Material Agency

Author : Carl Knappett
ISBN : 0387747117
Genre : Science
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Thus far an ‘agent’ in the social sciences has always meant someone whose actions bring about change. In this volume, the editors challenge this position and examine the possibility that agency is not a solely human property. Instead, this collection of archaeologists, anthropologists, sociologists and other social scientists explores the symbiotic relationships between humans and material entities (a key opening a door, a speed bump raising a car) as they engage with one another.
Category: Science

Making Spirits

Author : Diana Espirito Santo
ISBN : 9780857722621
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The analysis of religion has often placed an emphasis on beliefs and ideologies, prioritizing these elements over those of the material world. Through the ethnographic analysis of a variety of contemporary religious practices, Making Spirits questions the presumed separation of spirit and matter, and sheds light on the dynamics between spiritual and material domains. By examining the cultural contexts in which material culture is central to the creation and experience of religion and belief, this volume analyses the different ways in which the concepts of the material and spiritual worlds intersect, interact and inform each other in the reproduction of religious rites. By concentrating on the processes of communication, exchange and transformation between realms considered spiritual and those seen as material or worldly, this volume questions the general opposition between the transcendent and the immanent in contemporary studies of religion. Making Spirits offers a wide range of examples in which these worlds collide, and indeed subside into each other. For example, the volume explores the significance of material things in the practice of Cuban spiritism, a popular medium cult. The ‘spirited ones’ are, according to these practices, gifted individuals adept at materialising the presence of the dead in their own lives and in those of their clients, and through this embody the images of Cuba’s ethnic, racial and religious diversity, as well as its trauma and conflict. Thus, the material and the spiritual world not only interact with each other, but are both used to shape the everyday reality of the believer. Furthermore, the importance of the material culture of religion is also examined here. By looking at the ways in which objects are defined as mediators between humans and deities, the volume analyses the ways in which material items are used in order to make men and women think, believe, perceive and act in a way that presupposes a tight connection between them and their gods. In this volume Nico Tassi and Diana Espirito Santo offer insights that challenge accepted categories in the study of religion, making this book important for scholars of comparative religion, anthropology and sociology.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Literatur Und Wissen

Author : Roland Borgards
ISBN : 9783476005953
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Schnittstellenforschung. Mit Beginn der Kulturwissenschaften und durch die kulturelle Wende in der Wissenschaftsgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts formte sich ein erweitertes Kulturverständnis. Fallen in diesem Sinne die Grenzen zwischen Wissenschaft und Literatur, wird der Blick auf deren Berührungspunkte frei: Welches sind die thematischen, formalen und konzeptionellen Schnittstellen? Das Handbuch beantwortet diese Fragen und zeigt zentrale Wissenskonzepte (z. B. Metapher, Denkfigur, Schrift), aber auch, wie vernetzt Literatur mit den verschiedenen Wissenschaften ist.
Category: Literary Criticism

These Thin Partitions

Author : Joshua Englehardt
ISBN : 9781607325420
Genre : Social Science
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These “Thin Partitions” explores the intellectual and methodological differences that separate two of the four subdisciplines within the field of anthropology: archaeology and cultural anthropology. Contributors examine the theoretical underpinnings of this separation and explore what can be gained by joining them, both in university departments and in field research. In case studies highlighting the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration, contributors argue that anthropologists and archaeologists are simply not “speaking the same language” and that the division between fields undermines the field of anthropology as a whole. Scholars must bridge this gap and find ways to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration to promote the health of the anthropological discipline. By sharing data, methods, and ideas, archaeology and cultural anthropology can not only engage in more productive debates but also make research accessible to those outside academia. These “Thin Partitions” gets to the heart of a well-known problem in the field of anthropology and contributes to the ongoing debate by providing concrete examples of how interdisciplinary collaboration can enhance the outcomes of anthropological research. Contributors: Fredrik Fahlander, Lilia Fernández Souza, Kent Fowler, Donna Goldstein, Joseph R. Hellweg, Derek Johnson, Ashley Kistler, Vincent M. LaMotta, John Monaghan, William A. Parkinson, Paul Shankman, David Small
Category: Social Science

Materiale Textkulturen

Author : Thomas Meier
ISBN : 9783110371291
Genre : History
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How does one define and explore the “material presence of the written in non-typographical cultures?” The interdisciplinary and collaborative essays in this handbook present theoretical principles, describe text-bearing materials and objects, and investigate the diverse practices related to text-bearing artifacts. The analysis is illustrated with examples drawn from a period of over 4,500 years.
Category: History

