Nighttime Breastfeeding

Author : Cecília Tomori
ISBN : 9781782384366
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Nighttime for many new parents in the United States is fraught with the intense challenges of learning to breastfeed and helping their babies sleep so they can get rest themselves. Through careful ethnographic study of the dilemmas raised by nighttime breastfeeding, and their examination in the context of anthropological, historical, and feminist studies, this volume unravels the cultural tensions that underlie these difficulties. As parents negotiate these dilemmas, they not only confront conflicting medical guidelines about breastfeeding and solitary infant sleep, but also larger questions about cultural and moral expectations for children and parents, and their relationship with one another.
Category: Health & Fitness

Achieving Procreation

Author : Merve Demircioğlu Göknar
ISBN : 9781782386353
Genre : Medical
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Managing social relationships for childless couples in pro-natalist societies can be a difficult art to master, and may even become an issue of belonging for both men and women. With ethnographic research gathered from two IVF clinics and in two villages in northwestern Turkey, this book explores infertility and assisted reproductive technologies within a secular Muslim population. Göknar investigates the experience of infertility through various perspectives, such as the importance of having a child for women, the mediating role of religion, the power dynamics in same-gender relationships, and the impact of manhood ideologies on the decision for - or against - having IVF.
Category: Medical

Parenthood Between Generations

Author : Siân Pooley
ISBN : 9781785331510
Genre : Social Science
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Recent literature has identified modern "parenting" as an expert-led practice-one which begins with pre-pregnancy decisions, entails distinct types of intimate relationships, places intense burdens on mothers and increasingly on fathers too. Exploring within diverse historical and global contexts how men and women make-and break-relations between generations when becoming parents, this volume brings together innovative qualitative research by anthropologists, historians, and sociologists. The chapters focus tightly on inter-generational transmission and demonstrate its importance for understanding how people become parents and rear children.
Category: Social Science

Assisted Reproductive Technologies In The Third Phase

Author : Kate Hampshire
ISBN : 9781782388081
Genre : Medical
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Following the birth of the first "test-tube baby" in 1978, Assisted Reproductive Technologies became available to a small number of people in high-income countries able to afford the cost of private treatment, a period seen as the "First Phase" of ARTs. In the "Second Phase," these treatments became increasingly available to cosmopolitan global elites. Today, this picture is changing - albeit slowly and unevenly - as ARTs are becoming more widely available. While, for many, accessing infertility treatments remains a dream, these are beginning to be viewed as a standard part of reproductive healthcare and family planning. This volume highlights this "Third Phase" - the opening up of ARTs to new constituencies in terms of ethnicity, geography, education, and class.
Category: Medical

Fertility Conjuncture Difference

Author : Philip Kreager
ISBN : 9781785336058
Genre : Social Science
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In the last forty years anthropologists have made major contributions to understanding the heterogeneity of reproductive trends and processes underlying them. Fertility transition, rather than the story of the triumphant spread of Western birth control rationality, reveals a diversity of reproductive means and ends continuing before, during, and after transition. This collection brings together anthropological case studies, placing them in a comparative framework of compositional demography and conjunctural action. The volume addresses major issues of inequality and distribution which shape population and social structures, and in which fertility trends and the formation and size of families are not decided solely or primarily by reproduction.
Category: Social Science

Thai In Vitro

Author : Andrea Whittaker
ISBN : 9781782387336
Genre : Medical
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In Thailand, infertility remains a source of stigma for those couples that combine a range of religious, traditional and high-tech interventions in their quest for a child. This book explores this experience of infertility and the pursuit and use of assisted reproductive technologies by Thai couples. Though using assisted reproductive technologies is becoming more acceptable in Thai society, access to and choices about such technologies are mediated by differences in class position. These stories of women and men in private and public infertility clinics reveal how local social and moral sensitivities influence the practices and meanings of treatment.
Category: Medical

Cousin Marriages

Author : Alison Shaw
ISBN : 9781782384939
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 66.46 MB
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Juxtaposing contributions from geneticists and anthropologists, this volume provides a contemporary overview of cousin marriage and what is happening at the interface of public policy, the management of genetic risk and changing cultural practices in the Middle East and in multi-ethnic Europe. It offers a cross-cultural exploration of practices of cousin marriage in the light of new genetic understanding of consanguineous marriage and its possible health risks. Overall, the volume presents a reflective, interdisciplinary analysis of the social and ethical issues raised by both the discourse of risk in cousin marriage, as well as existing and potential interventions to promote "healthy consanguinity" via new genetic technologies.
Category: Social Science

Pregnancy In Practice

Author : Sallie Han
ISBN : 9780857459886
Genre : Social Science
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Babies are not simply born-they are made through cultural and social practices. Based on rich empirical work, this book examines the everyday experiences that mark pregnancy in the US today, such as reading pregnancy advice books, showing ultrasound "baby pictures" to friends and co-workers, and decorating the nursery in anticipation of the new arrival. These ordinary practices of pregnancy, the author argues, are significant and revealing creative activities that produce babies. They are the activities through which babies are made important and meaningful in the lives of the women and men awaiting the child's birth. This book brings into focus a topic that has been overlooked in the scholarship on reproduction and will be of interest to professionals and expectant parents alike.
Category: Social Science


Author : Wolfgang Koeppen
ISBN : UVA:X001125731
Genre : United States
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A description of a travel to the United States.
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Stillen Kompakt

Author : Denise Both
ISBN : 3437274600
Genre : Breastfeeding
File Size : 56.46 MB
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Stillsituationen auf einen Blick erkennen und meistern Dieses Fachbuch hilft Hebammen, Stillberaterinnen, Medizinern und Pflegenden, stillende Mütter und deren Kinder kompetent zu betreuen. Denn selbst in langjähriger Beratungspraxis kann es zu außer gewöhnlichen Situationen kommen - gerade dann ist eine kompetente Stillberatung von großer Bedeutung. Anhand von mehr als 200 Bildern stellt dieses Buch verschiedene Stillsituationen dar: Grundlagen der Stillberatung nach den neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen, z.B. Anatomie und Physiologie der Brust, korrektes Anlegen, Milchspendereflex und Stillpositionen Mütterliche Ursachen für Stillprobleme, z.B. atypische Brustformen, Mamillenprobleme oder pathologische Veränderungen der Brust Stillprobleme, die ursächlich beim Säugling liegen, z.B. bei Frühgeborenen, Fehlbildungen, Infektionen oder neurologische Beeinträchtigungen Parallel in Wort und Bild zeigt dieses Buch, wie die jeweilige Situation erkannt und die Stillberatung entsprechend ausgerichtet werden kann. Weiterhin in diesem Buch: Hilfsmittel rund um das Stillen und Füttern Glossar zu den wichtigsten Fachbegriffen Anhang mit Adressen zum Thema Stillen und Stillberatung.
Category: Breastfeeding