Of This Much I M Sure

Author : Nadine Kenney Johnstone
ISBN : 9781631522116
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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At twenty-two, Chicagoan Nadine Kenney is thrilled to meet her future husband, Jamie, while vacationing in Florida. After a whirlwind, long-distance romance, Nadine leaves her friends, family, and city to join Jamie in suburban Massachusetts. Once married, they begin trying for a baby without knowing how hard that road will become. Nadine soon faces the little-known horrors of IVF when a procedure causes severe internal bleeding, and she wakes up from emergency surgery with a six-inch scar instead of a baby bump. In the difficult year that follows, anxiety and additional failed fertility treatments threaten her new marriage and her mental state. By some saving grace, she eventually becomes pregnant naturally, but the horrors are not over: her son is diagnosed with potentially terminal kidney complications. Ultimately, Nadine learns that in an unpredictable life, the only thing she can be sure of is the healing power of hope.
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Da Kommt Noch Was Not Dead Yet

Author : Phil Collins
ISBN : 9783641198350
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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13 Alben auf Platz 1, 7 Grammys, 5 Kinder, 3 Ehen, 1 Buch Nur drei Musiker weltweit haben als Solokünstler und mit ihrer Band jeweils über 100 Millionen Tonträger verkauft – Phil Collins ist einer von ihnen. »Another Day in Paradise«, »You Can’t Hurry Love«, »One More Night«, »Sussudio« – große Songs mit großen Geschichten. Mit »In the Air Tonight« etwa hat der Ausnahmemusiker das Ende einer seiner drei Ehen in einen zeitlosen Hit verwandelt. Überhaupt – dieses Leben! Phil Collins erzählt rückhaltlos alles: von einem Filmdreh mit den Beatles, von Sessions mit Eric Clapton, Tina Turner und Adele, von der großen Zeit mit Genesis und davon, wie er auf einer Tournee heiratet, um sich später via Fax wieder scheiden zu lassen – und Jahre darauf gänzlich im Alkohol zu ertrinken. Phänomenale Höhen wie bizarre Tiefen: In diesem Buch ruft jede Zeile: »Take a Look at Me Now!«
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The Geography Of Love

Author : Glenda Burgess
ISBN : 9780767929134
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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“If I had given it much thought, I might have hesitated to marry a man for whom at the age of 45 much of the past was too painful to consider--for either of us. Truthfully, thought had little to do with it. Instinct did--the instinct to seize a sure and ebullient happiness or go down trying.” Falling in love is arguably the greatest risk and leap of faith any of us take. There’s no guarantee for future happiness, no protection from the ugly scars of the past, no shield from tragedy--this powerful memoir reminds us why we bother. At a lakeside café in the summer of 1988, 31-year-old Glenda Burgess is sitting across from 44-year-old Kenneth Grunzweig and falling in love. Then Ken confesses that he has already been widowed twice, under harrowing circumstances. This tragic past, the age difference, Ken’s emotionally scarred teenage daughter--all might be enough to send anyone running, but Glenda believed in her instincts, believed more than anything that this lovely, generous man would shape her life. And Ken, who with his heartbreaking losses had long said that he’d given up on love, came to share a sense of their romantic destiny. The two embark on the sort of love affair that many of us don’t believe exist anymore--a grand romance that buoys them through the birth of two kids and fifteen magical years of marriage until tragedy strikes again in the form of a shadowy spot on Ken’s lung. The journey that follows will test their resilience and strengthen their devotion. The Geography of Love is a book about believing in first instincts and second chances. It is a poignant exploration of the depths of the human heart and our ability to love and to trust no matter the obstacles. It is a reminder that “real” life is always richer, stranger, and more extraordinary than fiction. It is the most moving love story you’ll read this year. From the Hardcover edition.
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Much To Your Chagrin

Author : Suzanne Guillette
ISBN : 1416586024
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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People who don't have embarrassing stories are untrustworthy. Or at the very least, they aren't telling the truth. -- Suzanne Guillette By your own definition, you are very, very trustworthy. After all, you are the kind of person who spills pasta sauce down the shirt of a famous writer you're trying to impress. You are the girl who, when taking a new mentor out for a fancy lunch, forgets to bring cash -- or a backup credit card. You are almost thirty, an unemployed writer, recently un-engaged from your fiancŽ of several years, and in all your naivetŽ can't foresee that mixing the personal and the professional will bring you mortifyingly disastrous results. You are Suzanne Guillette, the author of Much to Your Chagrin, a smart, hilarious memoir of how chronicling the humiliations of others helped her come to understand and accept herself. Guillette was twenty-nine and the proud owner of a freshly inked MFA when she began to work on her first book -- a collection of embarrassing moments gathered from family, friends, coworkers, and strangers on the street. Stories poured in about every possible type of gaffe, from wardrobe malfunctions (widespread) to romantic misunderstandings (ditto), and from office faux pas (common) to bodily fluid mishaps (distressingly common). Everyone Guillette talked to was enthusiastic about her clever project -- and no one more so than Jack, the wry, handsome literary agent who Guillette thought might just be her soul mate. But as time marched on, Guillette began to see that the tales she'd been gathering were nothing compared to her own moments of shame. Like her increasingly frequent need to sneak out of work (at a health agency, natch) for a "quick smoke" to settle her nerves. Or her stubborn ability to ignore the reality that her fairy-tale romance with Jack was imploding in a truly spectacular fashion. When Guillette accepted that the story she was meant to tell was not others' but her own, Much to Your Chagrin was born. Told in a unique and captivating voice, punctuated by the embarrassing stories she collected, Much to Your Chagrin follows one woman's discovery of what it's like to finally feel comfortable in your own skin (even while accidentally exposing yourself to your elderly neighbors). Raw, honest, and brilliantly funny, it is an extremely personal memoir about the lengths to which we human beings sometimes go to conceal the parts of ourselves that we are least willing to admit are true. Forget the stuff we keep from the world -- it's what we hide from ourselves that is of greatest consequence. What is your most embarrassing moment?
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So Much To Say Say A Book Of Quotes

