The Attributes Of God In The Monotheistic Faiths Of Judeo Christian And Islamic Traditions

Author : Husein Khimjee, Ph. D.
ISBN : 9781462047192
Genre : Religion
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This book is one of the first ones of its kind in the market clearly explaining and expounding the Attributes of God in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions. This book is a valuable guide not only to any university student; but is equally interesting for a general reader who wonders and appreciates the bonding of compassion and love God has for His creatures as seen in His Attributes.
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Pakistan A Legacy Of The Indian Khilafat Movement

Author : Husein Khimjee, Ph. D.
ISBN : 9781491702086
Genre : History
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This book is an interesting study of the Khilafat (Caliphate) movement in early twentieth century India. The abolition of the caliphate institution in Turkey provided food for thought to the Muslim elite in India. They saw it was possible to theologically explore and evolve the caliphate institution from a one man caliph-emperor to a socially elected caliphate state, from an individual caliph to the concept of an Islamic state. After tracing the earlier view of the Caliphate, this study looks at the Karbala’s `Ashura tragedy, an event religious scholars and Indian politicians effectively used to galvanize Muslims into demanding from the British government and the Indian National Congress a separate Islamic country they would call it Pakistan. This book is an invaluable source not only for university students of history but also for theologians, politicians, sociologists, general readers and also those interested in the last days of the British empire in India.
Category: History

Encyclopedia Of Global Religion

Author : Mark Juergensmeyer
ISBN : 9780761927297
Genre : Computers
File Size : 54.49 MB
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Presents entries A to L of a two-volume encyclopedia discussing religion around the globe, including biographies, concepts and theories, places, social issues, movements, texts, and traditions.
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A Popular Dictionary Of Hinduism

Author : Karel Werner
ISBN : 9781135797539
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 50.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A multi-purpose reference work which should become an indispensable companion for anybody who comes into touch with Hinduism. Includes a dictionary of Sanskrit and vernacular terms; a glossary of terms and concepts; and a survey of the historical development of Hinduism.
Category: Social Science

The Future Of Islam

Author : John L. Esposito
ISBN : 9780199742295
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.41 MB
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John L. Esposito is one of America's leading authorities on Islam. Now, in this brilliant portrait of Islam today-- and tomorrow-- he draws on a lifetime of thought and research to provide an accurate, richly nuanced, and revelatory account of the fastest growing religion in the world. Here Esposito explores the major questions and issues that face Islam in the 21st century and that will deeply affect global politics: Is Islam compatible with modern notions of democracy, rule of law, gender equality, and human rights? How representative and widespread is Islamic fundamentalism and the threat of global terrorism? Can Muslim minority communities be loyal citizens in America and Europe? In the midst of these questions Esposito places an important emphasis on the issue of Islamophobia, the threat it poses, and its vast impact on politics and society in the US and Europe. He also turns the mirror on the US and Europe and paints a revealing portrait of how we appear to Muslims. Recent decades have brought extraordinary changes in the Muslim world, and in addressing these issues, Esposito paints a complex picture of Islam in all its diversity--a picture of urgent importance as we face the challenges of the coming century.
Category: Religion

The Modern World

Author : Sarolta Takacs
ISBN : 9781317455721
Genre : History
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This title explores world history from approximately 500 C.E. to the present. Entries cover the social, political, scientific and technological, economic, and cultural events and developments that shaped the modern world.
Category: History

Christian Theology And African Traditions

Author : Matthew Michael
ISBN : 9780718892944
Genre : Religion
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Christian theology is not naively the study of the Bible “only” or alone but the interactions and engagement of the Bible with these human traditions. To this end, Michael's work is the study of the Bible in close dialogue with African traditions.Arguing that for Christian theology to remain relevant to a given people, such dialogue or interaction becomes inevitable because, as a human enterprise, it must by its nature engage the human context of its reflection in order to remain relevant. In Africa, Christian theology must engage the worldviews of the African people especially in terms of the beliefs, values and traditional orientations of the African people while remaining faithful to the scriptures.Michael discovers that Christian theology becomes “incompetent” or “ill-equipped” to carry out such a contemporary function within the African context because in the history of its transmission it has been fashioned and shaped to address the needs and aspirations of the Western church and the imposing heritage of the enlightenment period. The African context must “reprocess” or reconstruct “Christian theology” in order to engage African questions which often are ignored by “standard” works on Christian theology, argues Michael.From these highlighted concerns, the book discusses “standard” topics in “Christian theology” in light of African similar or dissimilar forms.
Category: Religion

