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Essays On Music

Author : Theodor W. Adorno
ISBN : 0520231597
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"A book of landmark importance. It is unprecedented in its design: a brilliantly selected group of essays on music coupled with lucid, deeply incisive, and in every way masterly analysis of Adorno's thinking about music. No one who studies Adorno and music will be able to dispense with it; and if they can afford only one book on Adorno and music, this will be the one. For in miniature, it contains everything one needs: a collection of exceptionally important writings on all the principal aspects of music and musical life with which Adorno deaDeconstructive Variations: Music and Reason in Western Society "An invaluable contribution to Adorno scholarship, with well chosen essays on composers, works, the culture industry, popular music, kitsch, and technology. Leppert's introduction and commentaries are consistently useful; his attention to secondary literature remarkable; his interpretation responsible. The new translations by Susan Gillespie (and others) are outstanding not only for their care and readability, but also for their sensitivity to Adorno's forms and styles."Lydia Goehr, author of The Quest for Voice: Music, Politics and the Limits of Philosophy "With its careful, full edition of Adorno's important musical texts and its exhaustive yet eminently readable commentaries, Richard Leppert's magisterial book represents a brilliant solution to the age-old dilemma of bringing together primary text and interpretation in one volume."James Deaville, Director, School of the Arts, McMaster University "The developing variations of Adorno's life-long involvement with musical themes are fully audible in this remarkable collection. What might be called his 'literature on notes' brilliantly complements the 'notes to literature' he devoted to the written word. Richard Leppert's superb commentaries constitute a book-length contribution in their own right, which will enlighten and challenge even the most learned of Adorno scholars."Martin Jay, author of The Dialectical Imagination: A History of The Frankfurt School and the Institute of Social Research "There is afoot in Anglo-American musicology today the first wholesale reconsideration of Adorno's thought since the pioneering work of Rose Rosengard Subotnik around 1980. Essays on Music will play a central role in this effort. It will do so because Richard Leppert has culled Adorno's writings so as to make clear to musicologists the place of music in the broad critique of modernity that was Adorno's overarching project; and it will do so because Leppert has explained these writings, in commentaries that amount to a book-length study, so as to reveal to non-musicologists the essentially musical foundation of this project. No one interested in Adorno from any perspectiveor, for that matter, in modernity and music all toldcan afford to ignore Essays on Music."Gary Tomlinson, author of Metaphysical Song: An Essay on Opera "This book is both a major achievement by its author-editor and a remarkable act of scholarly generosity for the rest of us. Until now, English translations of Adorno's major essays on music have been scattered and often unreliable. Until now, there has been no comprehensive scholarly treatment of Adorno's musical thinking. This volume remedies both problems at a single stroke. It will be read equallyand eagerlyfor Adorno's texts and for Richard Leppert's commentary on them, both of which will continue to be essential resources as musical scholarship seeks increasingly to come to grips with the social contexts and effects of music. No one knows Adorno better than Leppert, and no one is better equipped to clarify the complex interweaving of sociology, philosophy, and musical aesthetics that is central to Adorno's work. From now on, everyone who reads Adorno on music, whether a beginner or an expert, is in Richard Leppert's debt for devoting his exceptional gifts of learning and lucidity to this project."Lawrence Kramer, author of Musical Meaning: Toward a Critical History"
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Write All These Down

Author : Joseph Kerman
ISBN : 9780520213777
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If one name stands out among musicologists writing today, that name is Joseph Kerman. Eminent, wide-ranging, and wonderfully readable, Kerman's writing on musicology, opera, Beethoven, and Elizabethan music has informed and inspired an extensive audience both in America and abroad. There is much to interest both the general reader and the musicologist in this collection of twenty essays. Included are several notable pleas addressed by Kerman to his professional colleagues in an effort to get them to adopt a more critical orientation for their work. Other essays range from a moving account of William Byrd as a spokesman for the beleaguered Elizabethan Catholic minority to a discerning analysis of Beethoven's well-known obsession with the key of C minor. The controversial tenets of Kerman's classic Opera as Drama (1956) are reaffirmed in essays on Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute, Tristan und Isolde, Ernani and I Lombardi. Kerman's legacy to a younger generation is here, too: in an exemplary writing style, he offers challenging models for a humane and historically informed music criticism. An added gem is the Preface, which provides an intellectual and anecdotal road map of the place of the essays in Kerman's academic and public expeditions. Joseph Kerman has been at the very center of musicology for almost four decades. This overview of his work will be warmly received and greatly valued.
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Analytical Essays On Music By Women Composers