Author : Craig Stewart
ISBN : 9780692969038
Genre : Self-Help
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A collection of original quotes, all penned by Craig Stewart, that speak to a variety of relationships that relate to family, friends, romantic love and interpersonal. Stewart was lauded for his openness in a two part memoir series Words Never Spoken, a memoir and One Thing for Certain, Two Things for Sure, a memoir continued, and the same level of transparency is evident in each of the quotes contained in the relationship chapter of this masterpiece. Stewart does a masterful job of stringing words together in the encouragement section that are sure to lift readers, and wisdom quotes that will serve as a compass for life's toughest moments. Stewart has been writing and storing these quotes over the course of the last five years, until now. Craig Stewart is the host of SO MUCH TO SAY podcast. Available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play and more. www.CraigTheWriterStewart.com
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Author : Dani Shapiro
ISBN : 9780061966132
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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“Devotion’s biggest triumph is its voice: funny and unpretentious, concrete and earthy—appealing to skeptics and believers alike. This is a gripping, beautiful story.” —Jennifer Egan, author of The Keep “I was immensely moved by this elegant book.” —Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love Dani Shapiro, the acclaimed author of the novel Black and White and the bestselling memoir Slow Motion, is back with Devotion: a searching and timeless new memoir that examines the fundamental questions that wake women in the middle of the night, and grapples with the ways faith, prayer, and devotion affect everyday life. Devotion is sure to appeal to all those dealing with the trials and tribulations of what Carl Jung called “the afternoon of life.”
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Der Duft Des Sommers

Author : Joyce Maynard
ISBN : 9783641106379
Genre : Fiction
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Die Liebesgeschichte des Jahres Eine Kleinstadt in New Hampshire: Adele, liebenswert, sensibel und seit ihrer Scheidung todunglücklich, lebt mit ihrem 13-jährigen Sohn Henry völlig zurückgezogen in einem kleinen Haus, das sie nur selten verlässt. Bis Henry sie zu einem Einkaufstrip überredet, der ihrer beider Leben für immer verändern wird. Denn im Supermarkt wird Henry von einem Mann angesprochen, der offensichtlich verletzt ist. Er bittet um Hilfe, und Adele nimmt ihn mit nach Hause. Dort stellt sich heraus, dass Frank, ihr überaus höflicher und rücksichtsvoller Besucher, ein entflohener Sträfling ist. Für ein langes, heißes Septemberwochenende gewähren die beiden ihm Zuflucht. Und während Henry in Frank den lange vermissten Vaterersatz findet, entwickelt sich zwischen Frank und Adele eine zarte, innige Liebe. Eine Liebe, für die sie einen hohen Preis zahlen werden ...
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Author : Keith Richards
ISBN : 9783641051747
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Ein großes Leben – der Rolling Stone erzählt Bei den Rolling Stones erschuf Keith Richards die Songs, die die Welt veränderten. Sein Leben ist purer Rock’n’Roll. Jetzt endlich erzählt er selbst seine atemberaubende Geschichte inmitten eines »crossfire hurricane«. Und er tut dies mit einer entwaffnenden Ehrlichkeit, die bis heute sein Markenzeichen geblieben ist. Die Geschichte, auf die wir alle gewartet haben – unverwechselbar, kompromisslos und authentisch. Wie er als Kind in England die Platten von Chuck Berry und Muddy Waters rauf und runter hörte. Wie er Gitarre lernte und mit Mick Jagger und Brian Jones die bis heute größte Rockband aller Zeiten gründete – die Rolling Stones. Er berichtet von dem frühen Ruhm und den berüchtigten Drogen-Razzien, die ihm sein Image als ewiger Rebell und Volksheld einbrachten. Wie er die unsterblichen Riffs zu Songs wie »Jumpin’ Jack Flash« oder »Honky Tonk Women« erfand. Die Beziehung mit Anita Pallenberg und der tragische Tod von Brian Jones. Die Flucht vor der Steuerfahndung nach Frankreich, die legendären Konzerte und Tourneen in den USA. Isolation und Sucht. Die Liebe zu Patti Hansen. Streitereien mit Mick Jagger und die anschließende Versöhnung. Heirat, Familie, die Soloalben und die Xpensive Winos – und das, was am Ende bleibt.
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