Author : Baruch Spinoza
ISBN : 9781603845588
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 61.84 MB
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Since their publications in 1982, Samuel Shirley's translations of Spinoza's Ethics and Selected Letters have been commended for their accuracy and readability. Now with the addition of his new translation of Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect this enlarged edition will be even more useful to students of Spinoza's thought.
Category: Philosophy

Abhandlung Ber Die Verbesserung Des Verstandes

Author : Baruch de Spinoza
ISBN : 9783787333462
Genre : Philosophy
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Das Besondere der frühen Abhandlung gegenüber dem Hauptwerk liegt darin, daß Spinoza hier nicht die ontologischen Bedingungen aufzeigen will, unter denen das menschliche Erkennen steht, sondern den methodischen Weg, den der in Ungewißheit befangene Mensch beschreiten muß, um zur vollkommenen Erkenntnis zu gelangen. Unter diesem Aspekt ist die Abhandlung eine Hinführung auf das Programm der Ethik, auch wenn diese selbst einer Einleitung nicht bedarf. Wenn auch auf der höchsten Stufe des Wissens (d. h. auf der Argumentationsstufe des Hauptwerks) die Schritte nicht mehr zählen, die den Wissenden dazu befähigen, eine adäquate Erkenntnis seiner selbst im Ganzen der Natur zu erlangen, so führt doch allererst der methodische Fortgang den Menschen zu dieser höchsten Stufe der Erkenntnis. Die erkenntniskritische Darlegung der Möglichkeit dieses Fortgangs ist Gegenstand der Abhandlung über die Verbesserung des Verstandes. Diese Ausgabe bietet den lateinischen Text und die deutsche Übersetzung in zweiter, verbesserter Auflage.
Category: Philosophy

Philosophy Of Media

Author : Robert Hassan
ISBN : 9781315515601
Genre : Philosophy
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Since the late-1980s the rise of the Internet and the emergence of the Networked Society have led to a rapid and profound transformation of everyday life. Underpinning this revolution is the computer – a media technology that is capable of not only transforming itself, but almost every other machine and media process that humans have used throughout history. In Philosophy of Media, Hassan and Sutherland explore the philosophical and technological trajectory of media from Classical Greece until today, casting a new and revealing light upon the global media condition. Key topics include: the mediation of politics the question of objectivity automata and the metaphor of the machine analogue and digital technological determinism. Laid out in a clear and engaging format, Philosophy of Media provides an accessible and comprehensive exploration of the origins of the network society. It is essential reading for students of philosophy, media theory, politics, history and communication studies.
Category: Philosophy

The Burdens Of Perfection

Author : Andrew H. Miller
ISBN : 0801446619
Genre : Literary Criticism
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A study of moral perfectionism in nineteenth-century British culture, this book reads a wide range of essayists, poets, and novelists through the lens of ethics and philosophy of mind.
Category: Literary Criticism

History Of Western Philosophy

Author : N. Tubbs
ISBN : 9780230244849
Genre : Philosophy
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Nigel Tubbs takes the history of Western philosophy to be the search for first principles. Arguing that neo-Platonic logic, fundamentally misunderstanding the negative, posited philosophical thought as error. Kant and Hegel later re-educated the modern mind about negation in logic, transforming the way modern philosophy contests first principles.
Category: Philosophy

The Blackwell Companion To Philosophy

Author : Nicholas Bunnin
ISBN : 9780470997871
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 85.85 MB
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This fully revised and updated edition of Nicholas Bunnin and E.P. Tsui-James’ popular introductory philosophy textbook brings together specially-commissioned chapters from a prestigious team of scholars writing on each of the key areas, figures and movements in philosophy.
Category: Philosophy

