Menschen es für richtig halten, - warum wir Theorien nachhängen, selbst wenn sie nachweislich falsch sind. Rolf Dobellis Texte sind nicht nur inhaltlich ausgesprochen bereichernd, sie sind ein echtes Lesevergnügen.
Category: Political Science

An Asian Perspective On Mediation

Author : Joel Lee
ISBN : 9789810829971
Genre : Dispute resolution (Law)
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The prevailing mediation model and process is drawn primarily from the West. For a long time, there has been a call for conflict management approaches that are more appropriate for the Asian context. ... This book answers the call by identifying cultural values and norms that affect how conflicts may be perceived through Asian lenses, and how conflict management processes and practices should be structured...
Category: Dispute resolution (Law)

International Management Strategy And Culture In The Emerging World

Author : David Ahlstrom
ISBN : 9780324406313
Genre : Business & Economics
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Unlike other international management texts that tend to be U.S.-centric, Ahlstrom and Bruton’s INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT presents core theories and models from a global perspective. Students are presented with the fundamental theories of international management so they will be prepared to make decisions in any business situation. These theoretical issues are supplemented and reinforced with an array of real-world, concrete models of the many educational, sociological, legal-political, and cultural constraints they will undoubtedly face during a career in international business. Because of its global nature, INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT is a good choice for business students around the world. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Category: Business & Economics

Design Education For Fostering Creativity And Innovation In China

Author : Siu, Kin Wai Michael
ISBN : 9781522509127
Genre : Education
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To maintain their status in the global marketplace, it is imperative for emerging economies to focus on the creation of high quality products in order to compete with organizations worldwide. To increase their economic momentum, it is necessary to utilize innovative and creative strategies to discovery and produce desirable goods. Design Education for Fostering Creativity and Innovation in China discusses the issues surrounding Chinese policy by analyzing the role design education plays in fostering an innovation-based economy. This compendium of contemporary research explores the challenges and opportunities presented by design education, and strategies to foster creativity to sustain China’s economic progress. This book is ideal for educators, administrators, students of education, and policy makers in China and abroad.
Category: Education

Einfach Denken

Author : Richard E. Nisbett
ISBN : 9783104037295
Genre : Self-Help
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Der renommierte amerikanische Psychologe Richard E. Nisbett hat in seinem Sachbuch ›Einfach Denken‹ einen Werkzeugkasten für optimales Schlussfolgern im Alltag entworfen. Wir treffen jeden Tag Entscheidungen, fällen Urteile. Oft sind uns die Mechanismen, die dahinter stehen, nicht bewusst – und das ist schlecht für die Entscheidungen, schlecht für die Urteile. Doch es gibt Abhilfe. Nisbett, den Malcolm Gladwell als den »einflussreichsten Denker« seines Lebens bezeichnet und dem Rolf Dobelli attestiert »die Kunst des klaren Denkens zu beherrschen«, erklärt gut verständlich, wie wir angemessener über die Welt und uns denken, klügere Entscheidungen treffen, genauer kategorisieren und Beziehungen erkennen, wie wir echte Kausalzusammenhänge von falschen unterscheiden und besser logisch und dialektisch schlussfolgern. Unterhaltsam und mit zahlreichen Beispielen aus dem Alltag versehen, macht dieses Buch uns schlauer – und damit glücklicher. Ein im wahren Wortsinn bewusstseinserweiterndes Buch – für die Leser von Rolf Dobelli und Daniel Kahnemann.
Category: Self-Help

A History Of The Universe

Author : Henry Kong
ISBN : 9780595428892
Genre : History
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Book two of A History of the Universe starts where the first volume left off: the arid and treacherous brush of North-East Africa. It was there that a tiny tribe of nomadic primates set out on an unlikely journey of world conquest. Dr. Kong traces the steps of these intrepid early modern humans from the cradles of civilization to the great empires of antiquity: Greece, Rome, Persia, and Byzantium. Meet the masters of bygone times from Alexander to Zoroaster. Relive the great discoveries of Archimedes, the sermons of Saint Paul, the philosophy of Shankara, and the poetry of Lao Tzu. From the caveman to the Crusades, it's all here, complete with counterfactual arguments. 'Humanity' is an intellectual feast for the senses.
Category: History

