The Complete Federalist And Anti Federalist Papers

Author : Alexander Hamilton
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The Complete Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers written by Alexander Hamilton & James Madison & John Jay and Patrick Henry among others is widely considered by many to be among the most important historical collections of all time. In "The Federalist Papers," three of the founding fathers brilliantly defend their revolutionary charter: the Constitution of the United States. The Anti-Federalist Papers are a collection of articles, written in opposition to the ratification of the 1787 United States Constitution. Unlike the Federalist Papers written in support of the Constitution, the authors of these articles, mostly operating under pen names, were not engaged in a strictly organized project. Major Anti-Federalist authors included Cato (likely George Clinton), Brutus (likely Robert Yates), Centinel (Samuel Bryan), and the Federal Farmer (either Melancton Smith, Richard Henry Lee, or Mercy Otis Warren). Speeches by Patrick Henry and Smith are included as well.
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The Anti Federalist

Author : Murray Dry
ISBN : 0226775658
Genre : History
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Herbert J. Storing's Complete Anti-Federalist, hailed as "a civic event of enduring importance" (Leonard W. Levy, New York Times Book Review), indisputably established the importance of the Anti-Federalists' writings for our understanding of the Constitution. As Storing wrote in his introduction, "If the foundation of the American polity was laid by the Federalists, the Anti-Federalist reservations echo through American history; and it is in the dialogue, not merely in the Federalist victory, that the country's principles are to be discovered." This one-volume edition presents the essence of the other side of that crucial dialogue. It can be read as a genuine counterpart to the Federalist Papers; as an original source companion to Storing's brilliant essay What the Anti-Federalists Were For (volume I of The Complete Anti-Federalist, available as a separate paperback); or as a guide to exploring the full range of Anti-Federalist writing. The Anti-Federalist makes a fundamental source of our political heritage accessible to everyone.
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The Federalist Papers Anti Federalist Papers Complete Edition Of The Pivotal Constitution Debate

Author : Alexander Hamilton
ISBN : 9788026876182
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How the Constitutional Debate changed the old political system and shaped the very core of American democracy – This meticulously created collection contains the old laws of the country and the constitutional changes made after the Revolution, together with the arguments of Founding Fathers about the crucial decisions which shaped the America we know today: government resting on the people, executive power status, election organization, defense, taxation, powers of the Union, the judiciary, senate... By reading their words you will have a clear understanding how this debate influenced our present and created the American democracy: Need for Stronger Union Federalist Papers: I, II, III, IV, V, VI Anti-Federalist Papers: John Dewitt I&II Bill of Rights Federalist: LXXXIV Anti-Federalist: John Dewitt II Nature and Powers of the Union Federalist: I, XIV, XV Anti-Federalist: Patrick Henry Responsibility and Checks in Self-government Federalist: X, LI Anti-Federalist: Centenel I Extent of Union, States' Rights, Bill of Rights, Taxation Federalist: X, XXXII, XXXIII, XXXV… Anti-Federalist: Brutus I Extended Republics Federalist: VII, X, XIV, XXXV, XXXVI Anti-Federalist: Federal Farmer I&II Broad Construction, Taxing Powers Federalist: XXIII, XXX, XXXI, XXXII….. Anti-Federalist: Brutus VI Defense, Standing Armies Federalist: XXIV, XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, XXIX Anti-Federalist: Brutus X The Judiciary Federalist: LXXVIII, LXXIX, LXXX, LXXXI, LXXXII, LXXXIII Anti-Federalist: Brutus XI, XII, XV Government Resting on the People Federalist: XXIII, XLIX Anti-Federalist: John Dewitt III Executive Power Federalist: LXVII Anti-Federalist: Cato V Regulating Elections Federalist: LIX Anti-Federalist: Cato VII House of Representatives Federalist: XXVII, XXVIII, LII, LIII, LIV, LVII Anti-Federalist: Brutus IV The Senate Federalist: LXII, LXIII Anti-Federalist: Brutus XVI Articles of Confederation (1777) Declaration of Independence U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights Amendments
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The Federalist Papers

