The First Fossil Hunters

Author : Adrienne Mayor
ISBN : 9781400838448
Genre : History
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Griffins, Cyclopes, Monsters, and Giants--these fabulous creatures of classical mythology continue to live in the modern imagination through the vivid accounts that have come down to us from the ancient Greeks and Romans. But what if these beings were more than merely fictions? What if monstrous creatures once roamed the earth in the very places where their legends first arose? This is the arresting and original thesis that Adrienne Mayor explores in The First Fossil Hunters. Through careful research and meticulous documentation, she convincingly shows that many of the giants and monsters of myth did have a basis in fact--in the enormous bones of long-extinct species that were once abundant in the lands of the Greeks and Romans. As Mayor shows, the Greeks and Romans were well aware that a different breed of creatures once inhabited their lands. They frequently encountered the fossilized bones of these primeval beings, and they developed sophisticated concepts to explain the fossil evidence, concepts that were expressed in mythological stories. The legend of the gold-guarding griffin, for example, sprang from tales first told by Scythian gold-miners, who, passing through the Gobi Desert at the foot of the Altai Mountains, encountered the skeletons of Protoceratops and other dinosaurs that littered the ground. Like their modern counterparts, the ancient fossil hunters collected and measured impressive petrified remains and displayed them in temples and museums; they attempted to reconstruct the appearance of these prehistoric creatures and to explain their extinction. Long thought to be fantasy, the remarkably detailed and perceptive Greek and Roman accounts of giant bone finds were actually based on solid paleontological facts. By reading these neglected narratives for the first time in the light of modern scientific discoveries, Adrienne Mayor illuminates a lost world of ancient paleontology.
Category: History

Fossil Legends Of The First Americans

Author : Adrienne Mayor
ISBN : 9781400849314
Genre : Social Science
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The burnt-red badlands of Montana's Hell Creek are a vast graveyard of the Cretaceous dinosaurs that lived 68 million years ago. Those hills were, much later, also home to the Sioux, the Crows, and the Blackfeet, the first people to encounter the dinosaur fossils exposed by the elements. What did Native Americans make of these stone skeletons, and how did they explain the teeth and claws of gargantuan animals no one had seen alive? Did they speculate about their deaths? Did they collect fossils? Beginning in the East, with its Ice Age monsters, and ending in the West, where dinosaurs lived and died, this richly illustrated and elegantly written book examines the discoveries of enormous bones and uses of fossils for medicine, hunting magic, and spells. Well before Columbus, Native Americans observed the mysterious petrified remains of extinct creatures and sought to understand their transformation to stone. In perceptive creation stories, they visualized the remains of extinct mammoths, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and marine creatures as Monster Bears, Giant Lizards, Thunder Birds, and Water Monsters. Their insights, some so sophisticated that they anticipate modern scientific theories, were passed down in oral histories over many centuries. Drawing on historical sources, archaeology, traditional accounts, and extensive personal interviews, Adrienne Mayor takes us from Aztec and Inca fossil tales to the traditions of the Iroquois, Navajos, Apaches, Cheyennes, and Pawnees. Fossil Legends of the First Americans represents a major step forward in our understanding of how humans made sense of fossils before evolutionary theory developed.
Category: Social Science

Pontisches Gift

Author : Adrienne Mayor
ISBN : 3806224285
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Das Dampfhaus

Author : Jules Verne
ISBN : 9789925039579
Genre : Fiction
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Die Altert Mer Von Benin

Author : Felix von Luschan
ISBN : NWU:35556011890589
Genre : Africa, West
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Lernen Von Las Vegas

Author : Robert Venturi
ISBN : 3764363622
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Ausgangspunkt fur diese Veroffentlichung, die sich schon lange zu einem Klassiker der Architekturtheorie entwickelt hat, war ein Seminar mit dem Titel -Learning from Las Vegas, or Form Analysis as Design Research- an der Fakultat fur Kunst und Architektur der Yale University 1968."

Im Land Der Leeren H User

Author : P. D. James
ISBN : 9783426404737
Genre : Fiction
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Ein Polit-Thriller, der im England des Jahres 2021 spielt. Große Teile der Insel sind von Wald bedeckt, viele Straßen von Gras überwuchert. Wie überall auf der Welt haben die Menschen ihre Fortpflanzungsfähigkeit verloren. Unter der Regierungsherrschaft eines Despoten scheint Ordnung zu herrschen, aufrechterhalten allerdings durch eine allgegenwärtige Geheimpolizei. Bespitzelungen und Einweisungen in Straflager gehören zum Alltag. Aber es existiert eine kleine Dissidentengruppe, die sich gegen das brutale Regime auflehnt ... Im land der leeren Häuser von P.D. James: packender Thriller im eBook!
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Brehms Tierleben

Author : Alfred Brehm
ISBN : 9783736402874
Genre : Nature
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In dieser umfassenden Sammlung finden sie die Bände samt Ergänzungsbände von Brems Tierleben - über die Säugetiere, Vögel und Kriechtiere, Lurche, Fische und Insekten ... - sorgsam zusammengetragen und neu durchgesehen komplett in einer E-Book-Ausgabe: Band 1 Neuweltsaffen - Krallenaffen - Halbaffen. Band 2 Flattertiere Band 3 Katzenartige Raubtiere Band 4 Raubtiere Hundeartige. Hyänen Band 5 Raubtiere. Schleichkatzen. Marder. Bären Band 6 Insektenfresser und Nagetiere Band 7 Zahnarme - Beuteltiere - Gabeltiere - Einhufer Band 8 Wiederkäuer I. Band 9 Wiederkäuer II. Band 10 Vielhufer - Flossenfüssler Band 11 Sirenen und Wale Band 12 Vögel im allgemeinen - Papageien - Leichtschnäbler I Band 13 Leichtschnäbler II. - Kolibris - Spechtvögel Band 14 Raubvögel I Band 15 Raubvögel II - Sperlingsvögel I Band 16 Sperlingsvögel II Band 17 Sperlingsvögel III. Fortsetzung und Schluss Band 18 Girrvögel. Scharrvögel Band 19 Kurzflügler. Stelzvögel Band 20 Zahnschnäbler. Seeflieger Ruderfüssler. Taucher Band 21 Reptilien I Schildkröten - Panzerechsen - Schuppenechsen Band 22 Reptilien II Giftlose Schlangen - Giftschlangen Band 23 Froschlurche - Schwanzlurche - Blindwühlen Band 24 Fische Band 25 - Ergänzungsband 1 Käfer I Band 26 - Ergänzungsband 2 Käfer II Band 27 - Ergänzungsband 3: Die Immen oder Hymenopteren Band 28 - Ergänzungsband 4 Schmetterlinge Alfred Edmund Brehm, deutscher Zoologe und Schriftsteller, wurde durch den Buchtitel Brehms Tierleben zu einem Synonym für populärwissenschaftliche zoologische Literatur.
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Lucan Im 21 Jahrhundert

Author : Christine Walde
ISBN : 9783110933611
Genre : History
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There is no other work of Greco-Roman poetry that has evoked such dissonant reactions as Lucan's Bellum Civile. Whereas the condemnation of the epic had reached its climax in the 19th century, the 20th century saw its gradual rehabilitation. Now the time has come for a contemporary re-assessment of the fascinating epic on Rome's maior civil war. The essay-collection presents 18 articles by renowned scholars of the maior scientific communities (Australia/UK/USA, Belgium/The Netherlands, Germany/Switzerland), focussing on the relevant issues of modern Lucan-scholarship.
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