On Kindness

Author : Adam Phillips
ISBN : 9780141908571
Genre : Self-Help
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The pleasures of kindness have been well known since the dawn of western thought. Kindness, declared Marcus Aurelius, was mankind's 'greatest delight' - and centuries-worth of thinkers and writers have echoed him. But today many people seem to find these pleasures literally incredible. Instead of embracing the benefits of altruism, as a species we seem to be becoming deeply and fundamentally antagonistic to each other, with motives that are generally self-seeking. This book explains how and why this has come about, and argues that the affectionate life - a life lived in instinctive sympathetic identification with the vulnerabilities and attractions of others - is the one we should all be inclined to live. 'We mutually belong to one another,' as the philosopher Alan Ryan writes, and the good life is one 'that reflects this truth'. What the Victorians called 'open-heartedness' and the Christians 'caritas' remains essential to our emotional and mental health, for reasons both obvious and hidden, argue the authors of this elegant and indispensable exploration of the concept of kindness.
Category: Self-Help

Counting On Kindness

Author : Wendy Lustbader
ISBN : 9781439118498
Genre : Social Science
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Seattle mental health counselor Lustbader here compells attention to and sympathy for those who must rely on caregivers for their needs. Stories are related by patients themselves. From incapacitated men and women we learn of the humiliations caused by the loss of autonomy, of the frustrations at not being able to manage on one's own. Accounts from widely different sorts of patients and those who begrudgingly or willingly see to their care provide graphic lessons in sensitivity.
Category: Social Science

Against All Gods Six Polemics On Religion And An Essay On Kindness

Author : A.C. Grayling
ISBN : 9781849433112
Genre : Religion
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Do religions have an inherent right to be respected? Is atheism itself a form of religion, and can there be such a thing as a 'fundamentalist atheist'? Are we witnessing a global revival in religious zeal, or do the signs point instead to religion's ultimate decline? In a series of bold, unsparing polemics, A.C. Grayling tackles these questions head on, exposing the dangerous unreason he sees at the heart of religious faith and highlighting the urgent need we have to reject it in all its forms, without compromise. In its place he argues for a set of values based on reason, reflection and sympathy, taking his cue from the great ethical tradition of western philosophy.
Category: Religion

Tiny Thoughts On Kindness

Author : Agnes de Bezenac
ISBN : 9781623874810
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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A story about the benefits of treating others with love and , as well as kindness the sad consequences of not doing so. Suggested for ages 6 and under. For more kids products and free downloads, visit our website at www.icharacter.org
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Donkhead Finds A Home

Author : Damaris McDaniel and Ezra Willis
ISBN : 9781462409211
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Donkhead has a big back yard he can play in and friends he can play with. Even so, he is unhappy. He lives with a very mean family; the man, the woman, and even the baby like to hit him on his head whenever they get bored or angry. One day, while running away from the mean people, Donkhead makes a huge mess, and it’s the last straw. Donkhead is confused when the man puts a leash on him and leads him to the car. He is even more confused when the man takes the leash off of him and speeds away, leaving Donkhead in a field in the rain. But Donkhead isn’t alone for long. As Donkhead sits wondering why he has been left here, a friendly and very curious little terrier named Ricktoo comes along and invites Donkhead to meet some of his other friends. What begins as the worst day of his life may turn out to be the best day of his life! Donkhead meets new friends and learns about the meaning of kindness. And he may even find a new home and a family to love him!
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Congratulations By The Way

Author : George Saunders
ISBN : 9781408859346
Genre : Kindness
File Size : 85.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An inspiring message from the inaugural Folio Prize winner, George Saunders, one of today's most influential and original writers
Category: Kindness


Author : Kimberley Jane Pryor
ISBN : 0761431268
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 66.85 MB
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Explains what kindness is, describes different ways it can be expressed, and discusses why it should be practiced.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

On Kindness

Author : Rev. J. Guibert
ISBN : 193590762X
Genre :
File Size : 32.92 MB
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There was a time when how to use finger bowls and napkin rings was part of education. In dispensing with archaic manners, we seem to have also dispensed with the common sense sensitivity that among other advantages made possible political discourse without viciousness. Decorum has been jettisoned, often with the excuse that the times are different. The end result has been stress instead of kindness, the evaporation of care and consideration, and gross inefficiency in solving problems rather than any alleged streamlined savings. The quality of our political life has deteriorated and the upshot has been a stalemate in dealing with contemporary social problems. The Westphalia Press Civility Series offers classic texts about behavior, which if taken to heart might have practical consequences.