Fin De Siecle Vienna

Author : Carl E. Schorske
ISBN : 9780307814517
Genre : History
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A Pulitzer Prize Winner and landmark book from one of the truly original scholars of our time: a magnificent revelation of turn-of-the-century Vienna where out of a crisis of political and social disintegration so much of modern art and thought was born. "Not only is it a splendid exploration of several aspects of early modernism in their political context; it is an indicator of how the discipline of intellectual history is currently practiced by its most able and ambitious craftsmen. It is also a moving vindication of historical study itself, in the face of modernism's defiant suggestion that history is obsolete." -- David A. Hollinger, History Book Club Review "Each of [the seven separate studies] can be read separately....Yet they are so artfully designed and integrated that one who reads them in order is impressed by the book's wholeness and the momentum of its argument." -- Gordon A. Craig, The New Republic "A profound work...on one of the most important chapters of modern intellectual history" -- H.R. Trevor-Roper, front page, The New York Times Book Review "Invaluable to the social and political well as to those more concerned with the arts" -- John Willett, The New York Review of Books "A work of original synthesis and scholarship. Engrossing." -- Newsweek
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Author : Carl E. Schorske
ISBN : 322215001X
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Rethinking Vienna 1900

Author : Steven Beller
ISBN : 1571811400
Genre : History
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Fin-de-siecle Vienna remains a central event in the birth of the century's modern culture. Our understanding of what happened in those key decades in Central Europe at the turn of the century has been shaped in the last years by an historiography presided over by Carl Schorske's Fin de Siecle Vienna and the model of the relationship between politics and culture which emerged from his work and that of his followers. Recent scholarship, however, has begun to question the main paradigm of this school, i.e. the "failure of liberalism." This volume reflects not only a whole range of the critiques but also offers alternative ways of understanding the subject, most notably though the concept of "critical modernism" and the integration of previously neglected aspects such as the role of marginality, of the market and the larger Central and European context. As a result this volume offers novel ideas on a subject that is of unending fascination and never fails to captivate the Western imagination.
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Das Zeitalter Der Erkenntnis

Author : Eric Kandel
ISBN : 9783641099855
Genre : Science
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Was passiert in unserem Gehirn, wenn wir Kunst betrachten? Nobelpreisträger Eric Kandel hat mit »Das Zeitalter der Erkenntnis« ein brillantes Buch geschrieben, das uns in das Wien Sigmund Freuds, Gustav Klimts und Arthur Schnitzlers entführt. Dort setzten um 1900 die angesehensten Köpfe der Naturwissenschaft, Medizin und Kunst eine Revolution in Gang, die den Blick auf den menschlichen Geist und seine Beziehung zur Kunst für immer verändern sollte.
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The Schenker Project

Author : Nicholas Cook
ISBN : 9780195170566
Genre : Music
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This book interprets the music theory of Henrich Schenker (1868-1935) as part of a comprehensive project encompassing not just musical reform but social and political critique. It sets his work into the contexts of Viennese modernism, German cultural conservatism, and Schenker's position as a Jewish immigrant to the city where modern anti-semitism first developed.
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Jewish Women In Fin De Si Cle Vienna

Author : Alison Rose
ISBN : 9780292774643
Genre : History
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Despite much study of Viennese culture and Judaism between 1890 and 1914, little research has been done to examine the role of Jewish women in this milieu. Rescuing a lost legacy, Jewish Women in Fin de Siècle Vienna explores the myriad ways in which Jewish women contributed to the development of Viennese culture and participated widely in politics and cultural spheres. Areas of exploration include the education and family lives of Viennese Jewish girls and varying degrees of involvement of Jewish women in philanthropy and prayer, university life, Zionism, psychoanalysis and medicine, literature, and culture. Incorporating general studies of Austrian women during this period, Alison Rose also presents significant findings regarding stereotypes of Jewish gender and sexuality and the politics of anti-Semitism, as well as the impact of German culture, feminist dialogues, and bourgeois self-images. As members of two minority groups, Viennese Jewish women nonetheless used their involvement in various movements to come to terms with their dual identity during this period of profound social turmoil. Breaking new ground in the study of perceptions and realities within a pivotal segment of the Viennese population, Jewish Women in Fin de Siècle Vienna applies the lens of gender in important new ways.
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Der Prager Kreis

Author : Peter Demetz
ISBN : 9783835329096
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Max Brod prägte den Begriff Prager Kreis für die Treffen mit seinen Schriftstellerkollegen und -freunden Oskar Baum, Felix Weltsch und Franz Kafka - später kam noch Ludwig Winder dazu. In seinem Erinnerungsbuch schreibt er nicht nur über diese Gruppe, sondern zieht größere Kreise, die alle wichtigen Prager deutschsprachigen Autoren umfassen. Es ist nicht zuletzt Max Brods Verdienst, dass die literarische Öffentlichkeit außer auf Kafka auch auf die anderen Prager deutschsprachigen Autoren blickt, auf diese kleine Welt innerhalb einer tschechischen Großstadt.
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Der Fall Loos

Author : Christopher Long
ISBN : 9783902998699
Genre : History
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Der Skandal um den Sittlichkeitsprozess gegen Adolf Loos Anfang September 1928 wurde der Architekt Adolf Loos von der Wiener Polizei unter dem Verdacht des Kindesmissbrauchs verhaftet. Zwei Mädchen (und später ein drittes) im Alter von acht und zehn Jahren beschuldigten Loos, sie im Zuge von Aktsitzungen unsittlich berührt zu haben. Fast gleichzeitig bekam die Presse Wind davon und inszenierte einen öffentlichen Skandal, der in einen spektakulären Prozess mündete. In der begleitenden Kontroverse ging es jedoch um mehr als die Frage, ob Loos schuldig oder nicht schuldig war. Vielmehr standen sich in dieser Affäre Linke und Rechte ebenso wie Vertreter der Moderne und ihre konservativen Kritiker gegenüber. Die Causa wurde zu einem berühmten Gerichtsfall. Christopher Long unternimmt eine detailgenaue und spannend erzählte Rekonstruktion der Ereignisse und verknüpft sie mit den ähnlich gelagerten Affären um Theodor Beer, Peter Altenberg und Egon Schiele.
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Journeys Into Madness

Author : Gemma Blackshaw
ISBN : 9780857454591
Genre : History
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At the turn of the century, Sigmund Freud's investigation of the mind represented a particular journey into mental illness, but it was not the only exploration of this 'territory' in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Sanatoriums were the new tourism destinations, psychiatrists were collecting art works produced by patients and writers were developing innovative literary techniques to convey a character's interior life. This collection of essays uses the framework of journeys in order to highlight the diverse artistic, cultural and medical responses to a peculiarly Viennese anxiety about the madness of modern times. The travellers of these journeys vary from patients to doctors, artists to writers, architects to composers and royalty to tourists; in engaging with their histories, the contributors reveal the different ways in which madness was experienced and represented in 'Vienna 1900'.
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Germany At The Fin De Siecle

Author : Suzanne L. Marchand
ISBN : 0807129798
Genre : History
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The phrase fin de siecle conjures up images of artistic experimentation and political decadence. The contributors to this volume argue that Wilhelmine Germany - best known for its industrial and military muscle - also shared these traits.The phrase fin de siecle conjures up images of artistic experimentation and political decadence. The contributors to this volume argue that Wilhelmine Germany - best known for its industrial and military muscle - also shared these traits. Their essays look back to the years between 1885 and 1914 to find in Germany a mixture of sociopolitical malaise and experimental exhilaration that was similar in many ways to the better-known cases of France and Austria
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