Religion And European Philosophy

Author : Philip Goodchild
ISBN : 9781317282457
Genre : Religion
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Religion and European Philosophy: Key Thinkers from Kant to Žižek draws together a diverse group of scholars in theology, religious studies, and philosophy to discuss the role that religion plays among key figures in the European philosophical tradition. Designed for accessibility, each of the thirty-four chapters includes background information on the key thinker, an overview of the main themes, concepts, and concerns that occupy his or her attention, and a discussion of the religious and theological elements present in his or her thought, in light of contemporary issues. Given the scope of the volume, Religion and European Philosophy will be the go-to guide for understanding the religious and theological dimensions of European philosophy, for both students and established researchers alike.
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An Introduction To Modern European Philosophy

Author : Jenny Teichman
ISBN : 9781349266517
Genre : Philosophy
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An Introduction to Modern European Philosophy, contains scholarly but accessible essays by nine British academics on Hegel, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Marx, Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Maritain, Hannah Arendt, Habermas, Foucault, and the 'Events' of 1968. Written for English-speaking readers, it describes the varied traditions within 19th- and 20th-century European philosophy, reflecting the dynamism and plurality within the European tradition and presenting opposing points of view. It deals with both French and German philosophers, plus Kierkegaard, and is not confined to any one school of thought. It has been purged of jargon but contains a glossary of important technical terms. There is a bibliography of further reading and website information at the end of each chapter.
Category: Philosophy

Philosophy Of Religion For A New Century

Author : Jeremiah Hackett
ISBN : 1402020732
Genre : Religion
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Philosophy of Religion for a New Century represents the work of nineteen scholars presented at a conference in honor of Eugene T. Long at the University of South Carolina, April 5-6, 2002. This volume is a good example of philosophy in dialogue; there is both respect and genuine disagreement. First, an account of our present situation in the Philosophy of Religion is given, leading to a discussion of the very idea of a 'Christian Philosophy' and the coherence of the traditional concept of God. The implications of science and a concern for the environment in our concepts of God are carefully examined. A discussion follows on the possibility of speech about God and silence about God. Since much of modern European philosophy is concerned with the `Death of God' theme, the positions of Nietzsche and some of his twentieth-century interpreters are presented. There are presentations on Feminist Approaches to Philosophy of Religion, and Comparative Religion is examined in relation to cultures and the demands of rationality. The volume concludes with a critical dialogue on the relation of Religious Discourse to the Public Sphere. Developing global awareness has led to significant change in the Philosophy of Religion. One-dimensional approaches have given way to honest dialogue. The traditional boundaries between the secular and the religious have shifted, and new approaches to traditional problems are required. This volume presents examples of these new approaches.
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Religious Experience And The End Of Metaphysics

Author : Jeffrey Bloechl
ISBN : 0253342260
Genre : Religion
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Does religious thinking stand in opposition to postmodernity? Does the existence of God present the ultimate challenge to metaphysics? Strands of continental thought, especially those running from Kant, Husserl, and Heidegger, focus on individual consciousness as the horizon for all meaning and provide modern philosophy of religion with much of its present ferment. In Religious Experience and the End of Metaphysics, 11 influential continental philosophers share the conviction that religious thinking cannot afford to disengage from the challenges of modern European philosophy. Together they provide a rich and intriguing set of answers to questions surrounding the meaning of religious experience. Topics include subjectivity, selfhood, and rationality; language, community, and ethics; the influence of Jewish and eastern religions on religious experience; God as phenomenology; and religion in the postmodern age. These lucid and arresting essays bring together many of the leading voices in the contemporary continental debate on God and religion.
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The Religion Of Existence

Author : Noreen Khawaja
ISBN : 9780226404653
Genre : Religion
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TheReligion of Existence reopens an old debate on an important question: What was existentialism? At the heart of existentialism, Noreen Khawaja argues, is a story about secular thought experimenting with the traditions of European Christianity. This book explores how a distinctly Protestant asceticism formed the basis for the chief existentialist ideal, personal authenticity, which is reflected in approaches ranging from Kierkegaard’s religious theory of the self to Heidegger’s phenomenology of everyday life to Sartre’s global mission of atheistic humanism. Through these three philosophers, she argues, we observe how ascetic norms have shaped one of the twentieth century’s most powerful ways of thinking about identity and difference—the idea that the “true” self is not simply given but something that each of us is responsible for producing. Engaging with many central figures in modern European thought, this book will appeal to philosophers and historians of European philosophy, scholars of modern Christianity, and those working on problems at the intersection of religion and modernity.
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The Philosophy Of Religion

Author : Gwen Griffith-Dickson
ISBN : 0334029899
Genre : Religion
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There is a long tradition of study of religions in their own right, traditionally with a linguistic, philological and textual methodology, and in recent decades with a phenomenological approach. More recently scholars have begun comparative work in which more than one tradition is studied; only very recently has philosophy of religion begun to be comparative. Here in SCM's Core Text: The Philosophy of Religion, Gwen Griffith-Dickson examines the thinkers and ideas of different traditions and brings them together in the examination of philosophical questions such as the problem of evil, the existence of God and the concept of God.
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From Religion To Philosophy

Author : Francis Macdonald Cornford
ISBN : 0691020760
Genre : Philosophy
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In this exploration of the "very first utterance of philosophers", F.M. Cornford probes the intricate connections between critical scientific thought and social and emotional experience.
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The Relationship Of Philosophy To Religion Today

Author : Paolo Diego Bubbio
ISBN : 9781443828260
Genre : Religion
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The Relationship of Philosophy to Religion Today is a collection of texts authored by philosophers with an interest in contemporary philosophy of religion, its merits and its limitations. The collection has been stimulated by such questions as: “What ought philosophy of religion be?” and “How ought philosophy relate to religion today?” In pursuing such questions, the editors have asked the contributors to offer their insights and reflections on issues that they see as important to contemporary philosophy of religion, with the goal of producing a collection of texts offering the reader a variety of perspectives without privileging any particular philosophical, religious or irreligious orientation. The book covers such themes as the relationship between religion and modernity, faith in keeping with reason, contemplation, the merits and limitations of the atheism, and the relationship between philosophy, religion and politics.
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The Metaphysics Of Religion

Author : Michael S. Jones
ISBN : 0838641008
Genre : Philosophy
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Lucian Blaga was an early twentieth-century European philosopher whose work was suppressed at the height of his career by the creation of the Romanian Socialist Republic. Blaga's philosophical writings are rich and creative, spanning metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophical anthropology, aesthetics, philosophy of culture, philosophy of history, and philosophy of religion. Mircea Eliade wrote that Blaga was the most gifted and critical original thinker in the history of Romanian philosophy. Because of historical circumstances, Blaga's philosophy has not become known outside of his own country, although within Romania it continues to be read and discussed. Were it to become known outside of Romania, Blaga's philosophy could provide interesting contributions to contemporary philosophical discussions. The thesis of this book is that Blaga's philosophy can make valuable contributions to contemporary Anglo-American philosophy. In order to support this thesis, Blaga's philosophical system is explained in detail so that the reader may see how it can be applied to a variety of philosophical issues. philosophy of religion in order to demonstrate that it can contribute to contemporary Anglo-American discussions. Michael S. Jones is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Liberty University.
Category: Philosophy