Shadow Mothers

Author : Cameron Lynne Macdonald
ISBN : 9780520947818
Genre : Political Science
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Shadow Mothers shines new light on an aspect of contemporary motherhood often hidden from view: the need for paid childcare by women returning to the workforce, and the complex bonds mothers forge with the "shadow mothers" they hire. Cameron Lynne Macdonald illuminates both sides of an unequal and complicated relationship. Based on in-depth interviews with professional women and childcare providers— immigrant and American-born nannies as well as European au pairs—Shadow Mothers locates the roots of individual skirmishes between mothers and their childcare providers in broader cultural and social tensions. Macdonald argues that these conflicts arise from unrealistic ideals about mothering and inflexible career paths and work schedules, as well as from the devaluation of paid care work.
Category: Political Science

Shadow Mothers

Author : Linda Back McKay
ISBN : 0878391290
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Category: Family & Relationships

The Shadow Mother

Author : Sean Virgo
ISBN : 0888999712
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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A man who falls in love with a Selkie, a seal that sheds its skin and comes ashore as a woman, hides her skin in a chest so that she won't return to the sea, and it remains there until their son discovers the chest on his tenth birthday.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Working In The Service Society

Author : Cameron Lynne Macdonald
ISBN : 1566394805
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 20.35 MB
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Essays and case studies on "the problems of organizing and new models of unionism ... in the context of women's work culture, multiracial workplaces, contingent and part-time work, and participatory innovations to improve service and experience of work simultaneously."--Back cover.
Category: Business & Economics

The Eyes Of My Mother

Author : Ms
ISBN : 9781480908802
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 68.84 MB
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The Eyes of My Mother by Ms is a soulful collection of poems inspired by emotions evoked by the life and passing of her dear mother, Ivana. Select any one of these expressive pieces and you will be moved by the strength of their connection. This compilation will resonate with anyone who has ever lost someone so near and dear to them.
Category: Poetry

Message From An Unknown Chinese Mother

Author : Xinran
ISBN : 9781451610949
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 39.50 MB
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Following her internationally bestselling book The Good Women of China, Xinran has written one of the most powerful accounts of the lives of Chinese women. Her searing stories of mothers who have been driven to abandon their daughters or give them up for adoption is a masterful and significant work of literary reportage and oral history. Xinran has gained entrance to the most pained, secret chambers in the hearts of Chinese mothers—students, successful businesswomen, midwives, peasants—who have given up their daughters. Whether as a consequence of the single-child policy, destructive age-old traditions, or hideous economic necessity, these women had to give up their daughters for adoption; others even had to watch as their baby daughters were taken away at birth and drowned. Xinran beautifully portrays the “extra-birth guerrillas” who travel the roads and the railways, evading the system, trying to hold on to more than one baby; naïve young girl students who have made life-wrecking mistakes; the “pebble mother” on the banks of the Yangzte River still looking into the depths for her stolen daughter; peasant women rejected by their families because they can’t produce a male heir; and Little Snow, the orphaned baby fostered by Xinran but confiscated by the state. For parents of adopted Chinese children and for the children themselves, this is an indispensable, powerful, and intensely moving book. Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother is powered by love and by heartbreak and will stay with readers long after they have turned the final page.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Her Mother S Shadow

Author : Diane Chamberlain
ISBN : 9781459244436
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.83 MB
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Annie A loving mother and wife, Annie O'Neill was the heart of the small community of Kiss River. But her generous nature hid a darker side that remained secret for years after her tragic death. Lacey When Lacey O'Neill finally learns the shattering truth about the mother she's spent a decade emulating, the foundation of her life begins to crumble. Then her close childhood friend dies, leaving her teenage daughter, Mackenzie, in Lacey's care, and Lacey unwillingly finds herself in the role of mother. Mackenzie Uprooted by her mother's death, Mackenzie resents her new home of Kiss River. She wants nothing to do with the father who never knew she existed—and especially not her mother's oldest friend. But the person who could understand her best might be the one she resents most: Lacey.
Category: Fiction

My Mother S Shadow The Unputdownable Summer Read About A Mother S Shocking Secret That Changed Everything

Author : Nikola Scott
ISBN : 9781472241177
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64.14 MB
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Addie thinks she knows everything about her mother. But when a stranger appears claiming to be her sister, she realises that her life so far has been a lie. But why? 'Intriguing, twisting... I loved it' Dinah Jefferies. 'A gripping family mystery told in lush, evocative prose' Erin Kelly. 'A well-written, intriguing read full of family secrets... Brilliant' Fabulous Perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Santa Montefiore. Hartland House has always been a faithful keeper of secrets... 1958. Sent to beautiful Hartland to be sheltered from her mother's illness, Liz spends the summer with the wealthy Shaw family. They treat Liz as one of their own, but their influence could be dangerous... Now. Addie believes she knows everything about her mother Elizabeth and their difficult relationship until her recent death. When a stranger appears claiming to be Addie's sister, she is stunned. Is everything she's been told about her early life a lie? How can you find the truth about the past if the one person who could tell you is gone? Addie must go back to that golden summer her mother never spoke of...and the one night that changed a young girl's life for ever. 'A compelling family story... Beautifully written and evokes vivid pictures of an English summer in the 1950s' Sheila O'Flanagan. 'Trembles with family secrets' Victoria Fox
Category: Fiction

The Demands Of Motherhood

Author : L. Smyth
ISBN : 9781137010254
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 21.3 MB
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Drawing on qualitative interviews with forty middle-class mothers living in Northern Ireland and the US, this book explores the strategies women adopt, as they take on and creatively re-make motherhood in ways which allow them to cope.
Category: Social Science

In Sunshine And In Shadow

Author : Dixie Miller Stewart
ISBN : 9781618622938
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 46.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Rob didn't merely stab the man because of that day's pain...He stabbed what that man represented: someone bigger and badder; someone who didn't play fair, who sexually violated his body and innocence, someone who had repeatedly robbed him ...and twice left him for dead from stab wounds and who countless times mocked and humiliated him in public. He finally stabbed those men back.In 2003, Robert Bowers waived trial and pled guilty to murder in the second degree. He is serving seventeen years to life in a California State Prison. InIn Sunshine and In Shadow, his mother tells his heartbreaking story. Autism, addiction, and abuse made life an incredible struggle for Rob. Although his mother was used to getting calls asking 'Are you the mother of Robert Bowers?', nothing could have prepared her for the call letting her know her son had stabbed a man. Dixie Miller Stewart gives a voice to frightened parents, a heart to a society hardened by behaviors they don't understand, and a conscience to anyone who rejects the different child. She challenges readers to look past their misconceptions. The disheveled, young man you see retrieving aluminum cans you've discarded or the young woman sweeping the parking lot of a restaurant in exchange for a meal are not homeless. They live in the hearts of their families. Experience how the love of a mother and son enduresIn Sunshine and In Shadow.
Category: Biography & Autobiography