Author : Brenda Ravenscroft
ISBN : 9780190236861
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Over the past 30 years, musicologists have produced a remarkable new body of research literature focusing on the lives and careers of women composers in their socio-historical contexts. But detailed analysis and discussion of the works created by these composers are still extremely rare. Thisis particularly true in the domain of music theory, where scholarly work continues to focus almost exclusively on male composers. Moreover, while the number of performances, broadcasts, and recordings of women's compositions has unquestionably grown, they remain significantly underrepresented incomparison to music by male composers. Addressing these deficits is not simply a matter of rectifying a scholarly gender imbalance: the lack of knowledge surrounding the music of women composers means that scholars, performers, and the general public remain unfamiliar with a large body of excitingrepertoire.Analytical Essays on Music by Women Composers: Concert Music, 1960-2000 is the first to appear in an exciting a four volume series devoted to the work of women composers across Western art music history. Each chapter, many by leading music theorists, opens with a brief biographical sketch of thecomposer before presenting an in-depth critical-analytic exploration of a single representative composition, linking analytical observations with questions of meaning and sociohistorical context. Chapters are grouped thematically by analytical approach into three sections, each of which places theanalytical methods used in the essays that follow into the context of late twentieth-century ideas and trends. Featuring rich analyses and detailed study by the most reputed music theorists in the field, along with brief biographical sketches for each composer, this collection brings to the fore theessential repertoire of a range of important composers, many of whom otherwise stand outside the standard canon.

Text And Act

Author : Richard Taruskin
ISBN : 0195357434
Genre : Music
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Over the last dozen years, the writings of Richard Taruskin have transformed the debate about "early music" and "authenticity." Text and Act collects for the first time the most important of Taruskin's essays and reviews from this period, many of which now classics in the field. Taking a wide-ranging cultural view of the phenomenon, he shows that the movement, far from reviving ancient traditions, in fact represents the only truly modern style of performance being offered today. He goes on to contend that the movement is therefore far more valuable and even authentic than the historical verisimilitude for which it ostensibly strives could ever be. These essays cast fresh light on many aspects of contemporary music-making and music-thinking, mixing lighthearted debunking with impassioned argumentation. Taruskin ranges from theoretical speculation to practical criticism, and covers a repertory spanning from Bach to Stravinsky. Including a newly written introduction, Text and Act collects the very best of one of our most incisive musical thinkers.
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Essays On Music And Language In Modernist Literature

Author : Katherine O'Callaghan
ISBN : 9781351865883
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This volume explores the role of music as a source of inspiration and provocation for modernist writers. In its consideration of modernist literature within a broad political, postcolonial, and internationalist context, this book is an important intervention in the growing field of Words and Music studies. It expands the existing critical debate to include lesser-known writers alongside Joyce, Woolf, and Beckett, a wide-ranging definition of modernism, and the influence of contemporary music on modernist writers. From the rhythm of Tagore’s poetry to the influence of jazz improvisation, the tonality of traditional Irish music to the operas of Wagner, these essays reframe our sense of how music inspired Literary Modernism. Exploring the points at which the art forms of music and literature collide, repel, and combine, contributors draw on their deep musical knowledge to produce close readings of prose, poetry, and drama, confronting the concept of what makes writing "musical." In doing so, they uncover commonalities: modernist writers pursue simultaneity and polyphony, evolve the leitmotif for literary purposes, and adapt the formal innovations of twentieth-century music. The essays explore whether it is possible for literature to achieve that unity of form and subject which music enjoys, and whether literary texts can resist paraphrase, can be simply themselves. This book demonstrates how attention to the role of music in text in turn illuminates the manner in which we read literature.
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Essays On Music

Author : Alfred Einstein
ISBN : 1258114615
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Middle Earth Minstrel

Author : Bradford Lee Eden
ISBN : 9780786456604
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The twentieth century witnessed a dramatic rise in fantasy writing and few works became as popular or have endured as long as the novels of J.R.R. Tolkien. Surprisingly, little critical attention has been paid to the presence of music in his novels. This collection of essays explores the multitude of musical-literary allusions and themes intertwined throughout Tolkien’s body of work. Of particular interest is Tolkien’s scholarly work with medieval music and its presentation and performance practice, as well as the musical influences of his Victorian and Edwardian background. Discographies of Tolkien-influenced music of the 20th and 21st centuries are included.
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Essays On The Intersection Of Music And Architecture

