The Archaeology Of Medieval Europe Eighth To Twelfth Centuries Ad

Author : James Graham-Campbell
ISBN : 8779342906
Genre : History
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Intends to enable readers to track the development of different cultures, and of regional characteristics, throughout the full extent of medieval Catholic Europe. Revealing shared contexts and technological developments, this work also provides the opportunity for demonstrating the differences that were inevitably present across the Continent.
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Heinrich I

Author : Wolfgang Giese
ISBN : UOM:39015076164618
Genre : Germany
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Early European Castles

Author : Oliver Creighton
ISBN : 9781474282192
Genre : Architecture
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Medieval castles were, alongside the great cathedrals, the most recognisable buildings of the medieval world. Closely associated with concepts of justice, lordship and authority as well as military might, castles came to encapsulate the period's very essence. Looking at above and below-ground evidence and examining a wide variety of sites - from towering donjons to earth and timber castles - in different parts of western Europe, this book explores the relationship between early castle building and the emergence of a new aristocracy and investigates the impact of authority on the organisation of the landscape. A particular focus is on the social context of early private fortifications: Europe's earliest castles came to embody a new and radically different form of power – an aristocratic authority that was highly personal in nature, glaringly visible in its presence, and enforceable through violence, both threatened and real. The volume reassesses traditional models of castle origins; examines aspects of elite lifestyle in and around these structures, including pastimes and diet; considers medieval visual experiences of sites and their settings; and explores some future directions for research.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Later Medieval Archaeology In Britain

Author : Christopher Gerrard
ISBN : 9780198744719
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The Middle Ages are all around us in Britain. The Tower of London and the castles of Scotland and Wales are mainstays of cultural tourism and an inspiring cross-section of later medieval finds can now be seen on display in museums across England, Scotland, and Wales. Medieval institutions fromParliament and monarchy to universities are familiar to us and we come into contact with the later Middle Ages every day when we drive through a village or town, look up at the castle on the hill, visit a local church or wonder about the earthworks in the fields we see from the window of a train.The Oxford Handbook of Later Medieval Archaeology in Britain provides an overview of the archaeology of the later Middle Ages in Britain between AD 1066 and 1550. 61 entries, divided into 10 thematic sections, cover topics ranging from later medieval objects, human remains, archaeological science,standing buildings, and sites such as castles and monasteries, to the well-preserved relict landscapes which still survive. This is a rich and exciting period of the past and most of what we have learnt about the material culture of our medieval past has been discovered in the past two generations.This volume provides comprehensive coverage of the latest research and describes the major projects and concepts that are changing our understanding of our medieval heritage.

The Oxford Companion To Archaeology

Author : Neil Asher Silberman
ISBN : 9780199735785
Genre : Reference
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The Oxford Companion to Archaeology, second edition, provides thorough coverage to historical archaeology, the development of archaeology as a field of study, and the ways the discipline works to explain the past. Other entries describe the major excavations, discoveries, and innovations in the field. Approximately 200 new entries have been added and first-edition entries have been updated. The second edtion will be available in DRS.
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Studies In The Archaeology Of The Medieval Mediterranean

Author : James Schryver
ISBN : 9789004181755
Genre : History
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This volume draws examples of work from around the Mediterranean basin to demonstrate the variety of archaeological studies being carried out, and the benefits each of these studies has enjoyed through the use of an interdisciplinary approach.
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Current Archaeology

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556039059100
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Arch Ologie

Author : Manfred K. H. Eggert
ISBN : 3825227286
Genre : Archaeology
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Geschichtswissenschaft - Gesamtdarstellung - Theorie - Ur- und Frühgeschichte - Kulturwissenschaft - Geschichtswissenschaft - Archäologie und Naturwissenschaften - Feldarchäologie - Prähistorische Archäologie - Vorderasiatische Archäologie - Biblische Archäologie - Klassische Archäologie - Provinzialrömische Archäologie - Christliche Archäologie - Archäologie des Mittelalters - Epistemologie der Archäologie.
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The Anatomy Of Denmark

Author : Klavs Randsborg
ISBN : 0715638424
Genre : History
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"The Anatomy of Denmark" is a concise, well illustrated history of the accomplishments and cultural heritage of the people living on what is now Danish territory since the Ice Age. The archeology and history of the earlier period (before AD 1200) is given as much weight as is the more recent past, unlike standard history books which emphasize written texts and more modern times. The book demonstrates the deep roots of a successful, well protected region through the ages. Strategically situated between two seas, as well as between larger Scandinavia and Central Europe, this populous beautiful country has always been both close to the centers of development and somewhat protected from foreign excesses. A particular talent for social organization, education, management and production has taken small Denmark out into the world ever since the Ice Age. "The Anatomy of Denmark" is clearly written and lavishly furnished with illustrations and tables. It provides an brief, fact-packed introduction for anyone interested in this small thriving country - archaeologist, historian, tourist and business visitor alike.
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