The Power Of Life

Author : David Kishik
ISBN : 9780804778381
Genre : Philosophy
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Giorgio Agamben's work develops a new philosophy of life. On its horizon lies the conviction that our form of life can become the guiding and unifying power of the politics to come. Informed by this promise, The Power of Life weaves decisive moments and neglected aspects of Agamben's writings over the past four decades together with the thought of those who influenced him most (including Kafka, Heidegger, Benjamin, Arendt, Deleuze, and Foucault). In addition, the book positions his work in relation to key figures from the history of philosophy (such as Plato, Spinoza, Vico, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, and Derrida). This approach enables Kishik to offer a vision that ventures beyond Agamben's warning against the power over (bare) life in order to articulate the power of (our form of) life and thus to rethink the biopolitical situation. Following Agamben's prediction that the concept of life will stand at the center of the coming philosophy, Kishik points to some of the most promising directions that this philosophy can take.
Category: Philosophy

Radical Poetics And Secular Jewish Culture

Author : Stephen Paul Miller
ISBN : 9780817355630
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This collection of essays is the first to address this often obscured dimension of modern and contemporary poetry: the secular Jewish dimension. Editors Daniel Morris and Stephen Paul Miller asked their contributors to address what constitutes radical poetry written by Jews defined as "secular," and whether or not there is a Jewish component or dimension to radical and modernist poetic practice in general. These poets and critics address these questions by exploring the legacy of those poets who preceded and influenced them--Stein, Zukofsky, Reznikoff, Oppen, and Ginsberg, among others.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Worlds Of Elias Canetti

Author : William Collins Donahue
ISBN : 9781443806329
Genre : Social Science
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Though he died in the last decade of the twentieth century, the satirist, social thinker, memoirist, and dramatist Elias Canetti lives on into the present. Testifying to the author’s undeniable cultural “afterlife,” the essays gathered together here represent a wide swath of the latest Canetti scholarship. Contributors examine Canetti’s Jewish identity; the Marxist politics of his youth; his influence on writers as diverse as Bachmann, Jelinek, and Sebald; the undiscovered “poetry” of his literary testament (Nachlass); his status as a self-cancelling satirist; and his complex and sometimes ambivalent citation of Chinese and French cultural icons. In addition, this volume presents a treatment of Canetti as philosopher; as contributor to the great debate on the genesis of violence; as a chronicler of the WWII exile experience; as well as a personal reminiscence by one of the great Canetti scholars of our time, Gerald Stieg. The Worlds of Elias Canetti challenges conventional wisdom about this Nobel laureate and opens up new areas to scholarly investigation. “The Worlds of Elias Canetti convenes diverse disciplinary perspectives on one of the most enigmatic and ambidextrous authors of the twentieth century. An internationally renowned team of scholars places Canetti’s social thought and literary oeuvre within intriguing new contexts, highlighting as yet underexplored connections within areas such as philosophy, Jewish Studies, cultural anthropology, literary intertextuality, and beyond. Compellingly, this volume introduces us to a Canetti we have not yet known, and one who equally belongs to the twenty-first century. In its scope and originality, The Worlds of Elias Canetti sets a new standard—and not just for Canetti scholarship.” Jochen Vogt, Professor of German Literature, University of Essen
Category: Social Science

Corporal Punishment

Author : Patrick Lenta
ISBN : 9781351626316
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 63.21 MB
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The aim of this book is to assess the moral permissibility of corporal punishment and to enquire into whether or not it ought to be legally prohibited. Against the widespread view that corporal punishment is morally legitimate and should be legally permitted provided it falls short of abuse, Patrick Lenta argues that all corporal punishment, even parental spanking, is morally impermissible and ought to be legally proscribed. The advantages claimed for corporal punishment over alternative disciplinary techniques, he contends, are slight or speculative and are far outweighed by its disadvantages. He presents, in addition, a rights-based case against corporal punishment, arguing that children possess certain fundamental rights that all corporal punishment of them violates, namely the right to security of the person and the right not to be subjected to degrading punishment. Lenta’s approach is unique in that it engages with empirical literature in the social sciences in order to fully examine the emotional and psychological effects of corporal punishment on children. Corporal Punishment: A Philosophical Assessment is a philosophically rigorous and engaging treatment of a hitherto neglected topic in applied ethics and social philosophy.?
Category: Philosophy