The Embarrassment Of Riches

Author : Simon Schama
ISBN : 0520061470
Genre : History
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Describes the cultural and social milieu of seventeenth-century Holland, where, despite great material wealth and general prosperity, an "anxiety of superabundance" permeated all aspects of the culture
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Art And Commerce In The Dutch Golden Age

Author : Michael North
ISBN : 0300081316
Genre : Art
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In this book Michael North examines the Dutch Golden Age, when the Netherlands boasted Europe's greatest number of cities & its highest literacy rate, with unusually large numbers of publicly & privately owned art works, religious tolerance, etc.
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Dutch Culture In The Golden Age

Author : J. L. Price
ISBN : 9781861899910
Genre : History
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The seventeenth century is considered the Dutch Golden Age, a time when the Dutch were at the forefront of social change, economics, the sciences, and art. In Dutch Culture in the Golden Age, eminent historian J. L. Price goes beyond the standard descriptions of the cultural achievements of the Dutch during this time by placing these many achievements within their social context. Price’s central argument is that alongside the innovative tendencies in Dutch society and culture there were powerful conservative and reactionary forces at work—and that it was the tension between these contradictory impulses that gave the period its unique and powerful dynamic. Dutch Culture in the Golden Age is distinctive in its broad scope, examing art, literature, religion, political ideology, theology, and scientific and intellectual trends, while also attending to the high and popular culture of the times. Price’s new interpretation of Dutch history places an emphasis on the paradox of the Dutch resistance to change as well as their general acceptance of innovation. This comprehensive look at the Dutch Golden Age provides a fascinating new way to understand Dutch culture at the height of its historic and global influence.
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Author : Anne Goldgar
ISBN : 9780226301303
Genre : History
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In the 1630s the Netherlands was gripped by tulipmania: a speculative fever unprecedented in scale and, as popular history would have it, folly. We all know the outline of the story—how otherwise sensible merchants, nobles, and artisans spent all they had (and much that they didn’t) on tulip bulbs. We have heard how these bulbs changed hands hundreds of times in a single day, and how some bulbs, sold and resold for thousands of guilders, never even existed. Tulipmania is seen as an example of the gullibility of crowds and the dangers of financial speculation. But it wasn’t like that. As Anne Goldgar reveals in Tulipmania, not one of these stories is true. Making use of extensive archival research, she lays waste to the legends, revealing that while the 1630s did see a speculative bubble in tulip prices, neither the height of the bubble nor its bursting were anywhere near as dramatic as we tend to think. By clearing away the accumulated myths, Goldgar is able to show us instead the far more interesting reality: the ways in which tulipmania reflected deep anxieties about the transformation of Dutch society in the Golden Age. “Goldgar tells us at the start of her excellent debunking book: ‘Most of what we have heard of [tulipmania] is not true.’. . . She tells a new story.”—Simon Kuper, Financial Times
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The Dutch Republic In The Seventeenth Century

Author : Maarten Prak
ISBN : 0521843529
Genre : Art
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The Dutch are 'the envy of some, the fear of others, and the wonder of all their neighbours'. So wrote the English ambassador to the Dutch Republic, Sir William Temple, in 1673. Maarten Prak offers a lively and innovative history of the Dutch Golden Age, charting its political, social, economic and cultural history through chapters that range from the introduction of the tulip to the experiences of immigrants and Jews in Dutch society, the paintings of Vermeer and Rembrandt, and the ideas of Spinoza. He places the Dutch 'miracle' in a European context, examining the Golden Age both as the product of its own past and as the harbinger of a more modern, industrialised and enlightened society. A fascinating and accessible study, this 2005 book will prove invaluable reading to anyone interested in Dutch history.
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The Art Of The Dutch Republic 1585 1718

Author : Mariët Westermann
ISBN : 1856694437
Genre : Art, Dutch
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The artistic culture of the Dutch republic in the seventeenth century has given us some of the most familiar and best-loved examples of European painting. In this fresh and readable account, Westermann describes this art as it was experienced by the people of the period and as it appears to us today. She shows how the history of Dutch art mirrors that of the Republic itself: vigorous, self-governing, and staunchly middle class. The prosperity of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Delft, created and supported such great names as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Hals and Jan Steer, as well as many lesser-known painters and printmakers. Their works are discussed in the political, economic, religious and domestic contexts in which they were produced and seen. By bringing all this together, Westermann creates a richly detailed picture of Dutch culture at an extraordinary moment.
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Vermeer S Hat

Author : Timothy Brook
ISBN : 9781847652546
Genre : History
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In one painting, a Dutch military officer leans toward a laughing girl. In another, a woman at a window weighs pieces of silver. In a third, fruit spills from a porcelain bowl onto a Turkish carpet. The officer's dashing hat is made of beaver fur, which European explorers got from Native Americans in exchange for weapons. Beaver pelts, in turn, financed the voyages of sailors seeking new routes to China. There - with silver mined in Peru - Europeans would purchase, by the thousands, the porcelain so often shown in Dutch paintings of this time. Vermeer's haunting images hint at the stories behind these exquisitely rendered moments. As Timothy Brook shows us in Vermeer's Hat, these pictures, which seem so intimate, actually open doors onto a rapidly expanding world.
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An Embarrassment Of Riches

Author : Charlson Ong
ISBN : 9715422020
Genre : Philippine Fiction (English).
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Still Life And Trade In The Dutch Golden Age

Author : Julie Hochstrasser
ISBN : 0300100388
Genre : Art
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An original and provocative view of Golden Age still life paintings and the exotic commodities they depict
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