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The Fourth Political Theory

Author : Alexander Dugin
ISBN : 9781907166563
Genre : Political Science
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All the political systems of the modern age have been the products of three distinct ideologies: the first, and oldest, is liberal democracy; the second is Marxism; and the third is fascism. The latter two have long since failed and passed out of the pages of history, and the first no longer operates as an ideology, but rather as something taken for granted. The world today finds itself on the brink of a post-political reality - one in which the values of liberalism are so deeply embedded that the average person is not aware that there is an ideology at work around him. As a result, liberalism is threatening to monopolise political discourse and drown the world in a universal sameness, destroying everything that makes the various cultures and peoples unique. According to Alexander Dugin, what is needed to break through this morass is a fourth ideology - one that will sift through the debris of the first three to look for elements that might be useful, but that remains innovative and unique in itself. Dugin does not offer a point-by-point program for this new theory, but rather outlines the parameters within which it might develop and the issues which it must address. Dugin foresees that the Fourth Political Theory will use the tools and concepts of modernity against itself, to bring about a return of cultural diversity against commercialisation, as well as the traditional worldview of all the peoples of the world - albeit within an entirely new context. Written by a scholar who is actively influencing the direction of Russian geopolitical strategy today, The Fourth Political Theory is an introduction to an idea that may well shape the course of the world's political future. Alexander Dugin (b. 1962) is one of the best-known writers and political commentators in post-Soviet Russia. In addition to the many books he has authored on political, philosophical and spiritual topics, he currently serves on the staff of Moscow State University, and is the intellectual leader of the Eurasia Movement. For more than a decade, he has also been an advisor to Vladimir Putin and others in the Kremlin on geopolitical matters, being a vocal advocate of a return of Russian power to the global stage, to act as a counterweight to American domination.
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The Fourth Political Theory

Author : Alexander Dugin
ISBN : 9781907166655
Genre : Political Science
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Modern political systems have been the products of liberal democracy, Marxism, or fascism. Dugin asserts a fourth ideology is needed to sift through the debris of the first three to look for elements that might be useful, but that remains innovative and unique in itself.
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Eurasian Mission

Author : Alexander Dugin
ISBN : 9781910524244
Genre : Political Science
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According to Alexander Dugin, the twenty-first century will be defined by the conflict between Eurasianists and Atlanticists. The Eurasianists defend the need for every people and culture on Earth to be allowed to develop in its own way, free of interference, and in accordance with their own particular values. Eurasianists thus stand for tradition and for the blossoming variety of cultures, and a world in which no single power holds sway over all the others. Opposing them are the Atlanticists. They stand for ultra-liberalism in both economics and values, stopping at nothing to expand their influence to every corner of the globe, unleashing war, terror, and injustice on all who oppose them, both at home and abroad. This camp is represented by the United States and its allies around the world, who seek to maintain America’s unipolar hegemony over the Earth. The Eurasianists believe that only a strong Russia, working together with all those who oppose Atlanticism worldwide, can stop them and bring about the multipolar world they desire. This book introduces their basic ideas. Eurasianism is on the rise in Russia today, and the Kremlin’s geopolitical policies are largely based on its tenets, as has been acknowledged by Vladimir Putin himself. It is reshaping Russia’s geopolitics, and its influence is already changing the course of world history. “Essentially, the unipolar world is simply a means of justifying dictatorship over people and countries. […] I think that we need a new version of interdependence. […] This is particularly relevant given the strengthening and growth of certain regions on the planet, which process objectively requires institutionalization of such new poles, creating powerful regional organizations and developing rules for their interaction. Cooperation between these centers would seriously add to the stability of global security, policy and economy.” — Vladimir Putin, Valdai Club, October 24, 2014
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The Fourth Turning

Author : William Strauss
ISBN : 0307485056
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 71.75 MB
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This astonishing book will change the way you see the world -- and your place in it. With startling originality, The Fourth Turning illuminates the past, explains the present, and reimagines the future. Most remarkably, it offers an utterly persuasive prophecy about a new American era that will begin just after the millennium. William Strauss and Neil Howe base this vision on a provocative new theory of American history. The authors look back five hundred years and uncover a distinct pattern: Modern history moves in cycles, each one lasting about the length of a long human life, each composed of four eras--or "turnings"--that last about twenty years and that always arrive in the same order. First comes a High, a period of confident expansion as a new order takes root after the old has been swept away. Next comes an Awakening, a time of spiritual exploration and rebellion against the now-established order. Then comes an Unraveling, an increasingly troubled era in which individualism triumphs over crumbling institutions. Last comes a Crisis--the Fourth Turning--when society passes through a great and perilous gate in history. Together, the four turnings comprise history's seasonal rhythm of growth, maturation, entropy, and rebirth. Strauss and Howe locate today's America as midway through an Unraveling, roughly a decade away from the next era of Crisis. In a brilliant analysis of the post-World War II period, they show how generational dynamics are the key to understanding the cycles of American history. They draw vivid portraits of all the modern generations: the can-do G.I.s, the mediating Silent, the values-absorbed Boomers, the pragmatic 13ers, and the child Millennials. Placed in the context of history's long rhythms, the persona and role of each generation become clear--as does the inevitability of the coming Crisis. Whatever your stage of life, The Fourth Turning offers bold predictions about how all of us can prepare, individually and collectively, for America's next rendezvous with destiny.
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Unified Separatism

