Teaching Community

Author : bell hooks
ISBN : 9781135457990
Genre : Social Science
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Ten years ago, bell hooks astonished readers with Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom. Now comes Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope - a powerful, visionary work that will enrich our teaching and our lives. Combining critical thinking about education with autobiographical narratives, hooks invites readers to extend the discourse of race, gender, class and nationality beyond the classroom into everyday situations of learning. bell hooks writes candidly about her own experiences. Teaching, she explains, can happen anywhere, any time - not just in college classrooms but in churches, in bookstores, in homes where people get together to share ideas that affect their daily lives. In Teaching Community bell hooks seeks to theorize from the place of the positive, looking at what works. Writing about struggles to end racism and white supremacy, she makes the useful point that "No one is born a racist. Everyone makes a choice." Teaching Community tells us how we can choose to end racism and create a beloved community. hooks looks at many issues-among them, spirituality in the classroom, white people looking to end racism, and erotic relationships between professors and students. Spirit, struggle, service, love, the ideals of shared knowledge and shared learning - these values motivate progressive social change. Teachers of vision know that democratic education can never be confined to a classroom. Teaching - so often undervalued in our society -- can be a joyous and inclusive activity. bell hooks shows the way. "When teachers teach with love, combining care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect, and trust, we are often able to enter the classroom and go straight to the heart of the matter, which is knowing what to do on any given day to create the best climate for learning."
Category: Social Science

Learning Teaching And Community

Author : Lucinda Pease-Alvarez
ISBN : 9781135615314
Genre : Education
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This volume brings together established and new scholarly voices to explore how participatory and situated approaches to learning can contribute to educational innovation. The contributors' critical examinations of educational programming and engagements provide insights into how educators, youth, families, and community members understand and enact their commitments to diversity and equitable access. Collectively, these essays complicate notions of community, alerting readers to ways in which community can be constructed other than in geographical and ethnoracial terms--as alliances and collaborations of individuals joining together to accomplish or negotiate shared agendas. The focus on agency combined with social context, a dialectic to which all of the authors speak, enlarges and invigorates our sense of what is pedagogically possible in societies characterized by diversity and flux. *Part I, "Linking Pedagogy to Communities," focuses on dynamic initiatives where practitioners collaborate with community members and other professionals as they acknowledge and build on the cultural, linguistic, and intellectual resources of ethnic-minority students and their communities. *Part II, "Professional Learning for Diversity," centers on the authors' experiences in facilitating opportunities for working with prospective and practicing teachers to develop situated pedagogies, highlighting both the challenges that emerge and the transformations that occur. *Part III, "Learning in Community (and Community in Learning), illustrates how educational innovation can extend beyond the realm of schools and classrooms by elucidating ways in which individuals construct learning venues in out-of-school settings. Learning, Teaching, and Community: Contributions of Situated and Participatory Approaches to Educational Innovation is a compelling and timely text ideally suited for courses focused on teacher education and development, informal learning, equity and education, multilingual and multicultural education, language and culture, educational foundations, and school reform/educational restructuring, and will be equally of interest to faculty, researchers, and professionals in these areas.
Category: Education

A Mindful Teaching Community

Author : Kelly Hanson
ISBN : 9781498558853
Genre : Education
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A Mindful Teaching Community: Possibilities for Teacher Professional Learning describes a grassroots professional learning journey wherein a group of practicing classroom teachers researches their teaching practices and the role of mindfulness in their learning. Using a mix of methods, this book illustrates how the stories of an educator can be uncovered, investigated, and transformed through practicing mindfulness within a community. Through the stories told in this collection the teachers learn to see greater connections between their individual ways of thinking, their actions, and the greater system they live and work in. The storied inquiry of the educators offers unique possibilities for teachers’ professional learning.
Category: Education

Teaching Learning And Community

Author : Pederito A. Aparece
ISBN : 8878390291
Genre : Philosophy
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It is widely accepted among Wittgensteinian scholars that he expounded no succinct and precise theory regarding the philosophy of education. His interest in the field of education, nonetheless, can be seen in his pedagogical approach to the philosophical problems which he tried to solve. The overall argument of this study consists of making evident and defending the claim that Wittgenstein's ideas are valid theoretical foundations for a clarification of the aforementioned educational concepts and that based on this a new perspective of understanding them is offered. The claim will ultimately show that Wittgenstein's ideas are not only confined to the philosophy of language but also significant in and not alien to the philosophy of education.
Category: Philosophy

Learning And Teaching Community Based Research

Author : Catherine Etmanski
ISBN : 9781442612570
Genre : Education
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Community-Based Research, or CBR, is a mix of innovative, participatory approaches that put the community at the heart of the research process. Learning and Teaching Community-Based Research shows that CBR can also operate as an innovative pedagogical practice, engaging community members, research experts, and students. This collection is an unmatched source of information on the theory and practice of using CBR in a variety of university- and community-based educational settings. Developed at and around the University of Victoria, and with numerous examples of Indigenous-led and Indigenous-focused approaches to CBR, Learning and Teaching Community Based-Research will be of interest to those involved in community outreach, experiential learning, and research in non-university settings, as well as all those interested in the study of teaching and learning.
Category: Education

Innovative Approaches For Teaching Community Organization Skills In The Classroom

Author : Donna Hardina
ISBN : 9781317826040
Genre : Education
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Bring your students the latest developments in community organization! Innovative Approaches for Teaching Community Organization Skills in the Classroom will help social work educators efficiently teach students methods of practice that they need to know in order to offer the best services to clients with a variety of different needs in a variety of settings. Here you'll find assignments and exercises that combine new technology with progressive ideas about integrating theory and practice. This valuable book consistently addresses topics that will stimulate discussion on the value assumptions inherent in community practice, appropriate ways to transmit these values in the classroom, and the best way to help students develop their own frameworks for ethical decisionmaking. Innovative Approaches for Teaching Community Organization Skills in the Classroom will be a valuable addition to your collection. This accessible and comprehensive book identifies and provides detailed information for teaching these skills in the classroom: ethical decisionmaking community assessment interpersonal skills development making your practice effective in a multi-cultural environment organizing your practice with computer technology This book describes teaching methods that will educate your students on the development of self-awareness, multicultural competency, and ethical content for practice, preparing them for the diverse situations that may arise in their professional careers.
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Opportunities And Constraints Of Community Language Teaching

Author : Sjaak Kroon
ISBN : 1853591645
Genre : Education
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This book presents the results of a case study that, as part of the European Communities Comparative Evaluation Project, was conducted on the EC Pilot Project Community Languages in the Secondary Curriculum, carried out in London, Birmingham and Nottingham. The case study consists of a document analysis, interviews with some of the projects key persons, observations in community language classrooms, and a mail survey among community language teachers. The book strongly argues for giving minority languages a more stable place in the curriculum.
Category: Education

Community Based Teaching

Author : Susan L. Deutsch
ISBN : 0943126592
Genre : Medical
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Changes in health care delivery mean that increasing numbers of patients are being treated in office or community settings. Even though internists will likely spend the majority of their time in these settings, most of their training is still in an academic institution or teaching hospital. Community-Based Teaching illustrates the benefits of training medical students and residents in the setting in which they will deliver care. This manual is an essential guide for educators, clinicians, students, and everyone interested in the newest methods for medical training and education.
Category: Medical