Shamanism Colonialism And The Wild Man

Author : Michael T. Taussig
ISBN : 0226790134
Genre : Social Science
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Looks at the interaction between civilized and primitive people in Colombia, examines the role of the shaman, and discusses healing practices in the jungle
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Author :
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On Violence

Author : Bruce B. Lawrence
ISBN : 082233769X
Genre : Political Science
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DIVAn interdisciplinary collection of primary texts on the subject of violence, from Freud to Gramsci to Foucault, from Ghandi to Osama bin Laden. The editors' introductions frame the texts within questions of how violence is generated and perpetuated in so/div
Category: Political Science

Border Crossings

Author : Henry A. Giroux
ISBN : 0415904676
Genre : Education
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Since 1992, Border Crossings has showcased Henry Giroux's extraordinary range as a thinker by bringing together a series of essays that refigure the relationship between post-modernism, feminism, cultural studies and critical pedagogy. With discussions of topics including the struggle over academic canon, the role of popular culture in the curriculum and the cultural war the New Right has waged on schools, Giroux identified the most pressing issues facing critical educators at the turn of the century. In this revised edition, Giroux reflects on the limits and possibilities of border crossings in the 21st century. "Borders" in our post 9/11 world have not been collapsing, he argues, but vigorously rebuilt. In order to have a truly critically engaged citizenry the challenges of these new "borders"- such as the increased militarization of public spaces, the rise of neo-liberalism, and the war in Iraq- must play a vital role in any debate on school and pedagogy.
Category: Education

Critical Theory And Performance

Author : Janelle G. Reinelt
ISBN : 0472068865
Genre : Performing Arts
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The first comprehensive survey of the major critical currents and approaches in the lively field of performance studies
Category: Performing Arts

Voodoo In Haiti

Author : Alfred Métraux
ISBN : 3926112395
Genre : Folklore
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Ayahuasca And Shamanism

Author : Michael Taussig
ISBN : 1570271313
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Michael Taussig first visited the Putumayo region of the Colombian Amazon in 1972, and has returned almost annually since 1976 to drink yage (the hallucinogenic vine ayahuasca) by the Mocoa River with his shaman friend, the late Santiago Mutumbajoy. Research on these trips constituted much of the fieldwork for his 1987 book Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man, which is a primary topic of this interview, along with Colombian politics, cultures of drug use, and changes observed by the author over the last three decades. Pamphlet.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Scramble For The Amazon And The Lost Paradise Of Euclides Da Cunha

Author : Susanna B. Hecht
ISBN : 9780226322810
Genre : History
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The fortunes of the late nineteenth century’s imperial and industrial powers depended on a single raw material—rubber—with only one source: the Amazon basin. And so began the scramble for the Amazon—a decades-long conflict that found Britain, France, Belgium, and the United States fighting with and against the new nations of Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil for the forest’s riches. In the midst of this struggle, Euclides da Cunha, engineer, journalist, geographer, political theorist, and one of Brazil’s most celebrated writers, led a survey expedition to the farthest reaches of the river, among the world’s most valuable, dangerous, and little-known landscapes. The Scramble for the Amazon tells the story of da Cunha’s terrifying journey, the unfinished novel born from it, and the global strife that formed the backdrop for both. Haunted by his broken marriage, da Cunha trekked through a beautiful region thrown into chaos by guerrilla warfare, starving migrants, and native slavery. All the while, he worked on his masterpiece, a nationalist synthesis of geography, philosophy, biology, and journalism he named the Lost Paradise. Da Cunha intended his epic to unveil the Amazon’s explorers, spies, natives, and brutal geopolitics, but, as Susanna B. Hecht recounts, he never completed it—his wife’s lover shot him dead upon his return. At once the biography of an extraordinary writer, a masterly chronicle of the social, political, and environmental history of the Amazon, and a superb translation of the remaining pieces of da Cunha’s project, The Scramble for the Amazon is a work of thrilling intellectual ambition.
Category: History

Late Modernist Poetics

Author : Anthony Mellors
ISBN : 0719058856
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Rejecting the familiar notion that modernism emerged during the 1930s, this text argues that it was the fusion of rationalism and mysticism that enabled the genre to grow, even after it was discreditied by the events of World War Two.
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