Author : David Grant Noble
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Genre : History
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Describes how early cultures settles in what is now an arid, lifeless basin. Once a fertile area of lakes and ponds, the flats attracted game animals and prehistoric hunters. Historians and archaeologists detail the native cultures and the rock art of the Salinas flats. Salinas concludes with discussions of the Spanish presence at Quarai and the turbulence surrounding the Spanish Inquisition.
Category: History

From Prehistoric Villages To Cities

Author : Jennifer Birch
ISBN : 9781135045111
Genre : History
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Archaeologists have focused a great deal of attention on explaining the evolution of village societies and the transition to a ‘Neolithic’ way of life. Considerable interest has also concentrated on urbanism and the rise of the earliest cities. Between these two landmarks in human cultural development lies a critical stage in social and political evolution. Throughout world, at various points in time, people living in small, dispersed village communities have come together into larger and more complex social formations. These community aggregates were, essentially, middle-range; situated between the earliest villages and emergent chiefdoms and states. This volume explores the social processes involved in the creation and maintenance of aggregated communities and how they brought about revolutionary transformations that affected virtually every aspect of a society and its culture. While there have been a number of studies that address coalescence from a regional perspective, less is understood about how aggregated communities functioned internally. The key premise explored in this volume is that large-scale, long-term cultural transformations were ultimately enacted in the context of daily practices, interactions, and what might be otherwise considered the mundane aspects of everyday life. How did these processes play out "on the ground" in diverse and historically contingent settings? What are the strategies and mechanisms that people adopt in order to facilitate living in larger social formations? What changes in social relations occur when people come together? This volume employs a broadly cross-cultural approach to interrogating these questions, employing case studies which span four continents and more than 10,000 years of human history.
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Constructing Community

Author : Alison E. Rautman
ISBN : 9780816530694
Genre : Social Science
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In Constructing Community, Alison E. Rautman uses the Salinas District in New Mexico to examine the relationships of subsistence practices, mobility, and settlement. Rautman tackles a very broad topic: how archaeologists use material evidence to infer and imagine how people lived in the past, how they coped with everyday decisions and tensions, and how they created a sense of themselves and their place in the world.
Category: Social Science

Alternative Leadership Strategies In The Prehispanic Southwest

Author : Barbara J. Mills
ISBN : 9780816520282
Genre : History
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In considerations of societal change, the application of classic evolutionary schemes to prehistoric southwestern peoples has always been problematic for scholars. Because recent theoretical developments point toward more variation in the scale, hierarchy, and degree of centralization of complex societies, this book takes a fresh look at southwestern prehistory with these new ideas in mind. This is the first book-length work to apply new theories of social organization and leadership strategies to the prehispanic Southwest. It examines leadership strategies in a number of archaeological contextsÑfrom Chaco Canyon to Casas Grandes, from Hohokam to ZuniÑto show striking differences in the way that leadership was constructed across the region. These case studies provide ample evidence for alternative models of leadership in middle-range societies. By illustrating complementary approaches in the study of political organization, they offer new insight into power and inequality. They also provide important models of how today's archaeologists are linking data to theory, providing a basis for comparative analysis with other regions. CONTENTS Alternative Models, Alternative Strategies: Leadership in the Prehispanic Southwest / Barbara J. Mills Political Leadership and the Construction of Chacoan Great Houses, A.D. 1020-1140 / W. H. Wills Leadership, Long-Distance Exchange, and Feasting in the Protohistoric Rio Grande / William M. Graves and Katherine A. Spielmann Ritual as a Power Resource in the American Southwest / James M. Potter and Elizabeth M. Perry Ceramic Decoration as Power: Late Prehistoric Design Change in East-Central Arizona / Scott Van Keuren Leadership Strategies in Protohistoric Zuni Towns / Keith W. Kintigh Organizational Variability in Platform Mound-Building Groups of the American Southwest / Mark D. Elson and David R. Abbott Leadership Strategies among the Classic Period Hohokam: A Case Study / Karen G. Harry and James M. Bayman The Institutional Contexts of Hohokam Complexity and Inequality / Suzanne K. Fish and Paul R. Fish Leadership at Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico / Michael E. Whalen and Paul E. Minnis Reciprocity and Its Limits: Considerations for a Study of the Prehispanic Pueblo World / Timothy A. Kohler, Matthew W. Van Pelt, and Lorene Y. L. Yap Dual-Processual Theory and Social Formations in the Southwest / Gary M. Feinman
Category: History

Extinction Or Survival

Author : S. K. Adam
ISBN : 9781317259831
Genre : Social Science
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How could an urban American Indian tribe, having survived relentless earlier governmental attempts to declare its culture extinct, be once again on the verge of extinction? The Tigua of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo dwell in the outskirts of El Paso, Texas, where the infamous Jack Abramoff was in the news for helping to close their highly successful casino. This casino had created jobs and funded health care for the tribe, and now the Tigua are once more taking action to preserve their economy, membership, and culture. This highly publicised casino story is set against the remarkably rich history of the Tigua, including earlier attempts by national and state governments to steal the tribe's land and destroy its legal status. Anthropologist S. K. Adam explores how questions of identity can be linked to cultural survival: Had the Tigua somehow survived 300 years of persecution and urban encroachment, or, as alleged by the government, were they really just Mexicanised Indians acting fraudulently? Adam examines how terms such as indigeneity, identity, authenticity, culture change, and perseverance are understood and defined by the US government. He analyses how issues of power, law, discourse, genocide, and self-determination affect the relationship between the United States and its indigenous populations, past and present.
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Blanket Weaving In The Southwest

Author : Joe Ben Wheat
ISBN : 0816523045
Genre : Art
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A history and description of southwestern textiles along with a catalog of Pueblo, Navajo, Mexican, and Spanish American blankets, ponchos, and sarapes.
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Ho To The Land Of Sunshine

Author : William Penner
ISBN : 9780578134093
Genre : Belen (N.M.)
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The Belen Cutoff gave the AT&SF Railway a legitimate transcontinental freight line by eliminating the steep grades of Raton Pass. The Cutoff also transformed the eastern plains of New Mexico in the first half of the twentieth century, leading to New Mexico's most significant population increase as many homesteaders came to the region. This book tells that story by providing the perspectives of the AT&SF balanced by the experiences and narratives of railroad workers, homesteaders, and others. New research includes detailed consideration of internal railroad documents, local newspapers, and extensive oral-history interviews. As a result, this is the definitive account of the Belen Cutoff and provides a more complete and nuanced history of the region and the AT&SF Railway in New Mexico.
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