Verk Rperung Eine Neue Interdisziplin Re Anthropologie

Author : Gregor Etzelmüller
ISBN : 9783110528626
Genre : Philosophy
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Das gegenwärtig zunehmende Auseinanderdriften von Kulturwissenschaft und Humanbiologie verdeutlicht das noch immer bestehende Desiderat einer integrativen Anthropologie, die dualistische ebenso wie reduktionistische Konzeptionen zu überwinden vermag. Der vorliegende Band, hervorgegangen aus einer interdisziplinären Projektgruppe an der Universität Heidelberg, lotet aus, welche Rolle das neue Paradigma der Verkörperung für die Fundierung einer solchen Anthropologie spielen kann. Aus der Perspektive so unterschiedlicher Disziplinen wie Philosophie, Theologie, Psychologie, Neurobiologie, Biomechanik und Paläoanthropologie untersuchen die Autoren, welche Bedeutung der konstitutionelle Aufbau des Leibes für zentrale anthropologische Forschungsfragen hat. Die Einheit von Wahrnehmung und Bewegung, die Entstehung von Sprache und Denken und die Evolution des Menschen stehen dabei im Vordergrund. Der Ansatz bei der Verkörperung des Menschen bildet belastbare Brücken zwischen den verschiedenen disziplinären Anthropologien und erschließt neue Perspektiven für die zukünftige anthropologische Forschung.
Category: Philosophy

Agency In Ancient Writing

Author : Joshua Englehardt
ISBN : 9781607322092
Genre : Social Science
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Individual agents are frequently evident in early writing and notational systems, yet these systems have rarely been subjected to the concept of agency as it is traceable in archeology. Agency in Ancient Writing addresses this oversight, allowing archeologists to identify and discuss real, observable actors and actions in the archaeological record. Embracing myriad ways in which agency can be interpreted, ancient writing systems from Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Crete, China, and Greece are examined from a textual perspective as both archaeological objects and nascent historical documents. This allows for distinction among intentions, consequences, meanings, and motivations, increasing understanding and aiding interpretation of the subjectivity of social actors. Chapters focusing on acts of writing and public recitation overlap with those addressing the materiality of texts, interweaving archaeology, epigraphy, and the study of visual symbol systems. Agency in Ancient Writing leads to a more thorough and meaningful discussion of agency as an archaeological concept and will be of interest to anyone interested in ancient texts, including archaeologists, historians, linguists, epigraphers, and art historians, as well as scholars studying agency and structuration theory.
Category: Social Science

Material Bernini

Author : Evonne Levy
ISBN : 9781317099482
Genre : Art
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Bringing together established and emerging specialists in seventeenth-century Italian sculpture, Material Bernini is the first sustained examination of the conspicuous materiality of Bernini’s work in sculpture, architecture, and paint. The various essays demonstrate that material Bernini has always been tied (whether theologically, geologically, politically, or in terms of art theory) to his immaterial twin. Here immaterial Bernini and the historiography that sustains him is finally confronted by material Bernini. Central to the volume are Bernini’s works in clay, a fragmentary record of a large body of preparatory works by a sculptor who denied any direct relation between sketches of any kind and final works. Read together, the essays call into question why those works in which Bernini’s bodily relation to the material of his art is most evident, his clay studies, have been configured as a point of unmediated access to the artist’s mind, to his immaterial ideas. This insight reveals a set of values and assumptions that have profoundly shaped Bernini studies from their inception, and opens up new and compelling avenues of inquiry within a field that has long remained remarkably self-enclosed.
Category: Art

Identity And Heritage

Author : Peter F. Biehl
ISBN : 9783319096896
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 30.4 MB
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This book will suggest new agendas for identity and heritage studies by means of presenting contentious issues facing archaeology and heritage management in a globalized world. The book is not only present the variability of heritage objectives and experiences in the New and Old World, and opens a discussion, in a shrinking world, to look beyond national and regional contexts. If the heritage sector and archaeology are to remain relevant in our contemporary world and the near future, there are a number of questions concerning the politics, practices and narratives related to heritage and identity that must be addressed. Questions of relevance in an affluent, cosmopolitan setting are at odds with those relevant for a region emerging from civil war or ethnic strife, or a national minority battling oppression or ethnic cleansing. A premise is that heritage represents a broad scope of empirically and theoretically sound interpretations – that heritage is a response to contemporary forces, as much as data. It is therefore necessary constantly to evaluate what is scientifically accurate as well as what is valid and relevant and what can have a contemporary impact.
Category: Social Science

The Oxford Handbook Of Material Culture Studies

Author : Dan Hicks
ISBN : 9780199218714
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 40.86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Written by an international team of experts, the Handbook makes accessible a full range of theoretical and applied approaches to the study of material culture, and the place of materiality in social theory, presenting current thinking about material culture from the fields of archaeology, anthropology, geography, and science and technology studies.
Category: Social Science