Private Voices Public Lives

Author : Nancy Owen Nelson
ISBN : 0929398882
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Interweaving the personal, private voice with scholarly, public intent, Nelson and the other contributors argue for a more interactive and cooperative approach to the teaching, reading, critiquing, and writing of literature. These essays are a direct result of the desire by many women within the academic community to break free of what has been called the “masculine” or “adversary” mode of literary criticism. Private Voices, Public Lives is of critical importance to readers, teachers, reviewers, and critics. The essays incorporate ideas on current issues of autobiography, memoir, women's voice, reader response, diversity, life writing, and gender.
Category: Literary Criticism

Public Faces Private Lives

Author : Mattison Mines
ISBN : 0520914597
Genre : Social Science
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Individuality is often viewed as an exclusively Western value. In non-Western societies, collective identities seem to eclipse those of individuals. These generalities, however, have overlooked the importance of personal uniqueness, volition, and achievement in these cultures. As an anthropologist in Tamil Nadu, South India, Mattison Mines found private and public expressions of self in all sectors of society. Based on his twenty-five years of field research, Public Faces, Private Voices weaves together personal life stories, historical description, and theoretical analysis to define individuality in South Asia and to distinguish it from its Western counterpart. This engaging and controversial book will be of great interest to scholars and students working in anthropology, psychology, sociology, South Asian history, urban studies, and political science.
Category: Social Science

Feminist Dilemmas In Qualitative Research

Author : Rosalind Edwards
ISBN : 9780761956648
Genre : Social Science
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How can researchers produce work with relevance to theoretical and formal traditions and requirements of public academic knowledge while still remaining faithful to the experiences and accounts of research participants based in private settings? Feminist Dilemmas in Qualitative Research explores this key dilemma and examines the interplay between theory, epistemology and the detailed practice of research. It does this across the whole research process: access, data collection and analysis and writing up research. It goes on to consider ways of achieving high standards of reflexivity and openness in the strategic choices made during research, examining these issues for specific projects in an open and accessible style.
Category: Social Science

Private Politics And Public Voices

Author : Nikki Brown
ISBN : 9780253112392
Genre : Social Science
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This political history of middle-class African American women during World War I focuses on their patriotic activity and social work. Nearly 200,000 African American men joined the Allied forces in France. At home, black clubwomen raised more than $125 million in wartime donations and assembled "comfort kits" for black soldiers, with chocolate, cigarettes, socks, a bible, and writing materials. Given the hostile racial climate of the day, why did black women make considerable financial contributions to the American and Allied war effort? Brown argues that black women approached the war from the nexus of the private sphere of home and family and the public sphere of community and labor activism. Their activism supported their communities and was fueled by a personal attachment to black soldiers and black families. Private Politics and Public Voices follows their lives after the war, when they carried their debates about race relations into public political activism.
Category: Social Science

Just Talk To Me

Author : Peter Settelen
ISBN : 9781609846732
Genre : Self-Help
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They say Peter Settelen put marbles into the Princess of Wales's mouth! Just Talk To Me... guides you through what he really does to help people talk to each other. Talking to someone for the first time can be a truly painful experience. So too can talking to your lover, your child or your boss! Talking to five people in a meeting, thousands at a conference or millions through radio and television, can become a nightmare! Drawing on his experiences as an actor/director and having helped people in all walks of life, including hundreds of newscasters, presenters and public figures to get up and talk, Peter has developed a unique approach to understanding the needs of the listener as well as the speaker and what's really going on when we talk to each other. This book won't teach you how to fake what you feel, nor how to hoodwink anyone into believing what you don't believe yourself. What it will do, by examining the qualities of a perfect conversation, is to help you find and explore your very private voice - your true voice - the one you always knew was there, but were afraid to use. Through a series of simple exercises and a little imagination, you'll not only turn the fear that may swamp you into something you can use to break through your emotional sound barrier, but also give yourself the power and authority to reach out and move the people you speak to, whoever and however many they may be, every time you talk. Peter Settelen came to public attention through the help he gave to Diana, Princess of Wales. During the most critical period in the Princess's short life he worked with her on every aspect of her speeches, helping her to re-discover her true voice and give her the confidence to express her passion on subjects such as AIDS, Eating Disorders and Women's Mental Health.
Category: Self-Help

Gender Equality In The Welfare State

Author : Gillian Pascall
ISBN : 9781847426642
Genre : Social Science
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The construction of welfare states during the postwar era relied upon many assumptions about gender differences. Originally placing men as breadwinners and women as caregivers, these states have attempted to rebalance gender roles in their programs over the decades. In Gender Equality in the Welfare State? Gillian Pascall questions how successful they have been. Analyzing the male breadwinner model as it operates in the central areas of care, work, time, income, and power, she provides a framework for understanding the policies and practices that have worked toward gender equality. Contextualizing national policies and debates within data and analysis, she offers a new and important approach to an issue of wide concern.
Category: Social Science

Virginia Woolf Public And Private Negotiations

Author : A. Snaith
ISBN : 9780230287945
Genre : Literary Criticism
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In Virginia Woolf: Public and Private Negotiations , Anna Snaith explores the centrality of ideas of public and private in Woolf's life and writing. The book offers a fresh understanding of Woolf's feminism, her narrative techniques, her attitudes to publication, and her role in public debate. It draws on new manuscript material and previously unexplored letters to Woolf from her reading public.
Category: Literary Criticism

Vernacular Voices

Author : Gerard A. Hauser
ISBN : 1570033102
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 87.26 MB
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A conceptual study of how rhetoric affects public opinion.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Women Art And Architecture In Northern Italy 1520 1580

Author : Katherine A. McIver
ISBN : 0754654117
Genre : Art
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Katherine A. McIver here adds a new dimension to Renaissance patronage studies by considering domestic art; she looks at women as collectors of precious material goods, organizers of the early modern home, and decorators of its interior. Using her subjects' financial records, McIver provides insights into Renaissance women's economic rights and responsibilities, and also provides a new model for understanding what women of the period bought, displayed, collected and commissioned.
Category: Art