The Essential Civil Society Reader

Author : Don E. Eberly
ISBN : 0847697193
Genre : Political Science
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In The Civil Society Reader Don Eberly presents the classic writings of the leading scholars and organizers who have brought the civil society debate to the forefront of American politics.
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The Civil Society Reader

Author : Virginia Hodgkinson
ISBN : 9781584658313
Genre : Political Science
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A "civil society" anthology for experts and students alike.
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The Soul Of Civil Society

Author : Don E. Eberly
ISBN : 0739104241
Genre : Political Science
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Americans care about the public value of moral habits. They like to see virtue rewarded and vice censured, appealing as this does to the nation's deep sense that one's success rests neither in money nor in power but in one's civility. In The Soul of Civil Society Don Eberly and Ryan Streeter look beyond such abstractions as the 'voluntary sector' and superficial communitarian solutions to civic anomie to identify the pivotal role played by local voluntary associations in a civil society. Not only important for the services they provide, these 'little platoons, ' as Edmund Burke labeled them, are the public incubators of a 'new' morality, their emphasis on civic engagement at the local level central to preserving America's democratic culture on the national and international stage. More than simply championing the promise of a social renaissance, The Soul of Civil Society is essential reading for those seeking to do battle with a culturally entrenched individualism that threatens the core of America's moral vitality
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The Orthodox Church And Civil Society In Russia

Author : Wallace L. Daniel
ISBN : 1585445231
Genre : Religion
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In the void left by the fall of Communism in Russia during the late twentieth century, can that country establish a true civil society? Many scholars have analyzed the political landscape to answer this question, but in The Orthodox Church and Civil Society in Russia, Wallace L. Daniel offers a unique perspective: within the church are individuals who hold the values and institutional models that can be vital in determining the direction of Russia in the twenty-first century. What the "tireless workers" of the church are doing and whether they will succeed in building a new cultural infrastructure are questions of crucial importance. Daniel tells the stories of a teacher and controversial parish priest, the leader of Russia's most famous women's monastery, a newspaper editor, and a parish priest at Moscow University to explore thoroughly and with a human voice the transformation from Communist country to a new social order, focusing on normal, everyday realities. Unlike other scholars, who have concentrated on government and politics or looked only within the church's Moscow patriarchy, Daniel explores specific religious communities and the way they operate, their efforts to rebuild parish life, and the individuals who have devoted themselves to such goals. This is the level, Daniel shows, at which the reconstruction of Russia and the revitalization of Russian society is taking place. This book is written for general readers interested in the intersection between politics, religion, and society, as well as for scholars. The subject and the approach cut across several disciplines: area and cultural studies, history, political science, and religious studies.
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Civil Society

Author : F. Trentmann
ISBN : 1403915423
Genre : Political Science
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In the last two decades, civil society has re-emerged as a popular notion amongst academics and politicians alike. John A. Hall and Frank Trentmann provide the first critical selection of texts on the evolution of civil society as a seminal and hotly debated idea from the seventeenth century to the present. Combining European texts with global debates about civil society, including texts about Islam, China, and human rights, this critical edition is essential reading for students and academics in history, sociology, politics, and international relations as well as social activists interested in civil society today.
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The Information Society Reader

Author : Frank Webster
ISBN : 0415319277
Genre : Computers
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There has been much debate over the idea of 'the information society'. Some thinkers have argued that information is becoming the key ordering principle in society, whereas others suggest that the rise of information has been overstated. Whatever the case, it cannot be denied that 'informization' has produced vast changes in advanced societies. The Information Society Reader pulls together the main contributions to this debate from some of the key figures in the field. Major topics addressed include: * post-industrialism * surveillance * transformations * the network society * democracy * digital divisions * virtual relations. With a comprehensive introduction from Frank Webster, selections from Manuel Castells, Anthony Giddens, Michel Foucault and Christopher Lasch amongst others, and section introductions contextualising the readings, this book will be an invaluable resource for students and academics studying contemporary society and all things cyber.
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The Wiley Blackwell Companion To Political Sociology

Author : Edwin Amenta
ISBN : 9781444355079
Genre : Social Science
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The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Political Sociology is a complete reference guide, reflecting the scope and quality of the discipline, and highlighting emerging topics in the field. Global in focus, offering up-to-date topics from an interdisciplinary, international set of scholars addressing key issues concerning globalization, social movements, and citizenship The majority of chapters are new, including those on environmental politics, international terrorism, security, corruption, and human rights Revises and updates all previously published chapters to include new themes and topics in political sociology Provides an overview of scholarship in the field, with chapters working independently and collectively to examine the full range of contributions to political sociology Offers a challenging yet accessible and complete reference guide for students and scholars
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The Essential Communitarian Reader

Author : Amitai Etzioni
ISBN : 0847688275
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 23.9 MB
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This outstanding new book shows why communitarian thought has had such a profound influence on contemporary American public policy, from strengthening our neighborhoods to fighting AIDS and educating our children. Edited by Amitai Etzioni, founder of the Communitarian Network and author of the best-selling books The Spirit of Community and The New Golden Rule, this comprehensive collection contains essays written by the nation's most respected thinkers. See why politicians as diverse as Vice President Al Gore and Jack Kemp view communitarian social philosophy as the most practical way of restoring America's communities and redeeming its political institutions.
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State And Civil Society In Northern Europe

Author : Lars Trägårdh
ISBN : 1845452321
Genre : Business & Economics
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In the current neo-liberal political and economic climate, it is often suggested that a large and strong state stands in opposition to an autonomous and vibrant civil society. However, the simultaneous presence in Sweden of both a famously large public sector and an unusually vital civil society poses an interesting and important theoretical challenge to these views with serious political and policy implications. Studies show that in a comparative context Sweden scores very highly when it comes to the strength and vitality of its civil society as well as social capital, as measured in terms of trust, lack of corruption, and membership of voluntary associations. The “Swedish Model,” therefore, offers important insights into the dynamics of state and civil society relations, which go against current trends of undermining the importance of the welfare state, and presents autonomous civic participation as the only way forward.
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Comparative Perspectives On Civil Society

Author : Robert A. Dibie
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131653722
Genre : Political Science
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Comparative Perspective of Civil Society examines the role of civil society in the economic, social, and political development of several nations. It uses a comparative perspective to explore the intriguing challenges that civil society organizations face in the development processes of various nations. It argues that, while the involvement of civil society organizations in the achievement of sustainable development is an extremely complex process, it is paramount for stakeholders (i.e., government officials, NGOs staff, the private sector, union, professional association leaders, and community based groups) to increase their knowledge and cooperation.
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