Shamanism Colonialism And The Wild Man

Author : Michael T. Taussig
ISBN : 0226790134
Genre : Social Science
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Looks at the interaction between civilized and primitive people in Colombia, examines the role of the shaman, and discusses healing practices in the jungle
Category: Social Science

On Violence

Author : Bruce B. Lawrence
ISBN : 082233769X
Genre : Political Science
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DIVAn interdisciplinary collection of primary texts on the subject of violence, from Freud to Gramsci to Foucault, from Ghandi to Osama bin Laden. The editors' introductions frame the texts within questions of how violence is generated and perpetuated in so/div
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Author :
ISBN : 0226790126
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Critical Theory And Performance

Author : Janelle G. Reinelt
ISBN : 0472068865
Genre : Performing Arts
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The first comprehensive survey of the major critical currents and approaches in the lively field of performance studies
Category: Performing Arts

Mythologie Des Pygm Es Baka I

Author : Kocku von Stuckrad
ISBN : 9042912537
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Schamanische Techniken und Weltbilder haben in den letzten dreissig Jahren eine zunehmende Aufmerksamkeit in westlichen Gesellschaften erfahren und zur Bildung eines religiosen Feldes gefuhrt, das haufig als Neo-Schamanismus bezeichnet wird. Das vorliegende Buch analysiert dieses Feld in seinem kulturgeschichtlichen Kontext und zeigt auf, dass der moderne Schamanismus, der eine Popularisierung akademischer Wissensbestande darstellt, keineswegs als ein ganzlich neues Phanomen zu interpretieren ist. Vielmehr ist er Teil einer Faszinationsgeschichte des Schamanismus, die sich bis ins siebzehnte Jahrhundert zuruck verfolgen lasst. Nach einer Beschreibung der ambivalenten Haltung europaischer Beobachter zum Schamanen als einem religiosen Spezialisten - wobei der Schwerpunkt auf Aufklarung und Romantik liegt -, werden die zentralen Begriffe des gegenwartigen euro-amerikanischen Schamanismus-Diskurses, namlich Natur- und Seelenkonzepte, in ihrer Verbindung mit esoterischen und naturphilosophischen Traditionen der westlichen Neuzeit interpretiert. Die Verschrankung von Esoterik und Aufklarung, von Irrationalismus und Rationalismus, erweist sich dabei als ein Strukturelement der euro-amerikanischen Geistesgeschichte.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Paths To Domination Resistance And Terror

Author : Carolyn Nordstrom
ISBN : 0520073169
Genre : Political Science
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The Paths to Terror offers a new and refreshing perspective on sociopolitical violence: one that highlights the human experience of domination, resistance, and terror as they are woven into the fabric of everyday life. These innovative essays take the reader from the Americas, through Europe and the Middle East, and to Asia to capture the cultural construction of sociopolitical violence. The authors expand our view of the ethnographic reality, revealing the complex interplay among local, national, and international actors in the perpetuation of violence and terror. The organization of the essays along a continuum from domination, through the emergence of resistance, to the development of cultures of conflict and terror underlines the value of understanding the growth and resolution of violence as cultural dynamics.
Category: Political Science

Healing Insanity A Study Of Igbo Medicine In Contemporary Nigeria

Author : Patrick E. Iroegbu
ISBN : 9781450096294
Genre : Medical
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Healing Insanity: A Study of Igbo Medicine in Contemporary Nigeria is an original and in-depth study on endogenous medical system in an African society. It is craftily written and provides solid insight, through case studies and theory, into how insanity affects patients and the society. Particularly, it explores various collective representations and strategies regarding insanity and healing as it examines the healing institutions, healers, and ritual cults. The central question is, given the patterns of healing, how do the Igbo shape the incidence and symptoms of insanity, define its aetiology, and provide healers with culture-specific resources and skills to address this illness? The focus became increasingly centred on bodily semantics and endogenous knowledge systems and practices. Dr. Patrick Iroegbu’s work is a very valuable and rare study and has appeared at a desirable time. It is, for an African society, a comprehensive study of the many ways Igbo people, in their practical, routinelike attitudes and body-centred experiences, as well as in their more reflective aetiologic knowledge and healing institutions, relate to the phenomenon of insanity, or ara, in the cultural parlance. As the first of its kind, reminiscent of, and assured by, the various remarks of Igbo scholars and leaders at various meetings and discourses, the task this work has set out to accomplish is a very brave one. The author’s account of his fieldwork experiences and adopted techniques illustrates his initiation, revealing him as a genuine ethnographer who is a “friend of people and at ease with his field.” With both the far-seeing and inspiring analysis of Igbo medicine, life, and culture accounted for in the work, the book stands out for ethnographers, teachers, students, leaders, policymakers, and the general public. This is a book that deserves to be read as it shapes the critical path toward understanding ways of healing insanity in a culture-specific context, crosscutting perspectives for a relationship between indigenous healing and the biomedical sphere. —Prof. René Devisch (Africa Research Centre, University of Leuven) This book is written with a clear purpose for everyone to read—to understand and heal insanity—and indeed provides a thick piece of cultural philosophy and vernacular of Igbo medicine in hopes of putting cultural wisdom in pursuit of integral health care development. —Prof. Pantaleon Iroegbu (Professor of Philosophy, Major-Seminary, Ekpoma, January 2006) To read this book, as I did, is to get the benefit of Dr. Patrick Iroegbu’s ethnographic insight for an archetypical African healing system in Igboland. It offers a fascinating theory of symbolic release that speaks of African symbolic action and knowledge system. —Dr. Paul Komba, Esq. (University of Cambridge)
Category: Medical

Translated Woman

Author : Ruth Behar
ISBN : 9780807070468
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Translated Woman tells the story of an unforgettable encounter between Ruth Behar, a Cuban-American feminist anthropologist, and Esperanza Hernández, a Mexican street peddler. The tale of Esperanza's extraordinary life yields unexpected and profound reflections on the mutual desires that bind together anthropologists and their "subjects." From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Biography & Autobiography


Author : James Clifford
ISBN : 9780674726222
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 47.17 MB
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Returns explores homecomings--the ways people recover and renew their roots. Engaging with indigenous histories of survival and transformation, James Clifford opens fundamental questions about where we are going, separately and together, in a globalizing, but not homogenizing, world. It was once widely assumed that tribal societies were destined to disappear. Sooner or later, irresistible economic and political forces would complete the destruction begun by culture contact and colonialism. But aboriginal groups persist, a reality that complicates familiar narratives of modernization. History is a multidirectional process where the word "indigenous," long associated with primitivism and localism, takes on unexpected meanings. In these probing essays, native people in California, Alaska, and Oceania are shown to be agents, not victims, struggling within and against dominant forms of cultural identity and economic power. Their returns to the land, performances of heritage, and diasporic ties are strategies for moving forward, ways to articulate what can paradoxically be called "traditional futures." With inventiveness and pragmatism, often against the odds, indigenous people are forging original pathways in a tangled, open-ended modernity. Third in a series that includes The Predicament of Culture and Routes, this volume continues Clifford's signature exploration of intercultural representations, travels, and now returns.
Category: Social Science