Stolen Legacy

Author : George G. M. James
ISBN : 1626543348
Genre : History
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Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James refutes the Euro-centric myth that the origin of Western philosophy is Greek. First published in 1954, this book was seminal in leading to a radical reappraisal of a philosophical system long thought to be of European origin. It is an essential work in the syllabus for the study of Western philosophy.
Category: History

Stolen Legacy Also Includes The Mis Education Of The Negro And The Willie Lynch Letter

Author : Carter G. Woodson
ISBN : 1631820621
Genre : History
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Challenging the notion that civilization started in Greece, this uncompromising classic attempts to prove that the true authors of Greek philosophy were not Greeks but Egyptians. The text asserts that the praise and honor blindly given to the Greeks for centuries rightfully belong to the people of Africa, and argues that the theft of this great African legacy led to the erroneous world opinion that the African continent has made no contribution to civilization. Quoting such celebrated Greek scholars as Herodotus, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Thales, and Pythagoras, who admit to the influence of Egyptian studies in their work, this edition sheds new light on traditional philosophical and historical thought. Originally published in 1954, this book features a new introduction.
Category: History

Schwarze Athene

Author : Martin Bernal
ISBN : 3471771700
Genre : Civilization, Western
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Category: Civilization, Western

S Dwind

Author : Josef Estermann
ISBN : 9783643802538
Genre :
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Morality And The Construction Of Religion In Anne Rice S Vampire Chronicles

Author : Christina Beyer
ISBN : 9783742783233
Genre : Philosophy
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One of the reasons why the Vampire has undergone extreme changes can easily be found: The perspective has changed. Whereas in former times Dracula was presented as a deathly threat to anyone who encountered him, Anne Rice gave the vampire a platform to expose his own perception of (after-)life. Having done that, the reader is now confronted with different questions. Instead of asking “How can this thing be killed most effectively?“, we feel for Louis when he tortures himself with the fear of being damned. In this thesis, first of all the question if a vampire can still be read as a person will be considered. Since moral rules are generally applicable to living persons only, this question is immensely important in order to find out if Rice’s protagonists are morally obliged to live according to legal laws.
Category: Philosophy

The Palgrave Handbook Of African Philosophy

Author : Adeshina Afolayan
ISBN : 9781137592910
Genre : Philosophy
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This handbook investigates the current state and future possibilities of African Philosophy, as a discipline and as a practice, vis-à-vis the challenge of African development and Africa’s place in a globalized, neoliberal capitalist economy. The volume offers a comprehensive survey of the philosophical enterprise in Africa, especially with reference to current discourses, arguments and new issues—feminism and gender, terrorism and fundamentalism, sexuality, development, identity, pedagogy and multidisciplinarity, etc.—that are significant for understanding how Africa can resume its arrested march towards decolonization and liberation.
Category: Philosophy

Wohlstand Und Armut Der Nationen

Author : David Landes
ISBN : 9783641051112
Genre : History
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Das Standardwerk zur Wirtschaftsgeschichte Kaum eine Frage ist umstrittener und stärker mit Ideologie befrachtet als die, warum manche Länder wirtschaftlich äußerst erfolgreich sind, während andere unfähig scheinen, aus ihrer Armut herauszufinden. Liegt es am Klima? An der Kultur? An der Politik? In seiner umfassenden Geschichte über die Weltwirtschaft der letzten sechshundert Jahre entwickelt David Landes Antworten auf diese Fragen und bietet zugleich ein Standardwerk zur Geschichte der Weltwirtschaft.
Category: History

Routledge International Handbook Of Sport Psychology

Author : Robert J. Schinke
ISBN : 9781317692317
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Contemporary sport psychology is a rapidly developing and theoretically rich discipline, and a sophisticated and challenging profession. The Routledge International Handbook of Sport Psychology offers a comprehensive and authoritative guide to contemporary sport psychology in all its aspects. Written by a team of world-leading researchers and practitioners from five continents, including both established scholars and the best emerging talents, the book traces the contours of the discipline of sport psychology, introducing fundamental theory, discussing key issues in applied practice, and exploring the most important themes, topics and debates across the sport psychology curriculum. Uniquely, the book presents comparative studies of the history and contemporary practice of sport psychology in ten countries, including the US, UK, China, Japan, Brazil, Russia and Israel, helping the reader to understand the cultural and contextual factors that shape international practice in sport psychology. As well as covering in depth the core pillars of sport psychology, from motivation and cognition to group dynamics, the book also includes a full section on cultural sport psychology, a vital but under-explored sub-discipline that is having a profound influence on contemporary theory and practice. With 56 chapters and unparalleled range, depth and currency, the Routledge Handbook of International Sport Psychology is an essential addition to any library with a serious holding in sport psychology.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Reprogram Your Brain For Happiness Progressive Mental Health

Author : Theresa Boza
ISBN : 9781504950978
Genre : Social Science
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Do you have issues of poor anger management, depression, anxiety, failure in your work or your love life, social phobias, financial problems, feelings of hopelessness, or just a lack of happiness in your life? If so, it is highly likely that your emotional mind, the limbic system and the amygdala functions of your brain, have been impacted. Did you know that your brain is your greatest asset? Your brain is not hardwired, and you can reprogram your brain for a successful life and a peaceful life. You can reprogram your brain to end dysfunctional symptoms like rage, depression, anxiety, compulsive overeating, or drug abuse. No matter what your current situation, you can use your brain to minimize negative thoughts and negative emotions. You can use your brain to maximize positive thinking. In this book, you will learn practical steps you can take to increase the happy hormones for your brainendorphin, serotonin, and dopamine to reduce anxiety, rage, depression and increase your level of happiness, mental health goals, and sense of spiritual peace. You will learn the strategies of spiritual ancestors like Nelson Mandela, who endured and withstood the traumas of slavery and/or oppression but achieved success. To heal your mental health you need to know the truth of the human race, our relatedness and your ancestral history. You can incorporate the spiritual wisdom of your ancestors and delete the traits that interfere with emotional health for yourself and for others. This book begins that process of healing for happiness, peace and non-violence referred to as the Ta-Merrian way, which is the wisdom of ancestors. Imagine the wealth of what you can learn if you access the spiritual energy of ancestors who successfully overcame harsh traumas.
Category: Social Science