Paleoamerican Odyssey

Author : Kelly E. Graf
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As research continues on the earliest migration of modern humans into North and South America, the current state of knowledge about these first Americans is continually evolving. Especially with recent advances in human genomic studies, both of living populations and ancient skeletal remains, new light is being shed in the ongoing quest toward understanding the full complexity and timing of prehistoric migration patterns. Paleoamerican Odyssey collects thirty-one studies presented at the 2013 conference by the same name, hosted in Santa Fe, New Mexico, by the Center for the Study of the First Americans at Texas A&M University. Providing an up-to-date view of the current state of knowledge in paleoamerican studies, the research gathered in this volume, presented by leaders in the field, focuses especially on late Pleistocene Northeast Asia, Beringia, and North and South America, as well as dispersal routes, molecular genetics, and Clovis and pre-Clovis archaeology.
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Alberta S Lower Athabasca Basin

Author : Brian M. Ronaghan
ISBN : 9781926836904
Genre : Social Science
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Over the past two decades, the oil sands region of northeastern Alberta has been the site of unprecedented levels of development. Alberta's Lower Athabasca Basin tells a fascinating story of how a catastrophic ice age flood left behind a unique landscape in the Lower Athabasca Basin, one that made deposits of bitumen available for surface mining. Less well known is the discovery that this flood also produced an environment that supported perhaps the most intensive use of boreal forest resources by prehistoric Native people yet recognized in Canada. Studies undertaken to meet the conservation requirements of the Alberta Historical Resources Act have yielded a rich and varied record of prehistoric habitation and activity in the oil sands area. Evidence from between 9,500 and 5,000 years ago—the result of several major excavations—has confirmed extensive human use of the region’s resources, while important contextual information provided by key geological and palaeoenvironmental studies has deepened our understanding of how the region’s early inhabitants interacted with the landscape. Touching on various elements of this rich environmental and archaeological record, the contributors to this volume use the evidence gained through research and compliance studies to offer new insights into human and natural history. They also examine the challenges of managing this irreplaceable heritage resource in the face of ongoing development. Contributors: Alwynne Beaudoin, Angela Younie, Brian O.K. Reeves, Duane Froese, Elizabeth Roberston, Eugene Gryba, Gloria Fedirchuk, Grant Clarke, John W. Ives, Janet Blakey, Jennifer Tischer, Jim Burns, Laura Roskowski, Luc Bouchet, Murray Lobb, Nancy Saxberg, Raymond LeBlanc, Robert R. Young, Robin Woywitka, Thomas V. Lowell, and Timothy Fisher
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Paleoamerican Archaeology In Virginia

Author : Wm Jack Hranicky
ISBN : 9781627341103
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This book is a full-color study of over 500 pre-Clovis stone artifacts of Virginia. With the 22K-year date of the Cinmar bipoint in Virginia, there is ample evidence of artifact classes that are older than Clovis. Over 50 tool types are illustrated and discussed. Artifact single-site collections are documented. The book argues the differences between Holocene biface technology with the blade and core technology of the Pleistocene era. The requirements for identifying Pleistocene artifacts is presented, such as platforms, remaining cortex, and invasive retouch. They are presented in a tool model. Major stones, namely jasper, are discussed as a lithic determinism. The east coast distribution is presented for various tool types. Additionally, as a major focus, cross-Atlantic flake/blade identical tools from Europe are illustrated with Middle Atlantic artifacts. Artifact ergonomics, such as right-left handed tools, hypothetical tool center, are argued. Structural and functional axis are shown and described on how to identify them on tools. Overall, this book presents an initiating view of the archaeology needed to study Pleistocene era artifacts on the American east coast.

Mobility And Ancient Society In Asia And The Americas

Author : Michael David Frachetti
ISBN : 9783319151380
Genre : Social Science
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Mobility and Ancient Society in Asia and the Americas contains contributions by leading international scholars concerning the character, timing, and geography of regional migrations that led to the dispersal of human societies from Inner and northeast Asia to the New World in the Upper Pleistocene (ca. 20,000-15,000 years ago). This volume bridges scholarly traditions from Europe, Central Asia, and North and South America, bringing different perspectives into a common view. The book presents an international overview of an ongoing discussion that is relevant to the ancient history of both Eurasia and the Americas. The content of the chapters provides both geographic and conceptual coverage of main currents in contemporary scholarly research, including case studies from Inner Asia (Kazakhstan), southwest Siberia, northeast Siberia, and North and South America. The chapters consider the trajectories, ecology, and social dynamics of ancient mobility, communication, and adaptation in both Eurasia and the Americas, using diverse methodologies of data recovery ranging from archaeology, historical linguistics, ancient DNA, human osteology, and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. Although methodologically diverse, the chapters are each broadly synthetic in nature and present current scholarly views of when, and in which ways, societies from northeast Asia ultimately spread eastward (and southward) into North and South America, and how we might reconstruct the cultures and adaptations related to Paleolithic groups. Ultimately, this book provides a unique synthetic perspective that bridges Asia and the Americas and brings the ancient evidence from both sides of the Bering Strait into common focus.
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Computer Aided Team Und Produktivit T

Author :
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Auf der Grundlage einer umfangreichen Erhebung experimenteller Sitzungen mit und ohne CATeam-Technologie zeigt Henrik Lewe, daß der Computereinsatz zusätzliche Leistungspotentiale von Teams erschließt und deren Sitzungsprobleme verringert.
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Die Pfeilgifte

Author : Louis Lewin
ISBN : 9783955805999
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Louis Lewin (1850-1929) war deutscher Arzt und Toxikologe, der Pionierarbeiten auf den Gebieten der Industrietoxikologie und der Suchtmittelforschung leistete. Sein Interesse für den menschlichen Nutzen und Schaden von Giften kommt auch in vorliegendem Werk zum Ausdruck, dem er sich ganze 30 Jahre forscherisch hingab. Es beschäftigt sich umfassend mit Pfeilgiften, die in verschiedenen Regionen und Stämmen aller Kontinente als Jagdinstrumente oder Waffen dienten. Dabei betrachtet er sie einerseits ethnologisch und im Hinblick auf ihre Bedeutung für Mensch und Kultur. Zugleich gewährt er Einblicke in sein experimentelles Forschen, das auf die Wirkungen und chemischen Zusammensetzungen der vielfältigen Gifte verweist.
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Die Odyssee

Author : Christine Pellech
ISBN : STANFORD:36105039543389
Genre : Odysseus (Greek mythology) in literature
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