Author : Nicolas Dickner
ISBN : 9781590307144
Genre : Fiction
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This is a story of three characters--Noah, Joyce, and the anonymous narrator--as each leave their far-flung birthplaces to follow their own personal songs of migration. All three end up in Montreal, each on his or her voyage of selfdiscovery, each compell
Category: Fiction

Complex Analysis Operators And Related Topics

Author : Victor P. Havin
ISBN : 9783034883788
Genre : Mathematics
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This volume is devoted to some topical problems and various applications of operator theory and its interplay with modern complex analysis. 30 carefully selected surveys and research papers are united by the "operator theoretic ideology" and systematic use of modern function theoretical techniques.
Category: Mathematics

Operators Functions And Systems An Easy Reading

Author : Nikolai K. Nikolski
ISBN : 9780821852651
Genre : Control theory
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Together with the companion volume by the same author, Operators, Functions, and Systems: An Easy Reading. Volume 1: Hardy, Hankel, and Toeplitz, Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, Vol. 92, AMS, 2002, this unique work combines four major topics of modern analysis and its applications: A. Hardy classes of holomorphic functions, B. Spectral theory of Hankel and Toeplitz operators, C. Function models for linear operators and free interpolations, and D. Infinite-dimensional system theory and signal processing. This volume contains Parts C and D. Function models for linear operators and free interpolations: This is a universal topic and, indeed, is the most influential operator theory technique in the post-spectral-theorem era. In this book, its capacity is tested by solving generalized Carleson-type interpolation problems. Infinite-dimensional system theory and signal processing: This topic is the touchstone of the three previously developed techniques. The presence of this applied topic in a pure mathematics environment reflects important changes in the mathematical landscape of the last 20 years, in that the role of the main consumer and customer of harmonic, complex, and operator analysis has more and more passed from differential equations, scattering theory, and probability to control theory and signal processing. This and the companion volume are geared toward a wide audience of readers, from graduate students to professional mathematicians. They develop an elementary approach to the subject while retaining an expert level that can be applied in advanced analysis and selected applications.
Category: Control theory

Six Degrees Of Freedom

Author : Nicolas Dickner
ISBN : 0345811186
Genre : Container ships
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A funny and fast-paced novel about obsession and adventure, science experiments and parakeets, coding and container ships, Six Degrees of Freedom won the Governor General's Literary Award in its original French. Nicolas Dickner is a previous winner of Canada Reads for the novel Nikolski. "Brilliant, beautiful and poetic with moments of pure reading pleasure! You read it with a smile on your lips--it's a book that makes you happy." --Anne Michaud, Bernier et Cie, Radio-Canada Three characters, infinite paths to freedom... Lisa is a young woman whose longing for adventure is tethered by the demands of an eccentric mother and a father slowly succumbing to Alzheimer's. Lisa's friend �ric is an agoraphobic hacker who becomes independently wealthy before his eighteenth birthday. And Jay is a former computer pirate who's paying her debt to society, day by stultifying day, working for the RCMP in Montreal. But when Jay learns of the existence of the mysterious shipping container Papa Zulu, she begins a clandestine investigation to discover who made it disappear and what they are trying to hide.
Category: Container ships

Kolmogorov S Heritage In Mathematics

Author : Eric Charpentier
ISBN : 9783540363514
Genre : Mathematics
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In this book, several world experts present (one part of) the mathematical heritage of Kolmogorov. Each chapter treats one of his research themes or a subject invented as a consequence of his discoveries. The authors present his contributions, his methods, the perspectives he opened to us, and the way in which this research has evolved up to now. Coverage also includes examples of recent applications and a presentation of the modern prospects.
Category: Mathematics

Understanding Aerodynamics

Author : Doug McLean
ISBN : 9781118454220
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Much-needed, fresh approach that brings a greater insight into the physical understanding of aerodynamics Based on the author’s decades of industrial experience with Boeing, this book helps students and practicing engineers to gain a greater physical understanding of aerodynamics. Relying on clear physical arguments and examples, Mclean provides a much-needed, fresh approach to this sometimes contentious subject without shying away from addressing "real" aerodynamic situations as opposed to the oversimplified ones frequently used for mathematical convenience. Motivated by the belief that engineering practice is enhanced in the long run by a robust understanding of the basics as well as real cause-and-effect relationships that lie behind the theory, he provides intuitive physical interpretations and explanations, debunking commonly-held misconceptions and misinterpretations, and building upon the contrasts provided by wrong explanations to strengthen understanding of the right ones. Provides a refreshing view of aerodynamics that is based on the author’s decades of industrial experience yet is always tied to basic fundamentals. Provides intuitive physical interpretations and explanations, debunking commonly-held misconceptions and misinterpretations Offers new insights to some familiar topics, for example, what the Biot-Savart law really means and why it causes so much confusion, what “Reynolds number” and “incompressible flow” really mean, and a real physical explanation for how an airfoil produces lift. Addresses "real" aerodynamic situations as opposed to the oversimplified ones frequently used for mathematical convenience, and omits mathematical details whenever the physical understanding can be conveyed without them.
Category: Technology & Engineering