Author : Mikesch W. Muecke
ISBN : 9781847283375
Genre : History
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"Essays on the Intersection of Music and Architecture" is a collection of nine texts written by international scholars. Most of the essays were originally presented at the interdisciplinary conference Architecture Music Acoustics that took place in Toronto, Canada, in June 2006 at Ryerson University. The texts range from historiographical and theoretical explorations of the relations between music and architecture via translations of architectural spaces into music to analytical case studies of architectural spaces for musical performance. The book includes illustrations, author biographies, and an index.
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Essays On Music

Author : Hans Keller
ISBN : 0521673488
Genre : Music
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Hans Keller (1919-1985), who lived and worked in London, was one of the most brilliant and stimulating writers on music of his day and the new theory of music which has emerged from his psychologically based music criticism has exerted considerable influence on a whole generation of composers and performers. This first large selection of his writing will appeal to professional and amateur musicians and all those listeners who remember the distinctive style of his broadcasts for the BBC.
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Romain Rolland S Essays On Music

Author : Romain Rolland
ISBN : 9781443730938
Genre : Music
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ROMAIJV HOLLANDS ESSAYS ON MUSIC IOW fc. ROMAIN ROLLAWS ESSAYS ON MUSIC ALLEN, TOWNE HEATH, JVC. NEW YORK THE ESSAYS, The Place of Music in General History Lulty Gretry Gluck and Alceste, and Mozart According to His Let ters are from Some Musicians of Former Days Henry Holt ir Co., 1915 The Origins of Eighteenth-Century Classic Style, A Musi cal Tour to Eighteenth-Century Italy A Musical Tour to Eight eenth-Century Germany Telemann A Forgotten Master Metas tasioi The Forerunner of Gluck and the - first part of the essay on Handel, The Man from A Musical Tour Through the Land of the Past Henry Holt 6-Co., 1922 the second part of the essay on Han del, The Musician pom Handel Henry Holt 6-Co., 1916 Ber lioz Wagner A Note on Siegfried and Tristan, Hugo Wolf and Camille Saint-Saens from Musicians of Today Henry Holt Co., 1915 Portrait of Beethoven in his Thirtieth Year from Beethoven the Creator Harper 6-Eros., 1929. Table of Contents Publisher s Note 1. The Place of Music in General History S 2. Lully 19 The Man The Musician The Grandeur and Popularity of Lully s Art 3. The Origins of Eighteenth-Century Classic Style 50 4. A Musical Tour to Eighteenth-Century Italy 69 5. A Musical Tour to Eighteenth-Century Germany 95 6. Telemann A Forgotten Master 121 7. Gretry 145 8. Metastasio The Forerunner of Gluck 166 9. Gluck and Alceste 179 10. Handel 213 The Man The Musician 11. Mozart According to His Letters 245 12. Portrait of Beethoven in his Thirtieth Year 262 13. Berlioz 284 14. Wagner 320 A Note on Siegfried and Tristan 15. Hugo Wolf 341 16. Camille Saint-Saens 362 Publishers Note THIS VOLUME is a distillation of five different books on music by Romain Rolland, all of them now out of printand three of them out of circulation for about three decades. It embraces some of the finest writing on music by Holland and y perhaps as an inevitable corollary, it represents some of the best musical writing of our generation. Few writers on music anywhere and in any period brought to their task Hollands seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of culture, Ms im mense musical scholarship., his sensitive understanding of the psychology of genius, his enviable, possibly unique, gift for making past epochs and musical personalities long dead live palpitantly and vividly for us. That such treasurable writing on music should be out of the reach of the average music lover that, indeed, so many music lovers of our day should be un aware of its very existence seemed an insufferable situation crying for remedy. The preparation of this volume for publication brought back to mind the all-too-few occasions upon which I had the oppor tunity to meet and speak to Rolland. The first time was in 1932. Though he was sixty-six years old and in poor health, he seemed to have retained a healthy balance and an almost youthful tolerance. His musical tastes were still expansive. If he had violent prejudices of any kind, he did not reveal them. It seemed that he preferred to speak only of his enthusiasms and his enthusiasms for music were still many and varied. He stitt had an extraordinary attachment for the music of the seven teenth and eighteenth centuries, about which he had written so many brilliant essays. Jet his passion for the very old did ix x Romain Rolands Essays on Music not obfuscate his enthusiasm for the very new. If he was now too tired and too sick to hear new scores or to study them, he hadcertainly lost none of his curiosity about them. At the time I first met him he was preoccupied with the subject of Beethoven, about whom he had completed two vol umes of what he hoped would be a definitive study. It was his lifes ambition to see this monument to Beethoven completed, and he jealously conserved his time and energy for that task. In his old age he found solace and comfort and happiness in the company of Beethovens music...
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