Geographical Thoughts In India

Author : Rana Singh
ISBN : 9781443812214
Genre : History
File Size : 70.6 MB
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This book deals with roots of Indian geographical thoughts with reference to its historical base, cultural context and visionary message. As a consequence of long cultural history the resultant lifeworld in India converges like a drama and dance of space-time function with transference and transformation. In the passage of time emerged a metaphysical frame of thought, the varieties of heritagescapes, and simultaneously grown the senses to heritage ecology. Of course, attempts have been scanty but the richness always portrayed in literature and literary geography. Historical and cultural geographies in India have not caught that much attention in the academia; however on micro-level distinct attributes are interpreted in the recent literature. Going back to the ancient notions of nature theology, religioscapes and rituals have developed a complex network of belief systems in the Hindu traditions. In these traditions the motherly river Ganga serves as symbol, system and metaphor in the Indian culture. Continuity of cultural manifestations is actively maintained and continued in the Indian villages, where lives three-fourths of India’s population, and serve like a ‘place ballet’. India’s catastrophic march on the road of development and technology is entangled with obstacles and socio-spatial gaps that need to be re-considered in the light of cultural background and historical legacy. All these issues are examined, emphasising dualistic and complimentary perspectives in the West and the East. Contents: Viewpoints on the book: v-viii; List of Tables, List of Figures: xi-xvi; Foreword: Prof. Martin J. Haigh (Oxford Brooke University, UK): 1-8; Preface, Acknowledgements: 9-21, 1. Metaphysics and Sacred Ecology: Cosmos, Theos, Anthropos: 23-57, 2. Lifeworld, Lifecycle and Home: 58-97, 3. Landscape as Text: Literary Geography and Indian Context: 98-128, 4. Historical Geography of India: Trends in the 21st century: 129-162, 5. Cultural Geography of India: Trends in the 21st century: 163-195, 6. Geographic Milieu and Belief Systems: An Appraisal: 196-226, 7. Sacred space and Faithscape: 227-266, 8. The Ganga River: Images and Symbol of India: 267-302, 9. Indian Village: A Phenomenological Understanding: 303-350, 10. Heritagescapes of India: Appraising Heritage ecology: 351-393, and 11. Development in India: Appraising Self Retrospection: 394-422; index: 423-430; author 431.
Category: History

Zen Skin Zen Marrow

Author : Steven Heine
ISBN : 0198043791
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 68.54 MB
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Since Zen Buddhism first captivated the attention of Western seekers the dominant discourse about this sect has been romantic, idealistic, and utopian. The essence of Zen has been described as ineffable, holistic, and promoting social harmony. In recent years, however, some scholars have begun to examine Zen through the lenses of historical and cultural criticism, producing a sharp challenge to the traditional view. These clashing viewpoints are now entrenched in two warring camps, and their exponents talk past each other with virtually no constructive interaction. In this book, Steven Heine argues that a constructive compromise is possible. He focuses on three principal areas of disagreement: (1) the role of language and discourse in a tradition that claims to be 'outside words and letters,' yet has produced a voluminous body of texts, (2) the function of rituals and objects of worship to gain world benefit in a tradition supposedly founded on unmediated experience attained in an iconoclastic and ascetic environment, (3) the impact of a tradition that espouses peace and harmony on social issues such as class and gender discrimination and on nationalism and imperialism in Japan. Avoiding the stagnant polarization that characterizes most encounters between Zen traditionalists and their critics, he suggests ways in which these two perspectives can complement each other in a more balanced and nuanced alternative position.
Category: Philosophy