Paul Ricoeur And Contemporary Moral Thought

Author : William Schweiker
ISBN : 0415938430
Genre : Philosophy
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While white racism has global dimensions, it has an unshakeable lease on life in South African political organizations and its educational system. Donnarae MacCann and Yulisa Maddy here provide a thorough and provocative analysis of South African children's literature during the key decade around Nelson Mandela's release from prison. Their research demonstrates that the literature of this period was derived from the same milieu -- intellectual, educational, religious, political, and economic -- that brought white supremacy to South Africa during colonial times. This volume is a signal contribution to the study of children's literature and its relation to racism and social conditions.
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Moral Creativity

Author : John Wall
ISBN : 0198040253
Genre : Religion
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In Moral Creativity, John Wall argues that moral life and thought are inherently and radically creative. Human beings are called by their own primordially created depths to exceed historical evil and tragedy through the ongoing creative transformation of their world. This thesis challenges ancient Greek and biblical separations of ethics and poetic image-making, as well as contemporary conceptions of moral life as grounded in abstract principles or preconstituted traditions. Taking as his point of departure the poetics of the will of Paul Ricoeur, and ranging widely into critical conversations with Continental, narrative, feminist, and liberationist ethics, Wall uncovers the profound senses in which moral practice and thought involve tension, catharsis, excess, and renewal. In the process, he draws new connections between sin and tragedy, practice and poetics, and morality and myth. Rather than proposing a complete ethics, Moral Creativity is a meta-ethical work investigating the creative capability as part of what it means, morally, to be human. This capability is explored around four dimensions of ontology, teleology, deontology, and social practice. In each case, Wall examines a traditional perspective on the relation of ethics to poetics, critiques it using resources from contemporary phenomenology, and develops a conception of a more original poetics of moral life. In the end, moral creativity is a human capability for inhabiting tensions among others and in social systems and, in the image of a Creator, creating together an ever more radically inclusive moral world.
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Paul Ricoeur S Moral Anthropology

Author : Geoffrey Dierckxsens
ISBN : 9781498545211
Genre : Philosophy
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A Critical Study of Paul Ricœur’s Moral Anthropology is a guide for readers who are interested in Paul Ricœur’s thoughts on morals in general. More exactly, it brings together the different aspects of what Geoffrey Dierckxsens understands as Ricœur’s moral anthropology. This anthropology addresses the question what it means to be human, capable of participating in moral life. Dierckxsens argues that Ricœur shows that this participation implies being a self, living a singular lived existence with others and being responsible in institutions of justice. By living existence one comes to learn taking moral decisions and the reasons for moral life. The wager of Ricœur’s hermeneutical approach to moral anthropology is – so Dierckxsens argues – to understand moral life on the basis of the interpretation of lived existence, rather than on the basis of cultural or natural patterns only, as many contemporary moral theories in analytical philosophy do. Ricœur’s moral anthropology is thus particularly timely in that it offers a critical argument against contemporary moral relativism and reductionism. By bringing together Ricœur’s moral anthropology, and recent moral theories this book offers a novel perspective on Ricœur’s already well-established moral theory. Dierckxsens moreover offers a critical perspective by arguing that we should revisit certain moral concepts in Ricœur’s moral anthropology and in contemporary moral theories in analytical philosophy. He critically evaluates certain concepts in Ricœur’s work (like the concept of universal moral norms and how it stands against cultural differences in morals). He moreover interrogates certain ideas of contemporary analytical philosophy (like the idea of cultural moral relativism and whether we can find a common morality across the cultural differences). By placing Ricœur’s ideas on moral life within the context of the contemporary scene of moral theory, this book contributes well to The Studies in the Thought of Paul Ricœur.
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Paul Ricoeur And The Poetic Imperative

Author : W. David Hall
ISBN : 9780791479827
Genre : Philosophy
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Looks at Ricoeur’s writings on love and justice, prominent toward the end of his life, and how these serve as an interpretive key to his thought as a whole.
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Poetik Des Glaubens