Anthropomorphic Depictions Of God

Author : Zulfiqar Ali Shah
ISBN : 9781565645752
Genre : Anthropomorphism
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This monumental study examines issues of anthropomorphism in the three Abrahamic Faiths, as viewed through the texts of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Qur’an. Throughout history Christianity and Judaism have tried to make sense of God. While juxtaposing the Islamic position against this, the author addresses the Judeo-Christian worldview and how each has chosen to framework its encounter with God, to what extent this has been the result of actual scripture and to what extent the product of theological debate, or church decrees of later centuries and absorption of Hellenistic philosophy. Shah also examines Islam’s heavily anti-anthropomorphic stance and Islamic theological discourse on Tawhid as well as the Ninety-Nine Names of God and what these have meant in relation to Muslim understanding of God and His attributes. Describing how these became the touchstone of Muslim discourse with Judaism and Christianity he critiques theological statements and perspectives that came to dilute if not counter strict monotheism. As secularism debates whether God is dead, the issue of anthropomorphism has become of immense importance. The quest for God, especially in this day and age, is partly one of intellectual longing. To Shah, anthropomorphic concepts and corporeal depictions of the Divine are perhaps among the leading factors of modern atheism. As such he ultimately draws the conclusion that the postmodern longing for God will not be quenched by pre-modern anthropomorphic and corporeal concepts of the Divine which have simply brought God down to this cosmos, with a precise historical function and a specified location, reducing the intellectual and spiritual force of what God is and represents, causing the soul to detract from a sense of the sacred and thereby belief in Him.
Category: Anthropomorphism

Protestant Empire

Author : Carla Gardina Pestana
ISBN : 9780812203493
Genre : History
File Size : 38.48 MB
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The imperial expansion of Europe across the globe was one of the most significant events to shape the modern world. Among the many effects of this cataclysmic movement of people and institutions was the intermixture of cultures in the colonies that Europeans created. Protestant Empire is the first comprehensive survey of the dramatic clash of peoples and beliefs that emerged in the diverse religious world of the British Atlantic, including England, Scotland, Ireland, parts of North and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Beginning with the role religion played in the lives of believers in West Africa, eastern North America, and western Europe around 1500, Carla Gardina Pestana shows how the Protestant Reformation helped to fuel colonial expansion as bitter rivalries prompted a fierce competition for souls. The English—who were latecomers to the contest for colonies in the Atlantic—joined the competition well armed with a newly formulated and heartfelt anti-Catholicism. Despite officially promoting religious homogeneity, the English found it impossible to prevent the conflicts in their homeland from infecting their new colonies. Diversity came early and grew inexorably, as English, Scottish, and Irish Catholics and Protestants confronted one another as well as Native Americans, West Africans, and an increasing variety of other Europeans. Pestana tells an original and compelling story of their interactions as they clung to their old faiths, learned of unfamiliar religions, and forged new ones. In an account that ranges widely through the Atlantic basin and across centuries, this book reveals the creation of a complicated, contested, and closely intertwined world of believers of many traditions.
Category: History

Comprehensive Geriatric Oncology Second Edition

Author : Lodovico Balducci
ISBN : 9781841842967
Genre : Medical
File Size : 72.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The prevention and treatment of cancer in older patients requires an individualized approach, as age causes unpredictable results from patient to patient. Completely revised and updated, the Second Edition of Comprehensive Geriatric Oncology enables clinicians to choose the best possible cancer care. Highlighting newly emerging issues in geriatric oncology, it helps physicians promote cancer prevention. Like its groundbreaking, bestselling predecessor, this new edition exhaustively reviews the biology of cancer and aging, epidemiologic trends, and clinical trials that concern cancer prevention and treatment in the elderly. New chapters contain material on topics such as assessment, fragility, symptom management, and emergencies, and studies the effectiveness of training programs in geriatric oncology. The book addresses issues of healthcare delivery, including cost and evaluation of utility and outcome, suggests new research approaches, reviews existing guidelines for the prevention and treatment of cancer in the elderly, and more. Providing a frame of reference for the ongoing dialogue in the field of geriatric oncology, this is a major reference work for basic, population, and clinical scientists interested in the issue and for practices ministering to older patients.
Category: Medical