The Buddha S Golden Path

Author : Dwight Goddard
ISBN : 0757000231
Genre : Religion
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In 1929, when author Dwight Goddard wrote The Buddha’s Golden Path, he was breaking ground. No American before him had lived the life of a Zen Buddhist monk, and then set out to share what he had learned with his countrymen. The Buddha’s Golden Path is a true classic. It has touched countless lives, and opened the door for future generations in this country to study and embrace the principles of Zen.
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Author : Tsunetomo Yamamoto
ISBN : 0757000266
Genre : Philosophy
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"Bushido," the first English translation of the 18th-century "Hagakure"--the basis for samurai warrior behavior--provides a powerful message aimed at the mind and spirit of the samurai warrior. It offers beliefs that are difficult for the Western mind to embrace, yet fascinating in their pursuit of absolute service.
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The Wit And Wisdom Of The Talmud

Author : George J. Lankevich
ISBN : 0757000215
Genre : Religion
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In Jewish tradition, the Talmud embodies the laws of Judaism, as well as a way of study and intellectual development. Composed of two works, the Mishnah and the Gemara, the Talmud is believed to provide serious students with one of the most sacred of experiences. It is, in fact, the Torah (the Old Testament) and the Talmud that offer the tenets of the Jewish religion. Here, in this classic work, which represents nearly 2,000 years of learning, are those pearls of wisdom that have served as a daily guide for countless generations of people throughout the world. Some may be familiar to you; others may be new. Some may provoke a laugh; others, a tear. All, however, offer illuminating insights and direction that can provide a foundation for a compassionate and focused life.
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The Joy Of Meditation

Author : Justin F. Stone
ISBN : 0757000258
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Without knowing what they are doing, would-be meditators often find it difficult to sit still for even five minutes. On the other hand, experienced meditators go about their business directly and purposefully. In this classic work, teacher Justin F. Stone presents easy-to-follow instructions for many common forms of meditation, including Zazen (Zen Meditation), Japa (one of the oldest spiritual practices in India), Satipatthana (Mindfulness), Nei Kung (Buddhist Meditation), and Tibetan meditations.
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Zen And Material Culture

Author : Pamela Winfield
ISBN : 9780190469290
Genre : Art
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The stereotype of Zen Buddhism as a minimalistic or even immaterial meditative tradition persists in the Euro-American cultural imagination. This volume calls attention to the vast range of "stuff" in Zen by highlighting the material abundance and iconic range of the Soto, Rinzai, and Obaku sects in Japan. Chapters on beads, bowls, buildings, staffs, statues, rags, robes, and even retail commodities in America all shed new light on overlooked items of lay and monastic practice in both historical and contemporary perspectives. Nine authors from the cognate fields of art history, religious studies, and the history of material culture analyze these "Zen matters" in all four senses of the phrase: the interdisciplinary study of Zen's matters (objects and images) ultimately speaks to larger Zen matters (ideas, ideals) that matter (in the predicate sense) to both male and female practitioners, often because such matters (economic considerations) help to ensure the cultural and institutional survival of the tradition. Zen and Material Culture expands the study of Japanese Zen Buddhism to include material inquiry as an important complement to mainly textual, institutional, or ritual studies. It also broadens the traditional purview of art history by incorporating the visual culture of everyday Zen objects and images into the canon of recognized masterpieces by elite artists. Finally, the volume extends Japanese material and visual cultural studies into new research territory by taking up Zen's rich trove of materia liturgica and supplementing the largely secular approach to studying Japanese popular culture. This groundbreaking volume will be a resource for anyone whose interests lie at the intersection of Zen art, architecture, history, ritual, tea ceremony, women's studies, and the fine line between Buddhist materiality and materialism.
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B R Ambedkar

Author : Bernd Sebastian Jürgens
ISBN : UOM:39015041075733
Genre : Buddhism
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Blue Garden

Author : Witold Poplawski
ISBN : 9781440172762
Genre : Self-Help
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Blue Garden gets its name from the view the astronauts had of planet Earth from dark space. They saw a strikingly lonely, beautiful blue garden. The book is composed of four interconnected parts. The first, Garden of Silence, reflects on the specific, subtle shades of everlasting meaning that permeates silence. This part consists of fourteen poems, all relating to one prose piece. The next two parts, Garden of Light and Garden of Shade, strive to explore human virtues and then our vices. Using the method of hyb-writing, each of twenty-four poems is followed by a short, corresponding prose companion. Some of these diverse stories are based on factual events, others are mostly fiction, some even science-fiction. The fourth part, Mediterranean Gardens, touches on concepts of beauty and joy, hailing the creative powers of the great unknown. Blue Garden is a charitable project in the form of a book. All royalties from this volume go to the Leprosy Mission Canada, helping to cure leprosy in children. Early leprosy is perfectly curable. If fifty-two people buy it, together they give back a normal life to that child. It could be as simple as that
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Author :
ISBN : UVA:X006174825
Genre : Buddhism
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