Locke Two Treatises Of Government Student Edition

Author : John Locke
ISBN : 0521357306
Genre : History
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This is a new revised version of Dr. Laslett's standard edition of Two Treatises. First published in 1960, and based on an analysis of the whole body of Locke's publications, writings, and papers. The Introduction and text have been revised to incorporate references to recent scholarship since the second edition and the bibliography has been updated.
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Locke Two Treatises Of Government

Author : John Locke
ISBN : 9781107393073
Genre : Political Science
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This is the revised version of Peter Laslett's acclaimed edition of Two Treatises of Government, which is widely recognised as one of the classic pieces of recent scholarship in the history of ideas, read and used by students of political theory throughout the world. This 1988 edition revises Dr Laslett's second edition (1970) and includes an updated bibliography, a guide to further reading and a fully reset and revised introduction which surveys advances in Locke scholarship since publication of the second edition. In the introduction, Dr Laslett shows that the Two Treatises were not a rationalisation of the events of 1688 but rather a call for a revolution yet to come.
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Terror By Consent

Author : Lori J. Underwood
ISBN : 0820486272
Genre : Political Science
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"Terror by Consent" is an analysis of social contract theory as it is applied to problems in the modern world, including poverty, terrorism, ideological warfare, and political cynicism. The initial chapters of this book summarize and critique major social contract theories, including those of Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Kant and Rawls. Subsequent chapters address modern political issues such as governmental legitimacy, allocation of scarce resources, ideological crises, and the rise of terrorism.
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John Locke S Concept Of Natural Law From The Essays On The Law Of Nature To The Second Treatise Of Government

Author : Franziska Quabeck
ISBN : 9783643903228
Genre : Religion
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John Locke's account of natural law, which forms the very basis of his political philosophy, has troubled many critics over time. The two works that shed light on Locke's theory are the early Essays on the Law of Nature and the Second Treatise of Government, published over 20 years later. Many critics have assumed that the early work presents a voluntarist approach to natural law and the second a rationalist approach, but the present analysis in this book shows that Locke's theory is consistent. Both works present a concept of the law of nature that must be placed between voluntarism and rationalism. (Series: Polyptoton. Munster Collection, Academic Writings / Polyptoton. Munsteraner Sammlung Akademischer Schriften - Vol. 3)
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Locke Political Essays

Author : John Locke
ISBN : 0521478618
Genre : History
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We know more about the development of John Locke's ideas than we do about almost any other philosopher's before modern times. This book brings together a comprehensive collection of the writings on politics and society that stand outside the canonical works which Locke published during his lifetime. In the aftermath of the Revolution of 1688 the three works by which he is chiefly known appeared: the Two Treatises of Government, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, and A Letter Concerning Toleration, and the themes raised in these works had been reflected upon over many years. Mark Goldie's edition makes possible the fullest exploration of the evolution of Locke's ideas concerning the philosophical foundations of morality and sociability, the boundary of church and state, the shaping of constitutions, and the conduct of government and public policy.
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Astell Political Writings

Author : Mary Astell
ISBN : 0521428459
Genre : History
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First modern edition of three works by an important female political theorist.
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Two Treatises Of Government

Author : Jeremy Kleidosty
ISBN : 9781351351768
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John Locke's 1689 Two Treatises of Government is a key text in the history of political theory - one whose influence remains marked on modern politics, the American Constitution and beyond. Two Treatises is more than a seminal work on the nature and legitimacy of government. It is also a masterclass in two key critical thinking skills: evaluation and reasoning. Evaluation is all about judging and assessing arguments - asking how relevant, adequate and convincing they are. And, at its heart, the first of Locke's two treatises is pure evaluation: a long and incisive dissection of a treatise on the arguments in Sir Robert Filmer's Patriarcha. Filmer's book had defended the doctrine that kings were absolute rulers whose legitimacy came directly from God (the so-called "divine right of kings"), basing his arguments on Biblical explanations and evidence. Locke carefully rebutted Filmer's arguments, on their own terms, by reference to both the Bible and to recorded history. Finding Filmer's evidence either to be insufficient or unacceptable, Locke concluded that his argument for patriarchy was weak to the point of invalidity. In the second of Locke's treatises, the author goes on to construct his own argument concerning the sources of legitimate power, and the nature of that power. Carefully building his own argument from a logical consideration of man in "the state of nature," Locke creates a convincing argument that civilised society should be based on natural human rights and the social contract.

Einbildungskraft Und Mythologie

Author : Lucas Marco Gisi
ISBN : 9783110897791
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This study in the history of ideas consults a wide range of sources both known and less familiar to trace the development in the 18th century of an anthropological historiography, which aims to ascertain the unity of human nature and human cultural history. The study unfolds a picture of European enlightenment thinking that reflects seemingly irrational phenomena of imagination together with the cultural practices and mythologies of ‘uncivilized’ peoples and thus formulates fundamental questions for modern anthropology and the philosophy of history.
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Lockean Commonwealth The

Author : Ross J. Corbett
ISBN : 9781438427942
Genre : Philosophy
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Timely reappraisal of John Locke’s thoughts on the clash between executive emergency power and the importance of the rule of law.
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