Author : Peter Reifenberg
ISBN : 9783495860328
Genre : Philosophy
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Der französische Philosoph Paul Ricœur hat sich schon in Zeiten, als in der Philosophie noch nicht von einer Renaissance der Religion die Rede war, intensiv mit dem Verhältnis von Vernunft und Glaube beschäftigt. Während seines Denkweges waren die religiösen Überzeugungen der Menschen für ihn wichtige Ausgangspunkte und Wegmarken philosophischer Reflexion. Zu allen Phasen seines Schaffens traten neben philosophischen Werken mit einer Fülle von religiösen Implikationen auch Beiträge, in denen er seine philosophischen Überlegungen als Ausgangspunkt für die Interpretation biblischer Texte gewählt hat. Gerade als Philosoph gibt Paul Ricœur auf diese Weise der Theologie Anstöße für ihr eigenes Tun. Sie beschränken sich keineswegs auf die systematisch-theologische Reflexion des Verhältnisses von Theologie und Philosophie, sondern betreffen so gut wie alle theologischen Disziplinen. Welche philosophischen Einsichten und religionsphilosophischen Überlegungen Ricœurs im Einzelnen sind für die Theologie besonders fruchtbar? Wo wurden sie, vor allem wie wurden sie rezipiert und wie wurden sie weiter gedacht? Wo sind aus theologischer Sicht Grenzen der jeweiligen philosophischen Thesen? Mit Beiträgen von: Michael Böhnke, Bernd J. Claret, Veronika Hoffmann, Maureen Junker-Kenny, Gerhard Larcher, Christof Mandry, Wolfgang W. Müller, Stefan Orth, Knut Wenzel, Jürgen Werbick.
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Traditionalism And Radicalism In The History Of Christian Thought

Author : C. Simut
ISBN : 9780230113145
Genre : Religion
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This book is concerned with the presentation and analysis of certain dogmatic issues such as christology, ecclesiology, pastoral work, anthropology, faith and bioethics among many others-all meant to illustrate how Christian thoughts stands between traditionalism and radicalism. It is both a dogmatic study and a historical overview of the topic.
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Paul Ricoeur And The Task Of Political Philosophy

Author : Greg S. Johnson
ISBN : 9780739167731
Genre : Philosophy
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This book offers a sustained engagement with the political philosophy of Paul Ricoeur and demonstrates both the significance of the political in his own thinking throughout his career, and how his understanding of the political offers something valuable to current discussions of issues in political philosophy.
Category: Philosophy

Paul Ricoeur Between Theology And Philosophy

Author : Boyd Blundell
ISBN : 9780253221902
Genre : Philosophy
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Paul Ricoeur (1913-2005) remains one of philosophy of religion's most distinctive voices. Ricoeur was a philosopher first, and while his religious reflections are very relevant to theology, Boyd Blundell argues that his philosophy is even more relevant. Using Ricoeur's own philosophical hermeneutics, Blundell shows that there is a way for explicitly Christian theology to maintain both its integrity and overall relevance. He demonstrates how the dominant pattern of detour and return found throughout Ricoeur's work provides a path to understanding the relationship between philosophy and theology. By putting Ricoeur in dialogue with current, fundamental, and longstanding debates about the role of philosophy in theology, Blundell offers a hermeneutically sensitive engagement with Ricoeur's thought from a theological perspective.
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Paul Ricoeur

Author : Karl Simms
ISBN : 0415236363
Genre : Literary Criticism
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"In this guide, Karl Simms explores Ricoeur's most influential ideas, touching upon such concepts as good and evil, psychoanalysis, hermeneutics, metaphor, narrative, ethics, politics and justice. Crucially, he also places these ideas in context and looks at their continuing impact, in this way introducing important trends in contemporary thought. Throughout this volume, the author prepares us for our own reading of Ricoeur's work, and this culminates in an extensively annotated guide to his major publications."--BOOK JACKET.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Just

Author : Paul Ricoeur
ISBN : 0226713407
Genre : Philosophy
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The essays in this book contain some of Paul Ricoeur's most fascinating ruminations on the nature of justice and the law. His thoughts ranging across a number of topics and engaging the work of thinkers both classical and contemporary, Ricoeur offers a series of important reflections on the juridical and the philosophical concepts of right and the space between moral theory and politics.
Category: Philosophy