Fertile Matters

Author : Elena R. Gutiérrez
ISBN : 9780292779181
Genre : Political Science
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While the stereotype of the persistently pregnant Mexican-origin woman is longstanding, in the past fifteen years her reproduction has been targeted as a major social problem for the United States. Due to fear-fueled news reports and public perceptions about the changing composition of the nation's racial and ethnic makeup—the so-called Latinization of America—the reproduction of Mexican immigrant women has become a central theme in contemporary U. S. politics since the early 1990s. In this exploration, Elena R. Gutiérrez considers these public stereotypes of Mexican American and Mexican immigrant women as "hyper-fertile baby machines" who "breed like rabbits." She draws on social constructionist perspectives to examine the historical and sociopolitical evolution of these racial ideologies, and the related beliefs that Mexican-origin families are unduly large and that Mexican American and Mexican immigrant women do not use birth control. Using the coercive sterilization of Mexican-origin women in Los Angeles as a case study, Gutiérrez opens a dialogue on the racial politics of reproduction, and how they have developed for women of Mexican origin in the United States. She illustrates how the ways we talk and think about reproduction are part of a system of racial domination that shapes social policy and affects individual women's lives.
Category: Political Science

Undivided Rights

Author : Jael Miriam Silliman
ISBN : 0896087298
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Undivided Rights captures the evolving and largely unreported history of women of colour organizing themselves in their struggle for reproductive justice. This pioneering volume presents a fresh, textured, and expanded understanding of the reproductive rights movement by foregrounding the experiences, priorities, and activism of women of colour.*BR**BR*Weaving together pieces from personal interviews, organizational files, and archived documents, the book features the groundbreaking work being undertaken by women of colour who have defined and implemented expansive reproductive health agendas. Rejecting legalistic remedies and seeking instead to address the wider needs of their communities, they stress the urgent need for innovative strategies that push beyond the traditional base and goals of the mainstream pro-choice movement—strategies that are broadly inclusive while being specifically effective.*BR**BR*While raising tough questions about inclusion, identity politics, and the future of women's organizing, the authors offer a way out of the limiting focus on "choice," and articulate a holistic vision for reproductive freedom. With Undivided Rights, the authors echo the words of Lila Watson, an aboriginal activist: *BR**BR*"If you have come to help me, please go away. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, let us work together." *BR**BR*A read both inspiring and informative, this volume will be prized by activists and academics alike, who will come to look upon it as a foundational work in the annals of women's history.*BR**BR*
Category: Health & Fitness

Latinos In American Society

Author : Ruth Enid Zambrana
ISBN : 0801461529
Genre : Social Science
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It is well known that Latinos in the United States bear a disproportionate burden of low educational attainment, high residential segregation, and low visibility in the national political landscape. In Latinos in American Society, Ruth Enid Zambrana brings together the latest research on Latinos in the United States to demonstrate how national origin, age, gender, socioeconomic status, and education affect the well-being of families and individuals. By mapping out how these factors result in economic, social, and political disadvantage, Zambrana challenges the widespread negative perceptions of Latinos in America and the single story of Latinos in the United States as a monolithic group. Synthesizing an increasingly substantial body of social science research-much of it emerging from the interdisciplinary fields of Chicano studies, U.S. Latino studies, critical race studies, and family studies-the author adopts an intersectional "social inequality lens" as a means for understanding the broader sociopolitical dynamics of the Latino family, considering ethnic subgroup diversity, community context, institutional practices, and their intersections with family processes and well-being. Zambrana, a leading expert on Latino populations in America, demonstrates the value of this approach for capturing the contemporary complexity of and transitions within diverse U.S. Latino families and communities. This book offers the most up-to-date portrait we have of Latinos in America today.
Category: Social Science

Chicana Latina Studies

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556039809934
Genre : Hispanic American women
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Category: Hispanic American women

Chicana Feminisms

Author : Gabriela F. Arredondo
ISBN : 0822331411
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.11 MB
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DIVAn anthology of original essays from Chicana feminists which explores the complexities of life experiences of the Chicanas, such as class, generation, sexual orientation, age, language use, etc./div
Category: Social Science

Migration Und Familie

Author : Meike Sophia Baader
ISBN : 9783658150211
Genre : Education
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Der Band präsentiert Untersuchungen zum Zusammenhang von Familie und Migration in aktueller und historischer Perspektive. Er gibt einen Einblick in neue Erkenntnisse zu Familie, Religion und Migration im 18. Jahrhundert, zu historischen Zäsuren und Migrationswellen im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, zu Umstrukturierungen und (intergenerativem) Wandel von Familie, zu Migrationsprozessen und pädagogischen Organisationen sowie zu Fragen von Geschlecht, Recht und Politik. Welche Rolle spielen Familien, Verwandtschaften und ihre Netzwerke in allen Stadien des Migrationsprozesses? Migration ist häufig ein Familienprojekt, familiale Netzwerke können Formen der Unterstützung bereitstellen, aber Familien werden durch Migrationsprozesse auch auseinander gerissen und zerstört. Diese Fragen werden in aktuellen und historischen Perspektiven vom 18. Jahrhundert bis heute in interdisziplinären Perspektiven beleuchtet.
Category: Education

Latina O Sexualities

Author : Marysol Asencio
ISBN : UOM:39076002845001
Genre : Social Science
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Latina/os are currently the largest minority population in the United States. They are also one of the fastest growing. Yet, we have very limited research and understanding of their sexualities. Instead, stereotypical images flourish even though scholars have challenged the validity and narrowness of these images and the lack of attention to the larger social context. Gathering the latest empirical work in the social and behavioral sciences, this reader offers us a critical lens through which to understand these images and the social context framing Latina/os and their sexualities. Situated at the juncture of Latina/o studies and sexualities studies, Latina/o Sexualitiesprovides a single resource that addresses the current state of knowledge from a multidisciplinary perspective. Contributors synthesize and critique the literature and carve a separate space where issues of Latina/o sexualities can be explored given the limitations of prevalent research models. This work compels the current wave in sexuality studies to be more inclusive of ethnic minorities and sets an agenda that policy makers and researchers will find invaluable.
Category: Social Science