The Big Truck That Went By

Author : Jonathan M. Katz
ISBN : 9781137323958
Genre : History
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On January 12, 2010, the deadliest earthquake in the history of the Western Hemisphere struck the nation least prepared to handle it. Jonathan M. Katz, the only full-time American news correspondent in Haiti, was inside his house when it buckled along with hundreds of thousands of others. In this visceral, authoritative first-hand account, Katz chronicles the terror of that day, the devastation visited on ordinary Haitians, and how the world reacted to a nation in need. More than half of American adults gave money for Haiti, part of a monumental response totaling $16.3 billion in pledges. But three years later the relief effort has foundered. It's most basic promises—to build safer housing for the homeless, alleviate severe poverty, and strengthen Haiti to face future disasters—remain unfulfilled. The Big Truck That Went By presents a sharp critique of international aid that defies today's conventional wisdom; that the way wealthy countries give aid makes poor countries seem irredeemably hopeless, while trapping millions in cycles of privation and catastrophe. Katz follows the money to uncover startling truths about how good intentions go wrong, and what can be done to make aid "smarter." With coverage of Bill Clinton, who came to help lead the reconstruction; movie-star aid worker Sean Penn; Wyclef Jean; Haiti's leaders and people alike, Katz weaves a complex, darkly funny, and unexpected portrait of one of the world's most fascinating countries. The Big Truck That Went By is not only a definitive account of Haiti's earthquake, but of the world we live in today.
Category: History

Geographies Of Health

Author : Anthony C. Gatrell
ISBN : 9781118274859
Genre : Science
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Setting out the debates and reviewing the evidence that links health outcomes with social and physical environments, this new edition of the well-established text offers an accessible overview of the theoretical perspectives, methodologies, and research in the field of health geography Includes international examples, drawn from a broad range of countries, and extensive illustrations Unique in its approach to health geography, as opposed to medical geography New chapters focus on contemporary concerns including neighborhoods and health, ageing, and emerging infectious disease Offers five new case studies and an fresh emphasis on qualitative research approaches Written by two of the leading health geographers in the world, each with extensive experience in research and policy
Category: Science

Wir Lassen Sie Verhungern

Author : Jean Ziegler
ISBN : 9783641079574
Genre : Social Science
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Provokant, kritisch, kämpferisch Der jährliche Hungertod von mehreren zehn Millionen Menschen ist der Skandal unseres Jahrhunderts. Alle fünf Sekunden verhungert ein Kind unter zehn Jahren. Und das auf einem Planeten, der grenzenlosen Überfluss produziert. Dieser Massenvernichtung von menschlichem Leben begegnet die öffentliche Meinung mit eisiger Gleichgültigkeit – solange die alltäglichen Katastrophen nicht allzu aufdringlich »sichtbar« werden, wie etwa die Hungersnot, die seit Sommer 2011 in fünf Ländern am Horn von Afrika eine tödliche Bedrohung darstellt. Jean Ziegler verbindet seine Erfahrungen aus acht Jahren als UN-Sonderberichterstatter für das Recht auf Nahrung mit seinem unermüdlichen Kampf für eine friedliche, gerechte Welt. Er erinnert an die dramatische ungleiche Verteilung von Reichtum, an die strukturelle Gewalt unserer Weltordnung, an Milliardenzocker, die Nahrungsmittel monströs verteuern, und er zeichnet das brutale Bild des Hungers.
Category: Social Science

Hold Tight Don T Let Go

Author : Laura Rose Wagner
ISBN : 9781613126967
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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"Laura Wagner has managed to get a huge amount of Haiti into the pages of this book: the sun, the rain, the bottomless spiral of catastrophe, rage, despair and indomitable hope." —Madison Smartt Bell, author of All Souls' Rising: A Novel of Haiti "In Haiti they say 'Kreyòl pale, Kreyòl konprann.' Speak plainly and honestly, and be understood. Laura Wagner does just that in this brave, beautiful book, bringing us the complex life of Magdalie, and a glimpse of a people's soul." —Jonathan M. Katz, author of The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster "Haiti, already one of the poorest countries in the world, was devastated by the earthquake in 2010. This is a story of everything that comes after: from a candid depiction of the international response to a young girl’s account of what a life of desperation can do to an individual and to a society. Magdalie’s journey shows the importance of connections, of family and friends, during difficult times and the anguish that comes when those bonds are broken. In her debut novel, Laura Rose Wagner has managed to capture the devastation of loss while providing determined hope for the individual and the nation. An important read for anyone who wishes to better understand the reality of life in Haiti after the earthquake." —Ophelia Dahl, executive director of Partners in Health Hold Tight, Don’t Let Go follows the vivid story of two teenage cousins, raised as sisters, who survive the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. After losing the woman who raised them in the tragedy, Magdalie and Nadine must fend for themselves in the aftermath of the quake. The girls are inseparable, making the best of their new circumstances in a refugee camp with an affectionate, lively camaraderie, until Nadine, whose father lives in Miami, sends for her but not Magdalie. As she leaves, Nadine makes a promise she cannot keep: to bring Magdalie to Miami, too. Resourceful Magdalie focuses her efforts on a reunion with Nadine until she realizes her life is in Haiti, and that she must embrace its possibilities for love, friendship, and a future.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Der Junge Der Aus Dem Himmel Zur Ckkehrte