Author : George Pierce
ISBN : 9781483554952
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33.16 MB
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Unified separatism is not at all a normal book. This book uses stories, metaphor, humor, anecdotes, and a little dystopian fiction to guide the reader into a new and constructive way of thinking about our political classifications, purposes, histories, visions and paradigms. It is a rough outline of a very large body of political ideas, both original and familiar. It describes a vision, and a possible architecture for implementing and supporting it. It is written in part, as an answer to Alexander Dugin’s challenge to come up with a fourth political theory. The perspective is unique, as the author is not an academic political theorist, but an industrial mechanic, as well as a designer and builder of elegant machines. He is an adroit and knowledgeable writer, and you will find many memorable quips. Mr. Pierce outlines a consolidated modular system of locally controlled government organs that could be described as an entirely new form of federalism. Because of its unique mechanisms, this new political architecture is immune to undue influence of either big capital or big state. This system is designed to disenfranchise plutocratic and totalitarian oligarchy; and empower only those who will operate transparently, honorably and fairly. This is basically intrinsic multipolarism on steroids, supporting a vison of respect and mutual cooperation for all people in all cultures through locally controlled modules that make the local communities strong and self-sufficient. These modules are externally standard. They fit together in a sort of network to form a national government that can protect the diverse communities contained in them better than the present convoluted international “security” system from the West, which plays them against each other. This book is an introduction. The author is working on several more volumes that will each precisely detail the tools, networks and mechanisms for a particular area where real political and financial power intersects with the citizen. (For example, police, media, education, banking, regulation, elections, and infrastructure management.) These future books are outlined near the end of this one. This is a book of ideas.
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Classics Of Moral And Political Theory Fifth Edition

Author : Michael L. Morgan
ISBN : 9781603847254
Genre :
File Size : 45.49 MB
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The fifth edition of Michael L Morgan's Classics of Moral & Political Theory broadens the scope and increases the versatility of this landmark anthology by offering new selections from Aristotle's Politics, Aquinas' Disputed Questions on Virtue & Treatise on Law, as well as the entirety of Locke's Letter Concerning Toleration, Kant's to Perpetual Peace, and Nietzsche's On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life.

The Fourth Revolution

Author : John Micklethwait
ISBN : 9780143127604
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 21.10 MB
Format : PDF
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Presents the argument that our current crisis in government is nothing less than the fourth radical transition in the history of the nation-state. The race to get government right is not just a race of efficiency. It is a race to see which political values will triumph in the twenty-first century--the liberal values of democracy and liberty or the authoritarian values of command and control.
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The Fourth International Theory

Author : Dion Gibbs
ISBN : 9781546287971
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Fourth International theory is a book that attempts to put into place a framework of how to implement Direct Democracy as envisioned by the Ancient Greeks and many other political theorists and thinkers. This is an attempt to find a British way of implementing the will of the people more effectively. For too long politics has been top down from Tyranny to Dictatorship ti Authoritarian rule to Liberal Democracies, Autocracies and Monarchies and so on and so forth... This is an attempt to bring the World a bottom up form of politics and political theory. We do not pretend that this is a perfect system it is far from it, however, it is an improvement on our current system of top down Authoritarian Dictatorship, some might argue is an actual Dictatorship and fairly so. This book could not have been compiled without the suffrage of many millions of people Worldwide and without the tried and tested methods of other ways of politics, namely the first three ways of politics. It could also, of not been possible without the works of Hugo Chavez Frias, the Jamahriyia and Green Book of Muammer al Gaddafi and Gamal Abdel Nasser Egyptian President from 1953-1970. Although this does not mean that we endorse all that these men may or may not have been aledgly involved with or not. I hope that this is the guide for the Revolution that ends all Revolutions.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Environmental Political Theory

Author : Teena Gabrielson
ISBN : 9780199685271
Genre : Environmentalism
File Size : 59.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This Handbook defines, illustrates, and challenges the field of environmental political theory (EPT). Through a broad range of approaches, it shows how scholars have used concepts, methods, and arguments from political theory and closely related disciplines to address contemporary environmental problems. Topics include the relationship of EPT to traditions of political thought; EPT conceptualizations of nature, the environment, community, justice, responsibility,rights, and flourishing; explorations of the structures that constrain or enable the achievement of environmental ends; and analyses of methods for fostering environmental change.
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Reviving The Fourth Estate

Author : Julianne Schultz
ISBN : 0521629705
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 47.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The news media is traditionally the watchdog of democracy. Today, it is also one of the most pervasive global industries. In this lively and accessible book, Schultz systematically analyses the role of journalism in Australia and the scope of its democratic purpose. She examines key news stories, and looks at the attitudes of Australian journalists themselves. The fourth estate remains the ideal of most journalists, but the reality has been impaired by the increasing concentration of media ownership and by political, ethical and occupational interests. While Australian journalism has become bolder and more investigative, increasing commercialism and decreasing ethical standards have left the public sceptical. Schultz argues for a revival of the fourth estate based on journalistic independence and poltical autonomy, together with increased accountability and responsiveness.
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