Author : Clark Spencer Larsen
ISBN : 9780521838696
Genre : History
File Size : 21.73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A synthetic treatment of the study of human remains from archaeological contexts for current and future generations of bioarchaeologists.
Category: History

Techniques In Archaeological Geology

Author : Ervan Garrison
ISBN : 9783319302324
Genre : Social Science
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This 2nd edition is a survey level review of key areas of archaeological geology/geoarchaeology. Principal subject areas include: historical principles; archaeologic and geomorphic surfaces and landforms types; sediments and sediment analytic methods; archaeological stoney materials - petrographic and mineralogic attributes; ceramic materials - mineralogic composition and analytic methods; geochemical methods useful in archaeological geology - studies of materials; commonly used geochronological methods for archaeological geology. Contributions to paleoecology, paleoclimate and ancient cultures as well as multivariate ICP and EDX data are now included.
Category: Social Science

Indigenous Landscapes And Spanish Missions

Author : Lee Panich
ISBN : 9780816598892
Genre : Social Science
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Spanish missions in North America were once viewed as confining and stagnant communities, with native peoples on the margins of the colonial enterprise. Recent archaeological and ethnohistorical research challenges that notion. Indigenous Landscapes and Spanish Missions considers how native peoples actively incorporated the mission system into their own dynamic existence. The book, written by diverse scholars and edited by Lee M. Panich and Tsim D. Schneider, covers missions in the Spanish borderlands from California to Texas to Georgia. Offering thoughtful arguments and innovative perspectives, the editors organized the book around three interrelated themes. The first section explores power, politics, and belief, recognizing that Spanish missions were established within indigenous landscapes with preexisting tensions, alliances, and belief systems. The second part, addressing missions from the perspective of indigenous inhabitants, focuses on their social, economic, and historical connections to the surrounding landscapes. The final section considers the varied connections between mission communities and the world beyond the mission walls, including examinations of how mission neophytes, missionaries, and colonial elites vied for land and natural resources. Indigenous Landscapes and Spanish Missions offers a holistic view on the consequences of missionization and the active negotiation of missions by indigenous peoples, revealing cross-cutting perspectives into the complex and contested histories of the Spanish borderlands. This volume challenges readers to examine deeply the ways in which native peoples negotiated colonialism not just inside the missions themselves but also within broader indigenous landscapes. This book will be of interest to archaeologists, historians, tribal scholars, and anyone interested in indigenous encounters with colonial institutions.
Category: Social Science

A Tide Swept Coast Of Sand And Marsh

Author : Miles O. Hayes
ISBN : 9780981661834
Genre : Science
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This book will help you explore the origins of coastal features, such as barrier islands, sand beaches and coastal dunes. It unravels the wonderful mystery of how the extensive Georgia salt marshes evolved. Furthermore, it explains the changing face of the coastline through deposition and erosion during major storms. The key ecological resources are described in detail for each of the major subdivisions of the coast. Through richly illustrated diagrams, full-color photographs, and satellite images this general treatment of the coastal geology and ecology of Georgia will help you understand this exceptional coast through a delightful and completely comprehensible narrative.
Category: Science

Anthropological Research Framing For Archaeological Geophysics

Author : Jason Randall Thompson
ISBN : 9780739177594
Genre : Social Science
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Anthropological Research Framing for Archaeological Geophysics: Material Signatures of Past Human Behavior initiates a dialogue with other archaeological and geophysical professionals to do so. Most archaeological applications of geophysics remain methodological and technical, devoted to gaining awareness of buried anthropogenic materials but not human behavior. By proposing the amelioration of communication gaps between traditional and geophysical archaeologists, Jason Randall Thompson foments dialogue and participates in bringing about new ways of thinking anthropologically about archaeological geophysics.
Category: Social Science

The Archaeology Of Events

Author : Zackary I. Gilmore
ISBN : 9780817318505
Genre : History
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The Archaeology of Events is the first work to apply an events-based approach to the analysis of pivotal developments in the pre-Columbian Southeast.
Category: History

Material Worlds

Author : Barbara J. Heath
ISBN : 9781317327295
Genre : Social Science
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Material Worlds examines consumption from an archaeological perspective, broadly exploring the intersection of social relations and objects through the processes of production, distribution, use, reuse, and discard. Interrogating individual objects as well as considering the contexts in which acts of consumption take place, a range of case studies present the intertwined issues of power, inequality, identity, and community as mediated through choice, access, and use of the diversity of mass-produced goods. Key themes of this innovative volume include the relationship between colonial, political and economic structures and the practices of consumption, the use of consumer goods in the construction and negotiation of identity, and the dialectic between strategies of consumption and individual or community choices. Situating studies of consumerism within the field of historical archaeology, this exciting collection reflects on the interrelationship between the material and ideological aspects of culture. With a focus on North America from the seventeenth through the early twentieth centuries, Material Worlds is an important examination of consumption which will appeal to scholars with interests in colonialism, gender and race, as well as those engaged with the material culture of the emergent modern world.
Category: Social Science

Knowledge In Motion

Author : Andrew P. Roddick
ISBN : 9780816532605
Genre : Education
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"Knowledge in Motion" brings together archaeologists, historians, and cultural anthropologists to examine communities from around the globe as they engage in a range of practices constituting situated learned and knowledge transmission. The contributors lay the groundwork to forge productive theories and methodologies for exploring situated learning and its broad-ranging outcomes.
Category: Education