Author : John C. Whittaker
ISBN : 9780292792555
Genre : Social Science
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Flintknapping is an ancient craft enjoying a resurgence of interest among both amateur and professional students of prehistoric cultures. In this new guide, John C. Whittaker offers the most detailed handbook on flintknapping currently available and the only one written from the archaeological perspective of interpreting stone tools as well as making them. Flintknapping contains detailed, practical information on making stone tools. Whittaker starts at the beginner level and progresses to discussion of a wide range of techniques. He includes information on necessary tools and materials, as well as step-by-step instructions for making several basic stone tool types. Numerous diagrams allow the reader to visualize the flintknapping process, and drawings of many stone tools illustrate the discussions and serve as models for beginning knappers. Written for a wide amateur and professional audience, Flintknapping will be essential for practicing knappers as well as for teachers of the history of technology, experimental archaeology, and stone tool analysis.
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Author : Paul Hellweg
ISBN : IND:30000037519935
Genre : Art
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The Space Age Kid S Guide To The Stone Age Skill Of Flint Knapping

Author : F. Scott Crawford
ISBN : 1500628387
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
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The Space Age Kid's Guide To The Stone Age Skill Of Flint Knapping Making Arrowheads Out Of Rock. For curious kids and young scientists alike ... who want to try it for themselves. Learn that ancient human craft of breaking stone to make tools and hunting weapons ... you can get the basics in just a few minutes. Mastery of the skills of flint knapping can take years. This is the information you need to get started. Welcome to flint knapping ... the ancient art and craft of breaking natural stone to produce tools and hunting weapons. The essential survival skill of untold generations of human beings around the globe. These are the same processes which people used for thousands of years, in all regions of the world, before the discovery of metals and the various ways to make metal tools. By trying out these skills, you will learn how to break rock so you really can make stone arrowheads yourself. First, we will look at examples of ancient stone artifacts, for reference and for inspiration. Then, you will be introduced to the ancient and modern tools of flint knapping and resources for getting or making those tools. We will also discuss readily available and workable alternative tools which can be used to do the work for a new stone knapper. We will look at some different kinds of stone and rock which can be used for making arrowheads. You'll see stone breaking processes: first, percussion activities which are useful for making chips and blades. Then, pressure flaking techniques which are used to shape chips and blades of stone into a variety of planned arrow points. Some ancient technical secrets of the skill will be disclosed and illustrated, including specific ways to prepare the stone for pressure flaking, trimming the thin edges and using grind stones to abrade the edge so your flaking tool gets a good grip and does not slip off when you apply pressure at the edge. And we will talk about the attitude and intent which is needed to break stone ... to master it. It's all here in "The Space Age Kid's Guide To The Stone Age Skill Of Flint Knapping Making Arrowheads Out Of Rock." Now, let's get started. Order your copy today. Read it and study it for a few hours, enjoy the hobby and skill of flint knapping for many years.
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Flintknapping Art

Author : Dwayne Earnhardt
ISBN : 1508590559
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This book contains pictures of the flintknapping art work of eight modern flintknappers but it is much more than just a photobook. It contains a Foreward discussing the past, present and future of flintknapping by Mike Cook. I wrote the Preface discussing my history with flintknapping and first meeting Robbie Robinson in the early 80's. The books features eight modern knappers with bio's and pages of photos for each knapper. The knappers include Mike Cook, Jake Webster, Aaron Lincoln, Daniel A. Pierce, Bill Earnhardt, Ed Mosher, Stan Payne and Brian Larochelle. A few highlight photos include a life size picture of Brian's latest 8 inch biface puzzle point which is just an incredible awesome piece. Never seen before very nice dynamically colored dichroic glass knives/points by Aaron Lincoln. Three types of Dannish Daggers by Ed Mosher including a 16 inch one on the front cover. Many ghost points and other uniquely designed pieces by Jake Webster including a large red dragon on the back cover. Beautiful flintknapped silver inlay jewelry by Daniel A. Pierce. Many beautiful pieces by Mike Cook including a opal arrowhead placed in a ring. A knife owned by President Bush made by Stan Payne. An edge to edge dagger made by Bill Earnhardt and much much more. Flintknapping has been around since the stone age where stone tools were a necessity for survival. Today, flintknapping has developed into a modern art form. This book contains pictures of flintknapping work that replicate stone age tools as well as modern uniquely designed pieces.

Flint Knapping

Author : Robert Turner
ISBN : 0752488740
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
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Looks at how flint was used by early humans to make a variety of tools, and provides instructions for making a Stone Age toolkit that includes such items as an American point, arrowhead, and thin biface.
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American Flintknappers

Author : John C. Whittaker
ISBN : 9780292757899
Genre : Social Science
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Making arrowheads, blades, and other stone tools was once a survival skill and is still a craft practiced by thousands of flintknappers around the world. In the United States, knappers gather at regional "knap-ins" to socialize, exchange ideas and material, buy and sell both equipment and knapped art, and make stone tools in the company of others. In between these gatherings, the knapping community stays connected through newsletters and the Internet. In this book, avid knapper and professional anthropologist John Whittaker offers an insider's view of the knapping community. He explores why stone tools attract modern people and what making them means to those who pursue this art. He describes how new members are incorporated into the knapping community, how novices learn the techniques of knapping and find their roles within the group, how the community is structured, and how ethics, rules, and beliefs about knapping are developed and transmitted. He also explains how the practice of knapping relates to professional archaeology, the trade in modern replicas of stone tools, and the forgery of artifacts. Whittaker's book thus documents a fascinating subculture of American life and introduces the wider public to an ancient and still rewarding craft.
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Early Hunting Tools

Author : Matt Gravelle
ISBN : 0964572702
Genre : History
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Early hunters and gatherers produced their own tools for hunting and butchering animals. Knives and spearpoints were made from glassy rocks such as flint and obsidian. Stones were pounded and chipped away, leaving a tool with a very sharp edge. Learn about the materials, methods, and products involved in flintknapping. This handbook defines over 60 fundamental terms, with original cartoons on each page, based on the lithic technology classes conducted by anthropologist Dr. Lee Sappington. Index and short bibliography included. Written for a general audience, this book has a good showing in stone jewelry shops, history museums, and state parks.
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