Modernity Al Large

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Modernity At Large

Author : Arjun Appadurai
ISBN : 0816627932
Genre : Political Science
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Offering a new framework for the cultural study of globalization, Modernity at Large shows how the imagination works as a social force in today's world, providing new resources for identity and energies for creating alternatives to the nation-state, whose era some see as coming to an end. Appadurai examines the current epoch of globalization, which is characterized by the win forces of mass migration and electronic mediation, and provides fresh ways of looking at popular consumption patters, debates about multiculturalism, and ethnic violence. He considers the way images--of lifestyles, popular culture, and self-representation--circulate internationally through the media and are often borrowed in surprising (to their originators) and inventive fashions.
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Modernity At Large

Author : Amy Young Evrard
ISBN : 9781351352512
Genre : Social Science
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Arjun Appadurai’s 1996 collection of essays Modernity At Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization helped reshape how anthropologists, geographers and philosophers saw and understood the key topic of our times: globalization. Globalization has long been recognized as one of the crucial factors shaping the modern world – a force that allows goods, people, money, information and culture can flow across borders with relative ease. But if globalization is reshaping the world, it is also viewed with increasing suspicion – and it is still not clear how to understand and conceptualise the huge shifts that are taking place. Appadurai’s work is now considered one of the most influential contributions to the field, largely because of its brilliantly creative approach to the conceptual problems posed by the deep and rapid changes that are involved. Critical thinking lies at the heart of the author’s approach to his writing. A common tactic among gifted creative thinkers is to shift a problem or argument into a novel interpretative framework, and this is exactly what Appadurai did. Modernity at Large interrogates modernity through Appadurai’s notion of ‘scapes,’ a set of separate, interacting flows that, he suggests, cross the globalized world: ethnoscapes (the flow of people), mediascapes (flow of media), technoscapes (technological interactions), financescapes (capital flow), and ideoscapes (the flow of ideologies). By constructing this creative framework, it becomes possible to undertake, as Appadurai does, a brilliant and original investigation of what globalization really means.
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Author : Joke Brouwer
ISBN : 9789056622367
Genre : Architecture
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Recent technological advances have radically altered the parameters of the urban field: trade takes place on a universal scale, work is immaterial and telematic, and new modes of communication influence the development of social relations. The city is the topographical area where these changes occur in their most concentrated form, where the conflicts and tensions accruing from them are most clearly articulated, where pixel and concrete are bound at every level. No longer a material place defined by geographical and architectural boundaries, the city of today is constituted by experiences, by lifestyles and attitudes, by leisure and consumption, by faces and conversations, and by media. Texts and projects by urban designers, artists, and writers, including Archined and V2_lab, Knowbotic Research, Scott Lash, Bart Lootsma, and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, chart groundbreaking ways of thinking about the new city.
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Encyclopedia Of Postcolonial Studies

Author : John Charles Hawley
ISBN : 0313311927
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The collapse of empires has resulted in a greater appreciation for indigenous cultures in former colonies and a renaissance of creativity. More than 150 alphabetically arranged entries by expert contributors overview and assess the effects of globalization on literary and cultural studies in the 21st century. Attempting to counter what some have seen as the anglophone bias of postcolonial studies, the volume emphasizes the common heritage of resistance in francophone, hispanophone, and other literatures, including the literatures of nonEuropean postimperial states.
Category: Literary Criticism

Raum Zeit Identit T

Author : Regina Bormann
ISBN : 9783663112358
Genre : Social Science
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Das Buch gibt einen Überblick über die jüngsten sozialtheoretischen Entwicklungen in Soziologie und Ethnologie. Konstatiert wird ein umfassender Wechsel der Perspektiven auf die soziale Welt. "Kultur" - der Modus der Wahrnehmung und Interpretation von Welt - wird zunehmend zum Paradigma der Erklärung sozialer Phänomene.
Category: Social Science