Author : Kevin und Alex Malarkey
ISBN : 9783641131135
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Kevin Malarkey quälen schreckliche Vorwürfe: "Ich habe meinen Sohn getötet" Am 14. November 2004 gerät er mit seinem Auto in einen schweren Unfall. Während er relativ unbeschadet überlebt, liegt sein sechsjähriger Sohn Alex im Koma. "Ich glaube, Alex ist jetzt bei Jesus", meint ein Freund. Was eher so dahingesagt war, stellt sich tatsächlich als wahr heraus, als Alex wieder aufwacht. Sein Bericht von himmlischen Begegnungen mit Gott und den Engeln hat bereits tausende Menschen berührt. "Gott ist erstaunlich, ich bin nur ein Kind", sagt er. Doch er möchte weitergeben: Der Himmel ist real. Ein zutiefst aufwühlendes Buch, das die Sicht auf das Leben und den Tod tiefgreifend verändern kann.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Introduction To Modern Cryptography

Author : Jonathan Katz
ISBN : 9781584885511
Genre : Computers
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Cryptography plays a key role in ensuring the privacy and integrity of data and the security of computer networks. Introduction to Modern Cryptography provides a rigorous yet accessible treatment of modern cryptography, with a focus on formal definitions, precise assumptions, and rigorous proofs. The authors introduce the core principles of modern cryptography, including the modern, computational approach to security that overcomes the limitations of perfect secrecy. An extensive treatment of private-key encryption and message authentication follows. The authors also illustrate design principles for block ciphers, such as the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and present provably secure constructions of block ciphers from lower-level primitives. The second half of the book focuses on public-key cryptography, beginning with a self-contained introduction to the number theory needed to understand the RSA, Diffie-Hellman, El Gamal, and other cryptosystems. After exploring public-key encryption and digital signatures, the book concludes with a discussion of the random oracle model and its applications. Serving as a textbook, a reference, or for self-study, Introduction to Modern Cryptography presents the necessary tools to fully understand this fascinating subject.
Category: Computers

To Do Lists Of The Dead

Author : Jonathan Katz
ISBN : 0740700359
Genre : Humor
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Ever wondered what George Washington put on his "To-Do" list? According to funnyman Jonathan Katz' book To-Do Lists of the Dead, it said check gums for termites and bury the hatchet. Katz has done it again. During a layover at LaGuardia Airport, Katz entertained himself with his PalmPilot digital organizer by creating "To-Do" lists of famous-and deceased-political figures, entertainers, and rock musicians. The result: the hilarious To-Do Lists of the Dead. This wickedly clever compilation shows celebrities' tasks that were completed and those put off too long. For example: FDR 1. Come up with a more upbeat name for the "greatest depression" (not done) 2. Think of one more thing we have to fear for speech (not done) 3. Insist on twin beds (checked off) Katz's creative comic ingenuity in To-Do Lists of the Dead illustrates why he's one of the few comics HBO has showcased in its stand-up series.
Category: Humor

The Traditional Indian Theory And Practice Of Music And Dance

Author : Jonathan Katz
ISBN : 9004097155
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 65.24 MB
Format : PDF
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These articles concern the role of the Sanskrit tradition in the performing arts in India. They consider the relations between theory and practice in music and dance with particular reference to the Sanskrit textual tradition of musicology.
Category: Social Science

Andy Warhol

Author : Jonathan Katz
ISBN : 0847817520
Genre : Art
File Size : 70.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Offers color and black and white reproductions of the contemporary American artist's works
Category: Art