Praying The Attributes Of God

Author : Rosemary Jensen
ISBN : 0825497264
Genre : Religion
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The former director of Bible Study Fellowship offers thirty-one prayer devotions designed to direct thoughtful meditation and prayer through an understanding of the character of God.
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I Am With You

Author : Ann Spangler
ISBN : 9781496405678
Genre : Religion
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God Is Greater than You Think Many people feel both drawn to God and afraid of Him at the same time. Is it really possible to be close to a perfect God when it seems like we are always messing up? Fortunately, God wants us to know him better. In this daily devotional, Ann Spangler paints a thrilling vision of a God who is not only all powerful but also deeply compassionate and rich in mercy. As you learn more about this amazing God who is holy, just, always present, and filled with unending love, you will quickly realize that God is far bigger and far better than anything you could ever hope or imagine.
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Praying God S Names And Attributes

Author : Mary N. Ryan
ISBN : 153991514X
Genre :
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Praying God's Names and Attributes is a devotional listing each name and attribute of God for meaningful prayer. Each listing is used consecutively, from Genesis to Revelation, usually, only once, and includes Hebrew names of God. Listed without the text, it is meant to focus on the words themselves. It was created to enhance one's prayer life by using the many beautiful names of God.

Face To Face Praying The Scriptures For Spiritual Growth

Author : Kenneth D. Boa
ISBN : 9780310872238
Genre : Religion
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When you're serious about following Christ, you long to become more like Him. You also know that the Bible contains the life-changing truths that will help you reach that goal. Face to Face: Praying the Scriptures for Spiritual Growth helps you turn your devotional times into a daily experience of transformation. Adapting and personalizing select Bible passages, Dr. Kenneth Boa offers you a refreshing and encouraging way to "renew your mind" as you meditate on and pray about: the attributes of God, the works of God, my relationship with God, the character I want to cultivate, my relationship with others. This inspiring approach will change both your life and the way you view the Scriptures. Prepare to discover the Bible afresh as a marvelous source of prayer and reflection that enables you to love God completely, love yourself correctly, and love others compassionately. Face to Face prayer books help you bring new richness to your devotional times. By connecting Bible reading with personal prayer, they help you approach both in a new way. Get ready to rediscover the Bible as your most treasured prayer book-guiding you into prayers that are alive, faith-filled, and powerful because they're grounded in God's word.
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Die H Tte

Author : William Paul Young
ISBN : 9783793492016
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58.9 MB
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Zum Kinostart der Bestseller-Verfilmung: "Die Hütte" ab Frühjahr 2017 in den deutschen Kinos!
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Der Ungez Hmte Mann

Author : John Eldredge
ISBN : 9783765570322
Genre : Religion
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"Frage dich nicht, was die Welt braucht. Frage dich lieber, was dich lebendig macht, und dann geh hin und tu das Entsprechende. Denn die Welt braucht nichts so sehr wie Männer, die lebendig geworden sind." (John Eldredge) Jeder Mann war einmal ein kleiner Junge. Und jeder kleine Junge hat Träume: Träume davon, ein Held zu sein oder ein Entdecker. Träume von kühnen, verwegenen Taten, die vor ihm noch niemand gewagt hat. Träume vom Kampf mit dem Drachen, um die schöne Prinzessin zu befreien. Aber was wird aus diesen Träumen, wenn wir erwachsen werden? Der Mann ist für ein abenteuerliches Leben geschaffen. Ein Mann wird erst dann wirklich glücklich sein können, wenn in seiner Arbeit, in seiner Liebe und in seinem spirituellen Leben das Abenteuer Einzug hält.
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The Names Of God Journal

Author : Chinedu Okoye
ISBN : 9781467044530
Genre : Religion
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This journal gives you 366 lined pages to record your thoughts, feelings, goals, dreams and testimonies throughout the year. No more scrap notes lying about your library, study or work area. No more lost or misplaced journals half way through the year. It is designed to bring you directly under the canopy of the powerful presence of God. With a different name or attribute of God each day of the year, you will surely delight yourself in learning and mastering new names of your creator. Using the journal daily, you find yourself before the timeless, uncontainable, and unlimited God. Use this journal along with your daily bible study to record the revelations you receive, your understanding of the revelations, and your prayer petitions. On January 1, record your New Year resolutions, initial prayer points, and goals for the year. On December 31, go back and reflect on your unique journey and discover a new sense of God’s faithful presence. Not strictly for the religious and individuals interested in knowing and praying the names of God, this journal is also useful to people doing academic work, to business executives, bible scholars and regular journal keepers.
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I Am

Author : Ann Sowell Brock
ISBN : 9781490857138
Genre : Religion
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In scripture, a person's name epitomizes the very essence of his identity. The abundance of God's names in His Word showcases the many aspects of His identity that reflect the ways He meets the daily situations of our lives. God desires that we seek Him, know Him, and understand His ways. One can attain a deeper revelation of the majesty of God by what He has revealed about Himself through His names. A canvas of His names vividly displays the majesty of His inexhaustible character to one hungry to know Him. Gazing into the face of I AM through His names captivates the seeking heart to drink in the thirst-quenching beauty of our awesome God. I Am is a collection of 366 meditations on the names and attributes of God that reveals the splendor of His character to every heart seeking to know and understand Him. I Am invites those who long for new heights of joy and delight in His presence: to discover daily revelations about Him to develop a renewed passion to know Him to experience deeper levels of intimacy with Him to create a deeper longing for prayer to Him to build a stronger foundation of faith in Him"
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While I Was Praying

Author : Ralph K. Hawkins
ISBN : 9781573124638
Genre : Religion
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From Abraham's prayer of protest to Habakkuk's struggle to understand terrorism to Jesus? tradition-bound words of the Lord's Prayer, readers of While I Was Praying: Finding Insights about God in Old Testament Prayers will uncover new insights into how the ancient Hebrews understood their God. In their prayers to God, the ancient Israelites expressed what they believed to be the nature, characteristics, and attributes of God. Often, it was through prayer that they received profound insight into the nature of God. As a part of this study, each chapter not only explores an Old Testament prayer in its historical and scriptural context but also includes ?Connections? to the experiences and needs of today's readers. Written for use in both personal reflection and small group study, each chapter also provides discussion questions to provoke deeper reflection into the nature and continued potency of Old Testament prayers.
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