Modernity At The Beginning Of The 21st Century

Author : Volker Schmidt
ISBN : 9781443802253
Genre : Social Science
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Modernity is back on sociology's agenda. From the beginnings of sociology as an academic discipline, questions surrounding the meaning and consequences of modernity have fascinated generations of sociologists. The initial interest in the concept was inspired by a sense of a deep rupture (and crisis) afflicting European society, a sense that society was approaching something fundamentally different from the past, an entirely new form of societal organization that bore little resemblance to anything known before. Where exactly this transformation was headed was by no means clear, but around the 18th century a growing number of European intellectuals and scholars realized that the changes that had been in the making since the late 15th century were irreversible and could not be contained in any particular region or confined to particular sectors of society, but would ultimately transform all spheres of life. Like other thinkers, sociologists observed this transformation with awe, and their attitude towards it has always been ambivalent. The 20th century, during which modernity gradually began to break through globally, was also a century during which many sociologists became increasingly disillusioned with the promises of "the modern project". But with the exhaustion of the energies of "postmodernism", the intellectual movement that wanted to bury modernity, the interest in modernity began to resurface again; not least because it became increasingly clear that the world is far from approaching a societal condition pointing systematically beyond modernity. Instead, we are witnessing an intensification of modernization processes around the world. But what is modernity, anyway? The aim of the present volume is to contribute to the ongoing discussion about the meaning of modernity and about the significance of modernization processes in non-Western societies. As befits a subject matter as controversial and complex at this one, the book's chapters offer no conclusive answers to the questions they raise and address. The debate about modernity must and will continue, and one hopes that it will be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect despite sometimes fierce disagreement between the participants. For only if we listen to each other can we make genuine intellectual progress.
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Doing Time

Author : Rita Felski
ISBN : 9780814727072
Genre : Philosophy
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Contemporary theory is full of references to the modern and the postmodern. How useful are these terms? What exactly do they mean? And how is our sense of these terms changing under the pressure of feminist analysis? In Doing Time, Rita Felski argues that it makes little sense to think of the modern and postmodern as opposing or antithetical terms. Rather, we need a historical perspective that is attuned to cultural and political differences within the same time as well as the leaky boundaries between different times. Neither the modern nor the postmodern are unified, coherent, or self-evident realities. Drawing on cultural studies and critical theory, Felski examines a range of themes central to debates about postmodern culture, including changing meanings of class, the end of history, the status of art and aesthetics, postmodernism as "the end of sex," and the politics of popular culture. Placing women at the center of analysis, she suggests, has a profound impact on the way we thing about historical periods. As a result, feminist theory is helping to reshape our vision of both the modern and the postmodern.
Category: Philosophy

Imagin Re Topografien

Author : Klaus Müller-Richter
ISBN : 9783839405949
Genre : Philosophy
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Migration, bislang verstanden als Bewegung im physisch-geografischen Raum, wird vor allem durch imaginäre Prozesse des Raumbegehrens motiviert. Imaginäre Topografien etablieren dabei ein Netz von Bedeutungen, in dem Räume und Raumlogiken entstehen und Migrationsformen als kulturelle Raumpraktiken für einzelne Subjekte, auch für Staaten signifikant werden können. An dieser Raumkonstitution sind heute neben Schrift- verstärkt auch Bild- und Klangmedien beteiligt. Aus einer kulturwissenschaftlichen Perspektive wird daher die Entstehung imaginärer Topografien im Kontext verschiedener Mediensysteme als ein jeweils politisch relevanter Akt zwischen Selbst- oder Fremdbestimmung untersucht.
Category: Philosophy

Makhmalbaf At Large

Author : Hamid Dabashi
ISBN : 9780857714558
Genre : Performing Arts
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The name of Mohsen Makhmalbaf is almost synonymous with the dramatic rise of Iranian cinema in the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution, and over the last quarter of a century, his career as filmmaker and writer has reflected the tumultuous history of his homeland and the fate of its neighbours. _x000D_ _x000D_ Hamid Dabashi draws from his friendship with Makhmalbaf, as well as his direct involvement with Makhmalbaf's films and thought, to give us this deeply engaging book on the tumultuous life and spectacular career of a great filmmaker. _x000D_ _x000D_ This is also the account of Makhmalbaf's transformation, from committed Muslim revolutionary, who was jailed for his part in the revolution, into an artistic humanist of great energy and elegance. His films, including 'The Peddler' and 'The Time for Love', 'Salaam Cinema', 'Gabbeh', 'Silence' and 'Kandahar', confound conventional genres and are always surprising. They represent his own journey and take part in it, in ways that Dabashi explores with great insight. _x000D_ _x000D_ Makhmalbaf's cinematic career started in Iran and has since expanded into Turkey, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and into Europe. Dabashi uncovers how, moving across boundaries, Makhmalbaf's creative genius can illuminate our contemporary world._x000D_ _x000D_ And this book is in part the story of a friendship. As Mohsen Makhmalbaf writes in its Preface: ‘Hamid Dabashi - this pious atheist friend of mine, the man who loves cinema and hates art, this political activist who abhors politics, this thinking, pondering, critical intellect... I have learned much from him. Perhaps he too, has learned from me. The times he and I have spent together have been occasions of discovery and illumination.’
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