Minima Moralia

Author : Theodor W. Adorno
ISBN : 1844670511
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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"A volume of Adorno is equivalent to a whole shelf of books on literature."--Susan Sontag
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Sounds Of The New Deal

Author : Peter Gough
ISBN : 9780252097010
Genre : History
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At its peak the Federal Music Project (FMP) employed nearly 16,000 people who reached millions of Americans through performances, composing, teaching, and folksong collection and transcription. In Sounds of the New Deal, Peter Gough explores how the FMP's activities in the West shaped a new national appreciation for the diversity of American musical expression. From the onset, administrators and artists debated whether to represent highbrow, popular, or folk music in FMP activities. Though the administration privileged using "good" music to educate the public, in the West local preferences regularly trumped national priorities and allowed diverse vernacular musics to be heard. African American and Hispanic music found unprecedented popularity while the cultural mosaic illuminated by American folksong exemplified the spirit of the Popular Front movement. These new musical expressions combined the radical sensibilities of an invigorated Left with nationalistic impulses. At the same time, they blended traditional patriotic themes with an awareness of the country's varied ethnic musical heritage and vast--but endangered--store of grassroots music.
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Cinematic Aided Design

Author : François Penz
ISBN : 9781317526629
Genre : Architecture
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Cinematic Aided Design: An Everyday Life Approach to Architecture provides architects, planners, designer practitioners, politicians and decision makers with a new awareness of the practice of everyday life through the medium of film. This novel approach will also appeal to film scholars and film practitioners with an interest in spatial and architectural issues, as well as researchers from cultural studies in the field of everyday life. The everyday life is one of the hardest things to uncover since by its very nature it remains overlooked and ignored. However, cinema has over the last 120 years represented, interpreted and portrayed hundreds of thousands of everyday life situations taking place in a wide range of dwellings, streets and cities. Film constitutes the most comprehensive lived in building data in existence. Cinema created a comprehensive encyclopedia of architectural spaces and building elements. It has exposed large fragments of our everyday life and everyday environment that this book is aiming to reveal and restitute.
Category: Architecture

The Metastases Of Enjoyment

Author : Slavoj Žižek
ISBN : 1844670619
Genre : Philosophy
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The experience of the Yugoslav war and the rise of "irrational" violence in contemporary societies provides the theoretical and political context of this book, which uses Lacanian psychoanalysis as the basis for a renewal of the Marxist theory of ideology. The author's analysis leads into a study of the figure of woman in modern art and ideology, including studies of The Crying Game and the films of David Lynch, and the links between violence and power/gender relations.
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Le Syst Me Des Objets

Author : Jean Baudrillard
ISBN : 1844670538
Genre : Philosophy
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Pressing Freudian and Saussurean categories into the service of a basically Marxist perspective, The System of Objects offersa cultural critique of the commodity in consumer society. Baudrillardclassifies the everyday objects of the "new technical order" asfunctional, nonfunctional and metafunctional. He contrasts "modern" and"traditional" functional objects, subjecting home furnishing andinterior design to a celebrated semiological analysis. His treatment ofnonfunctional or "marginal" objects focuses on antiques and thepsychology of collecting, while the metafunctional category extends tothe useless, the aberrant and even the "schizofunctional." Finally,Baudrillard deals at length with the implications of credit andadvertising for the commodification of everyday life. The System of Objectsis a tour de force of the materialist semiotics of the earlyBaudrillard, who emerges in retrospect as something of a lightning rodfor all the live ideas of the day: Bataille's political economy of"expenditure" and Mauss's theory of the gift; Reisman's lonely crowdand the "technological society" of Jacques Ellul; the structuralism ofRoland Barthes in The System of Fashion; Henri Lefebvre's workon the social construction of space; and last, but not least, GuyDebord's situationist critique of the spectacle.
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Author : Gabriele Lieselotte Ewenz
ISBN : 3518583778
Genre : Philosophers
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Minima Moralia

Author : Theodor W. Adorno
ISBN : 3518293044
Genre : Philosophy
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Liberalism And Democracy

Author : Norberto Bobbio
ISBN : 1844670627
Genre : Philosophy
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A magisterial introduction to the relationship between liberalism and democracy, from its beginnings in classical Greek thought to our own times.
Category: Philosophy

Signs Taken For Wonders

Author : Franco Moretti
ISBN : 1844670562
Genre : Literary Collections
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A compelling analysis of the relations between high and mass culture, from tragedy and horror to detective fiction and classical realism.
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Theorie Der Halbbildung

Author : Gertrud von Le Fort
ISBN : 3518068512
Genre : Subculture
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