Author : Alexander Hamilton
ISBN : 9781411631786
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Large Print Edition The Federalist Papers were a series of 85 essays written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison, under the pen-name "Publius," that appeared in New York newspapers (primarily, the Independent Journal and the New York Packet) from October 1787 to May 1788. The essays urged New York delegates to ratify the Constitution. In 1788, the essays were published in a bound volume entitled the Federalist and eventually became known as the Federalist Papers. To address fears that the Constitution would give the central government too much power and would limit individual freedom, Hamilton, Jay, and Madison analyzed the Constitution in detail and outlined the built in checks and balances meant to divide power between the three branches of government and to preserve the rights of the people and states.
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The Essential Federalist And Anti Federalist Papers

Author : David Wootton
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Through a judicious selection of the classic essays from 1787-1788 by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay in defence of the new federal Constitution -- together with key writings by the Anti-Federalists -- Wootton captures the essentials of the 18th-century American debate on federalism in this modernised edition and frames it with a brilliant and engaging Introduction. Includes the U. S. Constitution.

The Complete Anti Federalist

Author : Herbert J. Storing
ISBN : 9780226775760
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The Complete Anti-Federalist, first published in 1981, contains an unprecedented collection of all the significant pamphlets, newspaper articles and letters, essays, and speeches that were written in opposition to the Constitution during the ratification debate. Storing’s work includes introductions to each entry, along with his own consideration of the Anti-Federalist thought. This new three-volume set includes all the contents of the original seven-volume publication in a convenient, manageable format. “A work of magnificent scholarship. Publication of these volumes is a civic event of enduring importance.”—Leonard W. Levy, New York Times Book Review
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The Federalist Anti Federalist Papers

Author : Alexander Hamilton
ISBN : 9562912132
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THE FEDERALIST PAPERS Read the latest edition of an American classic: The Federalist Papers. Including all 85 original articles arguing on behalf of the United States Constitution, The Federalist Papers is a "must read" for any history buff, anyone interested in political science, and for those interested in issues relating to individual vs. governmental rights. Famous authors include: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. Though first published in the 1700's, the timeless Federalist Papers remain a true philosophical gem even today. THE ANTI-FEDERALIST PAPERS Experience history come alive as you read the powerful political debates concerning the birth of the United States Constitution in the "The Anti-Federalist Papers," a compilation of articles by the passionate nay-sayers of centralized government. Including famous Anti-Federalist authors such as Patrick Henry, "Cato," and "Brutus," the political forum herein presented captures not only the ambiance of the 1700's, but these classic debates concerning individual rights and freedom are relevant to us still today.
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The Federalist

Author : Alexander Hamilton
ISBN : 0521001218
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The Federalist represents one side of one of the most momentous political debates ever conducted: whether to ratify, or to reject, the newly-drafted American constitution. This authoritative new edition presents in full all eighty-five Federalist papers, along with the sixteen letters of 'Brutus', the unknown New York Antifederalist. Each is systematically cross-referenced to the other, and both to the appended Articles of Confederation and US Constitution. Terence Ball provides all the standard series editorial features, making this the most accessible rendition ever of a classic of political thought in action.
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The Federalist Papers

Author : Alexander Hamilton
ISBN : 9780300161045
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This authoritative edition of the complete texts of the Federalist Papers, the Articles of Confederation, the U.S. Constitution, and the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution features supporting essays in which leading scholars provide historical context and analysis. An introduction by Ian Shapiro offers an overview of the publication of the Federalist Papers and their importance. In three additional essays, John Dunn explores the composition of the Federalist Papers and the conflicting agendas of its authors; Eileen Hunt Botting explains how early advocates of women's rights, most prominently Mercy Otis Warren, Judith Sargent Murray, and Charles Brockden Brown, responded to the Federalist-Antifederalist debates; and Donald Horowitz discusses the Federalist Papers from the perspective of recent experiments with democracy and constitution-making around the world. These essays both illuminate the original texts and encourage active engagement with them.
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